Giveaway: KitchenAid Waffle Baker

Today is the first day of our annual Home for the Holidays week! And I’m psyched to kick it off with a fun giveaway, the first gift I’m highlighting for your holidays.

We love KitchenAid in our household. Quality appliances that last a near lifetime, and beautiful to boot. This naturally includes their stellar Waffle Baker.

With its two sides, it makes two 7.5 inch Belgian-style waffles in less than two minutes. The clamshell baking unit rotates to provide seriously consistent waffles.

The non-stick plates wipe clean with a damp cloth, and the drip channel along the edges helps prevents spills. Perfect for any family with kids.

Waffles bake at a constant temperature, and browning is controlled with a baking timer. A nearly perfect breakfast, in other words. Or dinner, as we’ve done several times since this beauty entered our home last month.

It makes an amazing gift for any family who loves waffles. Which pretty much means it’s good for every family.

Would you like to win one? I’d love for you to give one to someone you love this Christmas.

How to win

Simply use the widget below to leave a comment on this post, and you’ll be entered to win! (If you’re reading this via email, please click over to the main post to leave your comment.)

For extra entries, you can also follow KitchenAid on Twitter and Facebook—simply follow the steps in the widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will end tomorrow night, Tuesday, November 27, and we’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways at the end of the week. I hope you’re one of them!

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  1. One of our favorite breakfasts is chocolate chip pancakes.

  2. Brenda Torres says:

    Banana pancakes

  3. Ooh I’d love to win! And for some bizarre reason I feel like waffles now. What a mystery.

    • Ooh I did it again. Commented before I clicked on the rafflecopter, so I didn’t see the question. Personally, I love pancakes with cream and strawberries!

  4. I so miss waffles 🙁

  5. Chocolate chip pancakes for this family

  6. My family loves chocolate chip waffles and bacon. I’m boring and like Greek yogurt with bran cereal.

  7. We’re usually catch-as-catch-can for breakfast, but on the rare occasions that we sit down together for something that I’ve actually cooked, we really like pancakes or waffles.

  8. Coffee cake – recipe from Hobee’s in Palo Alto. Yum!

  9. Shannon Keeney says:

    Home made cinnamon rolls!

  10. Blueberry muffins

  11. Cheryl McGregor says:

    Pumpkin Spice Waffles~

  12. biscuits and gravy! 🙂

  13. chocolate-chip wheat pancakes Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Pancakes Forever! 🙂

  15. We love eggs around here. Of course, my husband wants bacon with his. 🙂 But, I seriously would love this waffle baker. I’ve been wishing for one.

  16. I don’t know if this is open internationally, but my favourite breakfast is porridge with maple syrup.

  17. no joke!! WAFFLES! this is perfection!

  18. Pumpkin Waffles!!!

  19. My family loves apple pancakes, oatmeal with peanut butter & walnuts, and good old-fashioned cereal with milk. Really, we just love breakfast!

  20. We’d love this! In fact, just this morning, as I flipped pancakes, I was thinking about how I’d rather be making waffles. I’ve been looking for a waffle iron for a while and reading tons of reviews on Amazon. It’s nice to read a review on a website I trust!

  21. Jenny Myers says:

    Bacon of course!

  22. Waffles are one of our favorites AND we just killed our last waffle maker.

  23. Bacon, biscuits, pancakes, and waffles! I would LOVE to win this! Thank you for the opportunity!

  24. We love pecan/hemp seed/flax seed pancakes with peanut butter, applesauce, and real maple syrup on top. Yum!!!

  25. Vicki Davis says:

    Waffles that are crispy on the outside and chewy inside with warm Vermont maple syrup

  26. Christie Jensen says:

    My kids love when I make strawberry baked oatmeal and they love Dad’s gluten free coconut milk chocolate chip pancakes.

  27. Omelette’s are my favorite. I have one every morning. However I love waffles for dinner! thanks for the giveaway!

  28. One of our favorite breakfasts is French Toast. Although, my husband really really likes just having cereal.

  29. We like our own “Egg McMuffins” with ham and cheese. We eat them for dinner more often than breakfast, though!

  30. We make waffles all the time, so this would be perfect!!!

  31. My kids love toast with cinnamon sugar and a side of bacon. Sometimes with scrambled eggs too. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  32. Our favorite breakfast is something we call Sweet Potato Hash. We brown sausage in a skillet, then add shredded (hashbrown style) sweet potatoes and a little butter and cook for a few minutes until the potatoes and sausage are coated. Add some cinnamon (or, in our case, a LOT of cinnamon cause we LOVE IT) and Voila! Breakfast. It’s simple, fast, and we loooove it.

  33. My newest favorite breakfast is a loaf of my cinnamon sugar buttermilk coffee cake slathered with homemade strawberry jam!

  34. waffles, pancakes or cinnamon rolls

  35. Well I love pancakes, but my husband loves waffles so he would definitely be psyched about this waffle baker!

  36. We love quiche for the savory and french toast or waffles for those extra special days!

  37. We like lots of egg dishes; and waffles too, of course, although we’re currently without a waffle iron!

  38. Definitely pancakes with real maple syrup! Can I be eligible even though I live in Australia?

  39. We love french toast

  40. Waffels are THE breakfast my kids ask for at least once a week. We use the yeasty waffle recipe from Marion Cunningham- A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! This waffle iron would be great , as our current one is on it’s last legs. Thanks for the chance.

  41. This is a breakfast family. They like everything breakfast for any meal of the day.

  42. Yummy! My family would love this!

  43. We actually love waffles. We also love muffins! Our current muffin flavor: pumpkin chocolate chip. 🙂

  44. Its a toss between waffles or pancakes for sure in our home!

  45. Our favorite breakfast is buttermilk pancakes.

  46. We love banana waffles!!

  47. We love to eat pancakes with applesauce.

  48. We eat oatmeal a lot so I guess that makes it one of our favorites!

  49. Yummy! 2 at a time perfect for a family of 6.5!

  50. Bonnie Gutzman says:

    My son loves pancakes, and I especially love them with buttermilk syrup! Yum!

  51. Greek yogurt plus homemade granola

  52. Oh please, oh please, oh please! Let it be me!

  53. We love bacon, eggs and Orange Julius!

  54. My son loves oatmeal with blueberries and maple syrup every morning (I also sneak in some butter and flax seed for some additional nutrition!)

  55. Scramblers with leftover sausage, red peppers, onion, and cheese.

  56. I think it means what is our favorite breakfast! Our kids love any kind of pancakes especially if they come in shapes with fruit and cream on top! Oatmeal is a staple. I personally LOVE waffles and my husband has been obsessed with these makers you find at hotel breakfasts. Looks amazing.

  57. We love fried rice and eggs….a throwback from living in Hawaii. Minus the spam now. 🙂

  58. We love cheese grits and clementines (or some other fruit)!

  59. I actually have this waffle maker in my wish list, but due to budget concerns it is going to stay on the wish list for some time. Unless I win it… 🙂

  60. Margaret D says:

    I would love to win this waffle maker. Our old one is on it’s last leg.

  61. Ooooh! Those waffles look delicious! 🙂

  62. I just found what looks like an amazing recipe for gingerbread waffles that I really want to try, along with spiced whipping creme to top them with.

  63. Lori Moccio says:

    We adore waffles for breakfast with fresh fruit on top.

  64. We love sourdough waffles topped with pure maple syrup!

  65. Cheese grits, bacon and fruit… but that’s me. The kids would vote for chocolate waffles. 🙂

  66. It’s a toss up between muffins and waffles. I make both in bulk and freeze.

  67. Kathleen Hall says:

    For easy preparation, we love oatmeal. One of my favorite waffles is pumpkin whole grain waffles. Yum!

  68. My favorite breakfast is, without a doubt, banana pancakes with some local new hampshire maple syrup on top – If i’m feeling even more decadent, maybe even some whipped cream!

  69. Alison Stroud says:

    pumpkin pancakes!!

  70. Homemade cinnamon rolls, hands down!

  71. Our favorite breakfast is waffles, which is why it would be so great to win this!

  72. Danielle W. says:

    Our family loves when daddy makes his famous farmer’s eggs.

  73. An veggie omelet, with lots of cheese. And crispy bacon…oh, I miss bacon!

  74. This is awesome!! We love pancakes, but could easily be converted to waffle people if we had one of these 🙂

  75. Chocolate Chip Pancakes-YUM!!

  76. Waffles and pancakes, served with bacon or sausage!

  77. One of our Christmas morning breakfast traditions is whole wheat pumpkin waffles, and since I don’t have a waffle maker I always have to borrow my MIL’s when we host. We’re hosting this year, so this little beauty would be very appreciated- especially since it make two at once. Wow!

  78. All about the super crispy hash browns that bad boy could make!

  79. I need a new waffle maker. I’d love this Kitchen Aid one!

  80. Homemade cinnamon rolls and fruit!!

  81. Fresh cinnamon rolls would be great in these!!!

  82. been looking into getting one of these 🙂

  83. We like biscuits and gravy for breakfast here.

  84. My family loves cinnamon rolls

  85. I’ve had a waffle maker on my list for years!! Thanks for the chance.

  86. We love pancakes – they’re a high protein recipe I’ve found and my three year old helps – what a blast. Thanks for the giveaway.

  87. It has been years since I’ve had a good waffle. With peaches and whipped cream. 🙂

  88. My family loves any breakfast, but particularly steel cut oats with fruit and yogourt. Thanks!

  89. The most requested items in our house are muffins or blueberry pancakes 🙂

  90. Pancakes, bacon & cheese eggs. 🙂 mmmmmmm

  91. My husband loves this type of waffle maker. When we stay in hotels, he always tries to arrange for them to be the ones with a continental breakfast that includes a waffle maker.

  92. French Toast with bacon and orange juice!

  93. Buckwheat waffles are great with maple syrup!

  94. Yum! Our waffle maker broke about a year ago, and we’ve definitely missed it.

  95. My dad always made the best omelets! that was always my favorite!

  96. German Pancakes with raspberries and powdered sugar! Sort of like Dutch Babies.

  97. My 17-month-old and I love kefir smoothies for breakfast. She usually has hers with scrambled eggs with spinach. Yum!

  98. I love making crepes and filling them with homemade strawberry jam. The kids like donuts. Go figure!

  99. My husband and kids love pancakes/waffles with bacon/sausage and eggs. I prefer something lighter like a smoothie or oatmeal 🙂

  100. We love waffles and make them every Saturday. We freeze them so the kids can eat them during the week. My favorite is pumpkin waffles – yum!