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This giveaway is now closed.  Congrats to Colleen, Kelley, Jen, and Monica!

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There are two more big giveaways before Christmas on Simple Mom…  and today is one of them.  (By the way, I’ve got mixed emotions about all these giveaways – I’m a bit weary just reading my words about them all, but I’m also so psyched to bless you all with some great stuff.  So onward we go.)

What woman doesn’t love jewelry?  More specifically, what mom doesn’t love jewelry adorned with her family?  Today’s giveaway features jewelry that celebrates a mother’s love for her children.  And all the businesses, once more, are run by moms.

Four of you will win one of these pieces of jewelry featured today. Read on!

Vintage Pearl

Erin is a mom of four kids, and she hand-stamps lovely silver jewelry from home.  All her pieces are unique and one-of-a-kind, so everything she creates for you is owned only by you.  I love this type of jewelry – it goes with everything.

Vintage Pearl is giving away one of their “You Are My Sunshine” necklaces to one Simple Mom reader.  Wouldn’t this make a darling gift to a daughter, mom, or grandma?  Swoon

Fussypants Designs

My good friend Allison makes fantastic photo jewelry – I near kissed her when she gave me my tortoise shell necklace.  What she creates is both wearable works of art and family heirlooms in the making.

For one of you, Fussypants Designs is creating the Megan necklace, made with silver and black hemalyke beads.  A silver frame rests in the middle, where she will personalize it with a photo of your choice.

Lisa Leonard Designs

Sigh…  Who doesn’t love Lisa Leonard?  I get so many compliments when I wear anything of hers – and I wear it a lot, because it goes with everything.  Lisa’s been a devoted Simple Mom reader from early on, and I’m thrilled to promote her work.

Lisa Leonard Designs is giving to one of you her Teeny Tiny Initials necklaces, customized with letters of your choice.  How perfect is this for the mama or grandma in your life?

The Fine Art of Family

I feel all fancy wearing my necklace from The Fine Art of Family, mostly because I just love the floral pattern engraving on the main side.  The photo is meant to be worn image side down, making it a really great casually elegant piece.  It’s created to be passed down as part of your family history.  Monica Rich Kosann is the collection’s designer, and her inspiration are her vintage finds at flea markets and antique shops.  Love it.

One of you will win the lovely silver image case with cord.  Dads, I can tell you first-hand that any mom would love to have this for Christmas.  It’s beautiful.

I promise you, your day will be made by winning any of these!  These talented women have created some stellar jewelry, and I love promoting work-from-home moms.  Join me in supporting these fine ladies.

How to Win

1. Enter a comment in this post, and answer this question: Do you have a special heirloom in your family’s history that gets passed down? Tell me about it.

2. For a second entry, email me at simplemomblog (at) gmail (dot) com with the secret code in the email’s subject line (no need to write anything in the email’s body, as it won’t be read). To find the secret code, make sure you’ve subscribed to Simple Mom’s feed either via RSS or via email, and look in the footer of any post. I promise you – the code is there.

3. For a third entry, blog or Twitter about this giveaway and make sure I know about it.

This giveaway ends this Friday, December 5 at midnight CST. And don’t forget also about the kids’ supplies giveaway, ending this Wednesday.

I hope you win!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. What fantastic gifts! I have a Lisa Leonard necklace, too, and just love it. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

    Amy´s last blog post…an easy, recycled handmade gift

  2. not to be all emotional or anything… but my family, a few generations back, were farmers building up farms and homes out of the Canadian Shield and working hard to survive. they did not have much of financial worth to pass along BUT they did pass along their strong faith in God to their kids, and that is a legacy that has continued throughout the years in my family. i am thankful for it, more than anything else.

    Krista´s last blog post…Advent Conspiracy – something to think about

  3. My mother has my great-grandmother’s engagement ring, which is a beautiful, delicate filigree setting. Mom had it reset with an amethyst in it.

    Kelly´s last blog post…Thanksgiving Postmortem

  4. None of the family “heirlooms” have made it to my branch of the family…my grandma had a manger scene that I remember always helping put up each year that I would have loved. But, as another poster has said, the best legacy passed down was our faith in God. There is no replacement for that!

  5. I just tweeted about this!

    Kelly´s last blog post…Thanksgiving Postmortem

  6. What a wonderful giveaway.

    My grandfather passed away a year ago and we spent this last holiday weekend working to clean out the house he and my grandmother moved into on their wedding day. There are several beautiful quilts (all handstitched and pieced) that are being handed down to me for the next generation of “Stehr” babies to cuddle up in.

    Vanessa´s last blog post…Menu Plan Monday

  7. There’s not a lot of material things passed around our family, but I do have my great-grandma’s china and although it is not valuable in the monetary sense, it feels special to use it for holidays with my own little family now.

  8. I don’t think my family has anything that gets passed down but I was honored after my m-i-l passed away 3 years ago with a ring of hers. It means a lot to me and I am certain that will get passed down to one of my girls.
    Great giveaway!

    Jennifer´s last blog post…Amazing!

  9. How nice of you to give your readers these chances! I have a heart pendant given to me by my grandmother, who received it from her grandmother, who received it as a gift from a boyfriend. It has the date inscribed. I love it and have always asked my grandma to “will” it to me. She gave it to me a few years ago. I, unfortunately, don’t ever wear it (its huge), but rather keep it well hidden.

    Dana´s last blog post…Thanksgiving Day Stroll

  10. Oooh, how beautiful! The thing that has been passed down from my grandma and mom to me and someday to my daughter is an old fashioned china cake topper of a little bride and groom. I would love one of these necklaces to pass down as well! 🙂

  11. We have some photos of relatives from right before the Civil War and letters written home during it. They are treasures that have been safely kept in my family for years. There is just something breathtaking about reading a letter from a soldier home to his wife, all while knowing how their story plays out.

    Heather G´s last blog post…Knit one Purl two

  12. What a great opportunity!

    My grandmother had three hand-blown glass clowns that I adored as a child. They were given to my mom when she passed and my mom is holding on to them for me. I have four sisters, but I was the only one who loved these clowns. Most people that see them think they are the scariest looking things….I see them and smile and remember playing with them at grandma’s house.

  13. These are all so gorgeous! Family heirlooms are an interesting one. Sometimes, you really don’t want some things. Others are a treasure. I have a copper tea kettle and biscuit/cookie/whatever container that my great great (and then some) grandparents brought with them from Sweden. They’re in my dining room and they make me think about what all they had to go through.

  14. My husband made me a necklace that will become an heirloom … prior to this though, there hasn’t been anything to pass down. I’m excited to start the tradition!

    Naomi´s last blog post…Need a little help this cold/flu season?

  15. I love all these pieces. I already own one Lisa Leonard necklace (with the birdie on it, gorgeous) and it is beautiful. Would love another one from any of these great jewelry makers. Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway.

    the7gerbers at earthlink dot net

  16. On my husband’s side of the family, they keep passing down a quilt. It finally became so tattered and beyond repair that they took sections of the quilt and framed them to give to all the grandchildren. Gorgeous!

    Jennifer, Playgroups are no place for children´s last blog post…Well, that’s done

  17. Sadly, we don’t have anything that is passed down from one generation to another. I don’t think my parents thought ahead like that. 🙂 I will have to ponder that and think of what I could pass along to my kiddos someday.

    Ali´s last blog post…Announcing My New eCookbook :: Holiday Baking! ::

  18. Our family jewelry is my grandmother’s wedding set which my Mom now wears. Please enter me! 🙂

    stephanie´s last blog post…Bloggy Book Tour ::: In the Shadow of Lions (a repost w/ giveaway)

  19. We have several pieces of silver that have been passed down through the generations.

  20. I actually have a fairly recent example! My grandmother, who died about 10 years ago, passed down her engagement and wedding ring. Last weekend my boyfriend proposed and gave me my grandmother’s engagement ring! It’s the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen, and I’m SO proud to be able to wear something my own grandmother wore.

  21. I have my great-grandmother’s wedding ring (1891). I recently purchased a Lisa Leonard necklace to celebrate my daughter’s adoption. I can’t wait to pass it along to her when she’s older. I hope it will become a special family heirloom as well.

  22. My grandma passed down her Hummels to my mom and my mom gave me one ofr my 40th birthday. I will get the rest of them from her when she is no longer here (hopefully that will be many years from now) and then I will pass them down to my daughters.

    Sue´s last blog post…This is just too funny

  23. I also twittered it! (

    stephanie´s last blog post…Bloggy Book Tour ::: In the Shadow of Lions (a repost w/ giveaway)

  24. In my family, when one of us gets married we get one of my great grandmother’s lace handkerchiefs to be our “something old”. I’m looking forward to passing mine down to my son’s wife if he gets married someday. Course, he’s 2 now, so I have a while to wait!

  25. LOVE the Vintage pearl necklace. So simple and classy. Our family passes down a dress that was hand-crocheted by my grandmother. My mom and sisters have all worn it as have the granddaughters. However I am having a boy next month so I won’t need it just yet!

  26. I wish we did have something that was passed down. I do have a few of my grandmother’s items that will be passed on to my daughter.

  27. I also twittered about your giveaway today.. Thanks!

  28. I’m wearing the very necklace featured by Lisa Leonard and have to say its my favorite necklace. This post has given me some ideas for Christmas gifts. Everything shown is so tasteful and lovely. I hope I win!

  29. For me it’s our oak kitchen table and buffet. They were made for my great grandparents as a wedding gift. My grandparents grew up around this table. My mother and her siblings grew up around this table. My brothers and myself grew up around this table. Now my twins are growing up around it. It’s had it’s share of feasts and I’m sure if it could talk it would have many, many wonderful stories to tell.

  30. We pass down Limoge dishes. They are very plain, creme with a gold band. They have been passed to the women in our family for 6 generations now.

    Bryssy´s last blog post…Words for Wednesday

  31. One of my most treasured family heirlooms is a signet ring of my great-grandmother’s. Soon, I will pass it on to my daughter, the 5th generation of first-born daughters to wear it.

    Courtney´s last blog post…Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

  32. The 9-DIAMOND ring that my grandfather gave my grandmother just before he married her was given to the oldest daughter in the family… guess what, I’m the baby.

  33. My Aunty Kay’s ruby ring… can’t wait to give it to my daughter named after her!

    susie´s last blog post…Terror in Mumbai

  34. My favorite piece of jewelry is a diamond solitaire necklace my grandfather gave to my the day after I had my daughter…it was made from one of my grandmother’s diamond earrings, my sister has the other earring and my mom has her engagement ring in matching necklaces. These are special to all of us, and I can’t wait to pass it down to my daughter!

    Autumn @ My MoonBean´s last blog post…What I want for Christmas

  35. Thank you for this giveaway!

    When I was married, my mom gave me my Grandma’s wedding ring. I had no idea she had it or that I was going to receive it. I let both my sisters wear it on their wedding day and I will be passing it onto my oldest daughter when she gets married one day, though she doesn’t know!

    ChristineG´s last blog post…Need me to bake you anything in LARGE quantities?

  36. We don’t really have any heirloom pieces on either side of our family; just the stories of my grandparents time passed down to me and onto my children. My grandmother does collect precious teacups and someday I hope to have one or two and my other grandma hand quilts for all of the family (over 50!) so we have some of those pieces to keep us warm and snuggly and remember her by. I mostly cherish their memories – memories of the Depression and the World War and falling in love and raising a family on a farm.

  37. My great-grandparents lived in coal camps and made their living from the ground up. Some of my family’s most cherished possessions are my Granny’s hand-sewn bonnets, aprons, dresses, and quilts. Thankfully, there are enough to go around, so we can all count on getting a piece handed down to us.

  38. What wonderful giveaways!

    We have a couple things in our family that are being passed down — a chair from a great-grandfather, a set of teacups from a great-great-grandmother. And my son recently informed me that a little roll-top kids’ desk that was mine as a child will be passed down to my grandchildren. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. You are so right, all of these ladies are so talented and their jewelry is…. well it is wonderful pieces that can be worn all the time.

    Cheri´s last blog post…Pup Update

  40. Our family heirloom is a baptism gown that was worn by my grandpa, his children, his grandchildren, and now his great-grandchildren. It is absolutely beautiful and such a connection between our family. The best part is that my aunt “gave” the gown to my daughter to keep for future generations since she is named after my grandma (grandpa’s spouse).

  41. Hi! I just found this awesome website through a friend’s blog! These necklaces are beautiful and I just had a baby girl and would love one…:) My mom has a huge collection of antique salt and pepper shakers passed down from her grandmother. As a little girl, I used to love to go up to the big glass case and pick out my favorite pair of the day (we were never allowed to touch them, haha!).

  42. Oh, how exciting! I hope I win one! 🙂

    My family doesn’t really have any heirlooms that get passed down. I can’t think of anything…I know there are things that family members will get when my grandparents pass away, but nothing that is passed from mother to daughter or what have you.

    Tammy´s last blog post…~Happy Thanksgiving!~

  43. Southern Gal says:

    These are beautiful. My mom has rings made from diamonds from her father’s and mother’s rings. She will begin the tradition of passing down these heirlooms with our generation! I’m so excited about that!

  44. what beautiful jewelry!!
    We don’t really have any family heirlooms like that…..though my mother does have a necklace made out of her great-aunt’s hair….ewwww…..

    Gretchen´s last blog post…Dear Dave Ramsey,

  45. I love these necklaces. Any one of them would make me happy. In my family we pass down traditions because we don’t have a lot of heirlooms. Traditions are great this time of year.

    Jen S.´s last blog post…Why bother!

  46. I have a dinner plate and a small desert plate from my Great Grandmothers’ everyday set of dishes hanging on my kitchen wall. There aren’t many pieces in the family anymore (big family) but my parents gave the the two extra that they had. She was a farm wife, and every time I look at them, I think of all the meals she lovingly made for her family. (She was a fantastic cook.) Someday, I’ll pass them on down to my kids too.

    What awesome give-aways! Everything is so pretty!

  47. We don’t have anything that gets passed down, but each of us daughters collect Waterford crystal, like my mother. My mom’s pattern is the Sheila pattern (my sister’s name is sheila) and I collect the Maeve pattern, after my daughter.

  48. I have quilts that were made by grandmothers and great grandmothers that will be passed down as family herilooms.

    Nikki´s last blog post…Book Review

  49. This jewelry is just beautiful!

    My grandmother was born in Croatia. Soon after she was born, her mother passed away and her father went to America to start a new life. She lived with her grandmother until she was nine, when her father sent for her. When she left Croatia, her grandmother gave her a beautiful gold ring. My grandmother passed this on to me when I left for college. I’ll give it to my daughter when she leaves for college, too.

    SarahHub @ Oakbriar Farm´s last blog post…Mother Letter Project

    • Love all the jewelry — so special!

      I have my grandmother’s engagement ring. I don’t wear it, but I am keeping it to pass along to one of my girls when they are older. It is very special to me as I lost my grandmother when she was only 60, so I didn’t know her very well.

      Angie´s last blog post…Caffeine Free

      • My grandma’s china that my grandpa flew back from Japan after the Korean war as an anniversary gift, is my treasured heirloom.

        I love all the beautiful jewelry

  50. We have a child-sized rocking chair that belonged to my mom and my grandmother before that…my son adores it already and it will pass on to one of my grandkids someday.

  51. All of these are beautiful! One of the “heirloom” pieces that have been passed down is several needlepoint projects completed by my Great-Oma (I am half German). They are all beautiful and i can’t wait to be in a bigger place to properly display them. Also, coming from a Mennonite-Canadian background I have been raised with a very stong faith in God that I will pass on to my 2 young daughters

    shirley rempel´s last blog post…

  52. We have a few furniture pieces, antique tools, & old pipes that have been passed down.

  53. I have my Grandmother’s silverware given to my Grandmother and Grandfather on their 40th Wedding Anniversary by the people in their community for their service to others. I also have their wood carved Gilbert Kitchen clock which still works!

  54. I have a ring that my parents had made for my sister and I out of diamonds from a ring my grandmother had. It will become a passed-down heirloom.

    I love all of the jewelry you featured – would love to win one!

  55. A child’s rocking chair has been passed down from my grandmother to my mom to me and now to my son. He’s only 11 months old and loves sitting in it “reading” to his stuffed animals.

  56. My mother has her mother’s pearls that she keeps meaning to sell. I told her I want them. I didn’t know my grandmother but yet I want to have something that was hers.

    Hillary´s last blog post…I wish I had the recipe…….

  57. Alison B. says:

    When my Mom was a teenager, her family’s house burned. Everything that could burn, did, including my Grandmother’s wedding ring, which she had taken off to do dishes. I suppose my Mother’s wedding ring will become the new heirloom, but it will go to my sister, the oldest girl. I think I need to start my own family’s heirloom to give to my daughter!

  58. My great-grandmother’s engagement ring. No one but my Nana has used it as an engagement ring, but it’s been passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me. I wear it when I feel the need for a little extra sparkle! I can’t wait to pass it on to my daughter.

    Joanna´s last blog post…Dear Santa

  59. My late father was a lapis miner, and a jewlrey maker. He doed when i was 5. He carved a beautiful stone heart out of blue lapis, and it was giving to me on my wedding day. I love it.

  60. No family heirlooms, but my mom loves this kind of jewelry, so if I win I’m going to give it to her. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Shannon´s last blog post…No spend months: week 4 & month 1 review

  61. My family has never had anything passed down. I don’t know why though. Makes me sad now that I think about it!! I do have some things I’ve putting away for my boys though! My husband’s grandmother passed recently, and she left me 2 pieces of crystal, and I plan to leave a piece to a piece to my (very) future daughter in laws!

    These necklaces are beautiful! I would love one for myself for Christmas! Especially since hubby and I have canceled Christmas between the 2 of us this year!

    Becky´s last blog post…Ughhh…

  62. my father has these water colors of a town in Germany that he adores. His father, my grandfather fought in WWII for our freedom and this is a daily reminder of his sacrifice…

    Julie´s last blog post…Jesse Tree

  63. What a great giveaway!
    There are several things that have been passed down in our family, but my favorite is a pair of blue champagne glasses from my grandmother. My grandmother and grandfather got the glasses from the hotel where they stayed on their honeymoon. They drank from them the night they were married, and every anniversary that followed. She gave them to me on my wedding day, and my husband and I have the honor of keeping up the tradition. Three of my cousins were also able to use the glasses on their wedding days!

    Leslie´s last blog post…Blessed

  64. My husbands wedding ring once belonged to his grandfather. I also have a ring that once belonged to my great grandmother. I love both pieces of jewelry and the history that is behind them.

    The sunshine necklace makes me smile. My husband sang that song all the time when my daughter was a baby.

    Brandi´s last blog post…Thankful heart

  65. trying again… not sure why my comment isn’t posting… hopefully it won’t show up 3 times…

    My grandfather fought in WWII and he brought back some watercolor paintings from a town in Germany. My dad hangs them on the wall going up the stairs in his home…he loves them and they remind us of our grandfather and all the men who fought for our freedoms.

    Julie´s last blog post…Jesse Tree

  66. Jennifer B says:

    My wedding ring is was originally my MIL’s wedding ring, and I’ll be honored to pass it on to my daughter some day. I’ve been really touched by the things my mother and MIL have kept to be handed down to their grandchildren – as the only granddaughter my daughter has received many of these things. It’s made me think more about what we choose to keep for when she has her own family many years from now.

    And while I would love to win any of the jewelry pieces, since my daughter’s name is Megan, that one has a special appeal to me!

  67. my mom and i were both born in july…so, she passed a ruby ring to me that her mother had given to her. now if i could just have a july daughter…

    Mary Beth´s last blog post…Holiday Weekend!

  68. Irecently was entrusted with some family quilts that were sewn by my great,great (great?) grandmother. All handsewn with some help from the ladies at church. Their names are all embrodiered in it. They are beautiful.

  69. I love all the jewelry you showcased. Gorgeous work. In my family i have saved my childrens baby rattles for future heirlooms. They are nice wooden, colorful rattles. My oldest son…now 21 played with them, as have all my other children…right on down to my youngest, now 2 yrs old. Sigh…time flies.

  70. Every girl loves her jewelry. Please enter me in your fabulous give away.
    My family is very proper and southern and pretty poor by most people’s standards They taught me many things that I use daily ( faith, perseverance, and integrity). Unfortunately there was no jewelry.
    I do have a few very nice pieces that were gifts from my husband- a Journey diamond necklace, a gold locket and a “mothers’ necklace that has my children s’ birthstones set in gold. They’re not exactly high fashion but I do treasure them.

    Debbie´s last blog post…November 29, 2008

  71. i have two quilts that were passed down from each of my dad’s grandmothers. one is on my bed and i just put the other one on my daughter’s new “big girl bed”. so, i guess i have just passed one down to her!

  72. Charlotte says:

    We have all been baptised in the same gown starting with my Mom, the oldest of 5. She and all of her siblings, her own 6 children and all 6 of her grandchildren

  73. My family has very little in the way of heirlooms, but one such item has been passed down to me. My great-grandmother apparently was given a relatively large Ruby and diamond ring by her husband. At some point she had the stones cut and divided into two separate rings which she gave to two of her daughters (even though she had five daughters in all). One of my great-aunts had no children to pass the ring to when she got older and was gracious enough to give my mother the ring, who then gave it to me on my wedding day (it was my something old). The ring is not overly fancy but has an attractive design with a square ruby in the center flanked by four small diamond chips on either side. I hope one day to pass it on to a daughter.

    Nichelle´s last blog post…Today is World AIDS Day

  74. Oh that’s all such beautiful stuff.

    The heirloom that we pass down is actually a tiny ivory pocket knife that belonged to my dad’s grandfather. My dad didn’t have any sons so he gave it to me, the firstborn. It’s kind of fragile looking so I keep it in an old wooden box high up in my closet so no one can mess with it.

  75. My sister and I both have bangles that were made out of my grandmother’s wedding bangles. The original ones (owned by my g-ma) were really delicate and beautiful – the were passed down to my mother (who never wore them)…and then to my sister and I…my mother took the bangles to a jeweller, had them melted down added some gold (to make them more sturdy) and had them re-created in the same style – for my sis and I. We were given these on our wedding days – and treasure them!

  76. What a sweet and wonderful giveaway!! My family has a set of pearls that are passed down from mother to eldest daughter- they are a very simple strand, but they hold so much love from generations past. I can’t wait to share them with my daughter when she gets a bit older.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!!

    Jenn W´s last blog post…15 Days of Christmas Giveaway- Doodlebug Designs

  77. My family doesn’t have any jewelry we pass along, but what I would consider to be the family “heirlooms” would be recipes, especially those for Christmas cookies and cakes that have come from my grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

  78. My family doesn’t have any jewelry that gets passed along, but what I consider the family heirlooms are recipes, especially my grandmothers’ and great-grandmothers’ holiday cookies and cakes.

  79. I LOVE these necklaces!!

  80. We don’t have many heirlooms, as my Mom’s family tended to throw things out and my Dad’s family has been in this country less than 100 years. But, my brother did get, at his rehearsal dinner, a carving set that he’d always wanted to inherit. Oh, and my great grandmother started painting in her 70s and I treasure all of her artwork; I hope to pass those along as heirlooms when my kid is on her own.

  81. Oops… forgot to say, we don’t have any family heirlooms. : ( Maybe this would start something!

  82. This isn’t to get a second entry, but I had to say I can’t believe I forgot the most important one: The engagement ring! My DH’s grandmother and mother also wore it, then I did. And we intend to give it to our daughter some day! (Unless we have a son.)

  83. My grandmother was a special person in my life, and she died in the year before my marriage. On my wedding day my grandfather placed her pearl necklace around my neck. This is one of my most precious possessions, one that I plan on passing down to my daughter one day.

  84. Our family heirloom is a lovely necklace. The necklace is a fine gold chain with pearls on it and a heart pendant. My great-grandmother received it as a wedding present from some nuns. It has since been worn by my grandmother, mother, aunts, and me for our weddings.

  85. I have a large extended family so I really have no idea the variety of heirlooms out there, but I have a couple things that are really special to me. One is a paper medicine box from one of my great-grandmothers prescriptions back in the 40’s. It’s little but really neat, especially since it holds vintage buttons that were hers as well.

    Then I have all my grandmothers crystal stemware. When she started to downsize her house I was in the right place at the right time to keep it all from being donated to the local thrift store!

    Finally, my mom’s piano. She was sick my entire life and died while I was a young adult so this holds special significance to me. I hope that one day my daughter will appreciate having these same items.

    Micha´s last blog post…weekend

  86. What lovely giveaways, thank you! Our heirloom is my wedding ring. My husband’s great-uncle Nye gave it to his wife when they were married in 1924 in Galveston. Nye and his wife never had children, but were very fond of my mother-in-law, who received the ring upon her aunt and uncle’s deaths. She wore the ring for many years, then gave it to my husband when he told his mother he planned to propose to me. It’s a beautiful platinum ring – actually two, an engagement and a wedding ring – with tiny little diamonds in concentric squares. It’s unusual and I get compliments on it every week. I feel honored to wear it and hope to pass it down to one of my sons’ children.

    Erin´s last blog post…Family Portrait

  87. My family heirloom I am already wearing- my engagement ring and band belonged to my grandmother. Strangely, it fit perfectly.

    Robin´s last blog post…Risotto- The Ultimate Frugal Foodie Dish

  88. We have a beautiful old Singer sewing machine that keeps getting passed down in my family. It is AWESOME!

    Joanna´s last blog post…Who is the Child?

  89. We pass on teacups…my great aunt collected them from all over the world, as her husband was career military.

  90. This is pretty awful, but we don’t have anything that gets passed down! My mothers family came to America when she was a kid and had to leave everything in Germany, and my Dad’s family came over from England and had to leave everything because of the war. And everyone here is still alive! I’ll just have to wait and see what becomes a treasure!

  91. wow – what a great giveaway!

    we don’t have any super long-running traditions, but have a few that are just starting…my mom’s mom passed away early ’06, and my grandpa had her engagement ring made into a pendant for my mom, and then they took her diamond earrings made pendants for both my sister & me…I will enjoy being able to pass that along one day, but am really enjoying it now too!

    jodi´s last blog post…Christmas Planning – 3 Weeks & Counting

  92. I have the necklace that my grandfather gave to my grandmother on their first date! It even includes the box it came. It’s just a costume necklace of bright pink beads, but I adore it.

    I love the necklaces you’re giving away! I’ll be emailing you with the secret code 🙂

    – Vanessa

    Vanessa van der Meer´s last blog post…Remembrance Day

  93. Ok, this is what I want to win. I haven’t bought myself a piece of jewelry since my daughter was born 10 years ago! sigh!

  94. You know I am not sure if we really have any heirloom things that get passed down. I have a few pieces, both my grandmother’s wedding rings and my grandfather’s secretary that I plan on passing on . . . time to start my own tradition I guess!

    Lucie @ Unconventional Origins´s last blog post…Guest Post: Internationally Unconventional

  95. My husband’s great-great-grandfather made a child’s rocking chair for his first son, and each first son has had it ever since. When we found out I was having a boy, my father-in-law took it completely apart and refinished every inch and reupholstered it all himself. It’s now in my son’s bedroom.

  96. Heather S says:

    Thanks so much for the great giveaways, Tsh. You are so good to your readers! I just hope you are able to still enjoy your time at home with all of this stuff going on.

    This doesn’t really qualify as family heirloom material but…My grandmother left 3 rings for her son’s 3 daughters. They aren’t magnificent pieces of rare jewelry or anything. She just wanted us to have something that reminded us of her. Now every time I see that ring, I think of all the time I spent with my grandmother. It’s a nice sentiment and makes me think of what kinds of things I might want to pass down.

  97. These are all beautiful items.

    Its funny that you should ask about something that is passed down, I was just speaking of this. Our family does not have such a thing but I am always encouraging the elder mothers (and new mothers) to record their histories and their voices so that their lives and experiences are what will be passed down!!!

  98. In my family there is a dress a beautiful yellow dress hand stitched by my great great aunt Neva. The dress has been worn for one year old pictures by three generations in my family and will continue to be passed down for many years to come.

    BreannaS´s last blog post…Kiddio Giveaway

  99. I have my Great Great Grandmothers glasses, and her dresser and her crocheted doilies, they mean so much to me, I am certainly going to pass them on they are Lovely!

    Chantel´s last blog post…I won TWICE!

  100. I have a silver friendship ring that my grandmother got as a teenager, passed on to my mother who passed it on to me. If epsilon wants it, she will get it when she starts high school. We also have a baptism gown that has been used for at least 4 generations from my mom’s side of the family, and wedding glasses from my dad’s.