Interview on The Happiness Project

Just a few quick notes today related to my book’s ever-nearing release…

Interview on The Happiness Project

Today I’m featured on The Happiness Project, where I was honored to chat a bit with Gretchen Rubin on her favorite topic — happiness. Head over there and join in the discussion. I’d love to hear some of your answers to the questions she asked me.

While you’re at it, take a look at Gretchen’s book of the same name. It’s a delight, which is not at all ironic. Here’s a quote from the book’s description:

The Happiness Project is one of the most thoughtful works on happiness to have emerged from the recent explosion of interest in the subject. Rubin weaves together philosophy, scientific research, history, analysis, and real-life experiences as she explains what worked for her—and what didn’t. Her conclusions are sometimes counter-intuitive – for example, she finds that money can buy happiness, when spent correctly – but they resonate with readers of all backgrounds.

“Filled with practical advice, sharp insight, charm, and humor, The Happiness Project manages to be illuminating yet entertaining, profound yet compulsively readable. But The Happiness Project isn’t just an engaging and provocative book. Gretchen’s passion for her subject jumps off the page, and reading a few chapters of this book will inspire you to start your own happiness project.”

Pre-order a signed copy

I’m also stoked to let you know you can now buy signed copies of my book, Organized Simplicity, directly from me. If that’s your thing. So if it is, pre-order your copy at a limited edition price of $13.50 — that’s 20 percent off. After December 1, the price will be $17. If you’re thinking of gifts for the holidays, don’t wait!

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  1. will have to check it out! Btw – such great news about your new book coming out, how exciting for you!

  2. Love your interview – it is always good to meet the people behind the blogs you read everyday!!! And so well done on your book!!! I am thrilled for you!!!

  3. Heading over to read it right now. Looking forward, too, to your book coming out!

  4. I liked the comment about being an extroverted introvert. I enjoy being with certain people. That does make me happy. Establishing a connection with another is always interesting even if it is only for the length of time we are in the cashier line together. I can’t pull this off too often, due to my natural propensity to be quiet and introspective. This has really given me something to think about. What about the 5-minute relationship? What do I hope to accomplish in this relationship? Do we need mutual goals for it to work? Maybe I need to be a little LESS introspective…

    P.S. I’d like any advice anyone has about how introverts meet each other. Is there a Facebook page for introverts? Not being a joiner generally, social media hasn’t been all that attractive to me. Thanks!

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