Introducing Simple Living Weekly

by Katie

Katie is a writer, a teacher, a mezzo-soprano, and a mama. She and her husband Shaun are passionate about mentoring and equipping artists of all kinds. Find her online at

Beginning this week, the Simple Living Media family of blogs will offer an easy and fun way to keep up with all the best from the blogs each week. It’s called Simple Living Weekly, and you can sign up to have it delivered to your inbox each week.

The newsletter will feature one article each from Simple Organic, Simple Mom, Simple Homeschool, Simple Bites, and Simple Kids, plus the latest news from the SLM family. In addition, there will often be exclusive giveaways for subscribers only, including this first edition!

Read more about Simple Living Weekly, or scroll down to sign up now!

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  1. yay! I was starting to wonder about this as I signed up for it a while ago. Glad it’s going to be getting started.

  2. i good way to simplify

  3. I would like to sign up for weekly Simple Living Weekly.


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