Giveaway: KitchenAid Waffle Baker

Today is the first day of our annual Home for the Holidays week! And I’m psyched to kick it off with a fun giveaway, the first gift I’m highlighting for your holidays.

We love KitchenAid in our household. Quality appliances that last a near lifetime, and beautiful to boot. This naturally includes their stellar Waffle Baker.

With its two sides, it makes two 7.5 inch Belgian-style waffles in less than two minutes. The clamshell baking unit rotates to provide seriously consistent waffles.

The non-stick plates wipe clean with a damp cloth, and the drip channel along the edges helps prevents spills. Perfect for any family with kids.

Waffles bake at a constant temperature, and browning is controlled with a baking timer. A nearly perfect breakfast, in other words. Or dinner, as we’ve done several times since this beauty entered our home last month.

It makes an amazing gift for any family who loves waffles. Which pretty much means it’s good for every family.

Would you like to win one? I’d love for you to give one to someone you love this Christmas.

How to win

Simply use the widget below to leave a comment on this post, and you’ll be entered to win! (If you’re reading this via email, please click over to the main post to leave your comment.)

For extra entries, you can also follow KitchenAid on Twitter and Facebook—simply follow the steps in the widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will end tomorrow night, Tuesday, November 27, and we’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways at the end of the week. I hope you’re one of them!

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  1. We love every breakfast! Mostly though I have oatmeal.

  2. Bethany Katherine says:

    Waffles are always a favorite, of course. I also love crepes when I can get them! Perhaps this weekend I will break out the crepe-maker and make an early Christmas surprise!

  3. My almost two year old asks for a waffle about 5 days a week! He wouldn’t know what hit him if I made him a homemade waffle! My favorite breakfast is at Cracker Barrel.

  4. Heather Abbott says:

    Bagels with cream cheese or bacon, egg and cheese.

  5. My family’s favorite breakfast? They love eggs, bacon and waffles! I just don’t make waffles very often because the maker I have is so darn messy!

  6. Oh man, pecan waffles are my favorite. I would love to win one of these..

  7. By far eggs and bacon always win in my house! But I do love a good waffle.

  8. My husband always says that I make the world’s best waffles. (And then I make him some of course….) That waffle iron looks fantastic!

  9. Becky honaker says:

    I would love this. My three kids are crazy for waffles and it would make christmas morning a blast!

  10. I LOVE KitchenAid too, but I don’t have a lovely waffle maker yet! Thanks for a chance to win.

  11. Erika Russell says:

    Saturday morning is our pancake day, and making waffles would be so much fun, too!

  12. We love breakfast!! And belgium waffles 🙂 thanks for the giveaway

  13. Waffles are the perfect holiday breakfast!

  14. Favorite breakfast is pancakes. This could easily be changed to waffles if we had this sweet waffle maker 😉

  15. Our families favorite breakfast is eggs from our chickens, applesauce, and either pancakes or waffles.

  16. Last time I made waffles I put in mashed banana and flax seed. They were so good!! I love powdered sugar on fresh crispy waffles, and syrup on them if they’re not so crispy around the edges 🙂

  17. Our family loves pancakes or waffles for weekend brunch!

  18. Chocolate zucchini muffins!

  19. Our family loooooves cinnamon buns! We have them every Thanksgiving morning & Christmas morning. It’s a holiday tradition my kids still look forward to every year.

  20. Blueberry pancakes! Yum!

  21. My daughter LOVES gluten free waffles, so we make them a lot.

  22. Pancakes-with bananas…and choco chips…and strawberry sauce! YUMM!

  23. would be well loved in our home!

  24. Our family loves breakfast! It is hard to say what our favorite is. Egg sandwich, waffles, pancakes, we love them all!

  25. I love whole wheat waffles! Yum!

  26. Pumpkin waffles and cold cereal are some of our favorites.

  27. Athena Reynolds says:

    What’s one of your family’s favorite breakfasts? Anything homemade, waffles, omelettes, pancakes.

  28. I love pancakes and fruit salad for breakfast and am looking forward to having some yummy waffles with this Kitchen Aid waffle maker!

  29. Lindsay Rogers says:

    My family loves french toast and eggs for breakfast!

  30. Our favorite breakfast is waffles, of course!

  31. pecans and chocolate chips!

  32. We love waffles but don’t have a waffle iron. We usually have banana pancakes!

  33. We LOVE Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake/Waffles for breakfast (or Dinner)! We make waffles at least once a week! This waffle iron would be amazing to win! Thank you for the opportunity!

  34. Julie Marshall says:

    We love waffles–my husband makes delicious ones!

  35. Brittney Moore says:

    I love to make breakfast and my kiddos love syrup (who doesn’t?) So they love pancakes, waffles, french toast, sausage…hehe…dipped or drizzled with Maple Syrup! Pumpkin waffles would have to be my personal favorite thought!

  36. Favorite breakfast??? It seems eggs, biscuits, and sausage is loved by all. Of course, that would change if we had one of those nifty waffle makers. Loved using them on vacation at the breakfast bars!

  37. Eggs and Bacon!

  38. Amanda MacKay says:

    We make whole-wheat blueberry pancakes every Sunday morning. We all love them, kids and parents alike.

  39. Lee Wilkins says:

    We love Belgian waffles at our house and would LOVE this Kitchen-Aid waffle-maker! We sometimes have them for dinner with eggs and bacon. Now I’m hungry!

  40. Kimberly Monaghan says:

    I love a pancake sandwich…..eggs and bacon squished between the pancakes! DElicious! Bet they would be great between waffles too!

  41. Oh I would love to win this for my mom!!! She has been wanting one of these for years and this would make the perfect Christmas present!!

  42. My family’s favorite breakfast is hash & eggs. Well, it is my husband’s and childrens’ favorite – I am not a fan of hash, but I make it because they LOVE it!!!

  43. We are big pancake fans in this house!!!

  44. Any kind of pancakes! I think waffles would fit that bill, too.

  45. I would love this! I am gluten free, kids are not. One side for me and one for them. 🙂

  46. melora morgan says:

    This would be awesome!

  47. Sausage with anything, eggs, pancakes, french toast!

  48. Oh, and we also love turkey bacon and scrambled eggs with our waffles! YUM! 🙂

  49. Jolene in Michigan says:


  50. I need this waffle maker in my life….now!

  51. my family loves eggs… cooked in multiple ways. 🙂 …but they’ve never had waffles, so that may change if we win!

  52. Renee Boring says:

    We had waffles every weekend when I grew up. Great memories!

  53. Pancakes are usually my favorite but my son is a waffle boy!

  54. Ooooh I love it. We love waffles!!

  55. My family favorites are anything homemade, waffles, pancakes, omelettes, and cinnamon rolls.

  56. Hope to be making pumpkin waffles on this soon! I was just saying how much I wanted a waffle maker for the holidays 🙂

  57. trying again… won’t recognize my comment. 🙁

  58. Steel-Cut Oats or Bacon and eggs!

  59. For holiday breakfasts, I always like the pre-assembled savory strata.

  60. Oh, this super gift would be awesome as it would replace my mother’s waffle iron from the ’70’s…avocodo green to be exact! This waffle baker would be awesome to make waffle cookies as part of our Christmas cookie baking day!

  61. Eggs. We eat eggs a lot, every style, but they’re a huge favorite.

  62. chocolate chip pancakes for sure! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I almost bought a waffle maker yesterday!!

  63. Kiersten Patterson says:

    Kristin, I’m having the same issues….. Hopefully it’ll work this time 🙂

  64. What a great giveaway! Waffles are a Saturday morning tradition in our house. This would be fantastic!!

  65. Sarah Mudder says:

    I love crepes and my husband likes good old fashioned pancakes. Ruby likes food. 🙂

  66. we love waffles at our house and our Kitchen Aid mixer. The waffle maker would be a welcome addition to our house.

  67. trying firefox instead of chrome… doesn’t seem to be helping…

  68. We love blueberry muffins!

  69. Shelley Munson says:

    Ohhhh pumpkin waffles sound good!

  70. Turkey bacon and cheesy scrambled eggs

  71. whole wheat pancakes!

  72. Jessica Saunders says:

    waffles and pancakes are high on our list of favorites

  73. Waffles! They love, LOVE, LOVE them all! 🙂
    Cinnamon apple is my favorite or fresh blueberry but the kiddos love them all with fresh whipping cream on top. YUM!

  74. Kids always ask for waffles, but we do pancakes because we don’t have a cool waffle maker like this! Plain waffles with lots of fruit and whipped cream on top is the best!

  75. My boys love Waffles we have them every sunday :). Chocalate chips are there favorite :)!!!!

  76. Pancakes and bacon in this house. We love them!!

  77. Waffles are a definite favorite at our house! A new (KitchenAid!) waffle maker is definitely in order, though. Thanks for the chance to win such a well-made appliance!

  78. One of our favorite breakfasts is homemade muffins

  79. We love waffles, and anything with bacon!! (Hmmm… bacon waffles?? maybe!!)

  80. We love baked oatmeal

  81. I love waffles and I love Kitchen Aid! This looks like it’s the best of both worlds!

  82. Ironically enough, waffles are one of my family’s favorite breakfasts- and this waffle maker looks waaaay better than what we are using now.

  83. We love to make cinnamon roll waffles. They’re so good, they don’t even need syrup!

  84. No more frozen waffles!

  85. Summer sausage, eggs, tater tots, and hollandaise sauce. Not a bit healthy, but we have it once a year at Christmas!

  86. Our favorite is pumpkin waffles or pancakes! That or German pancakes/Dutch babies!

  87. Our favorite breakfast is chocolate ship pancakes with whip cream!

  88. My son asks for waffles at least twice a week but I don’t have a waffle maker to make them homemade so he usually has frozen waffles– this would be absolutely perfect for he and I to do together on those chilly winter mornings!! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity 🙂

  89. Kelly Mcelligott says:

    Would love a waffle maker!

  90. Omelets!

  91. We love all things waffles and Kitchen Aid!

  92. Wendy Lawrence says:


  93. Yum! We used to make waffles often the first year of our marriage, we had a cheap waffle maker that died… I’m sure it would become a lovely tradition. They are so yummy!

  94. I would love this waffle maker.

  95. Jane Joiner says:

    Oatmeal with blueberries and honey!

  96. We adore breakfast in this house! We love pancakes and blueberry scones. We would LOVE a waffle maker. Thank you for the opportunity!

  97. Waffles are a holiday favorite. Would love to win this.

  98. We love having breakfast for dinner! Our favorite is anything pumpkin like waffles, bread and pancakes!

  99. French toast!

  100. Christmas breakfast bake- a sausage/cheese/egg casserole made Christmas Eve and popped in the oven the next morning.