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How to wash your hair without shampoo or conditioner | Simple Mom

Right now, I just may gross you out when I tell you something: I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner in three months.

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Truly, I haven’t touched a bottle of either, and I don’t plan on using them anytime in the foreseeable future. My hair is as clean as a whistle, and to be honest, I don’t know if it’s looked this healthy in years.

A few months ago, I started reading around the web about going shampoo-free, and I was intrigued. But like many of you right now, I was also perplexed. Why would you bother? What’s the harm in using shampoo? And isn’t your hair greasy and smelly?

So I read for a few weeks, just taking in info, and one night, after reading about the shampoo-free concept on like the twelfth blog I enjoy, I decided to give it a shot. If I hated it, then no harm — I’ll just keep to my shampooing ways.

But if I liked it as much as everyone else seemed to, then I’ve found a frugal, easy, toxic-free way to care for my hair. So I took the plunge.

Why go ‘poo-free?

Before I go in to the how of no shampoo, it’s a good idea to tell you the why. There’s a lot of valuable information on the Internet, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel. But here are the reasons that spoke most to me.

1. Shampoo is a detergent.

Shampoo cleans your hair, but it also strips it of all the healthy oil your body naturally produces. These oils protect your hair and keep it soft and strong.

Shampoo was only introduced in the early 20th century — before that, people relied on good-old soap, which can wash hair just as well without removing important oils. But soap doesn’t work well in alkaline water, and when water in civilized areas started becoming more mineral-heavy (read: alkaline), soap became a challenge. It made the scales on hair stand up, making it weaker and rougher. So shampoo was introduced, marketed with its only benefit of working in both hard and soft water.

Detergent is harsh. I doubt we’d use the same type of stuff to wash our bodies as we would our dishes, but that’s essentially what we’re doing with shampoo.

shampoo bottles

2. Shampoo has all sorts of chemicals.

Our family typically goes out of our way to not eat boxed chemicals disguised as food — we stick to the natural, whole foods that either come from the ground or once ate things that came from the ground. But skin is our largest organ, and it’s extremely porous — substances can easily enter the bloodstream directly through our skin, and they can stay for a long time.

Since we try to avoid food that has unpronounceable ingredients, we thought it only made sense to adhere to the same standards for the stuff we slather on our skin. Since this includes shampoo, we sought out an alternative.

Most shampoos also contain mineral oil, which is a byproduct when gasoline is distilled from crude oil. It’s added to shampoo (along with hundreds of other products) to thickly coat the strands, giving hair an artificial shine. And since it can’t absorb into skin, like the other ingredients, it acts as a barrier on our scalp, preventing oil from being released — thus requiring more shampoo to strip away the grease. This is why the more shampoo you use, the more you need.

3. Shampoo is an unnecessary cost.

So because shampoo isn’t really necessary, using it creates this cycle that requires a dependence on the stuff, along with other hair products. In order to combat the stripping of protective oils, we need an artificial protectant called conditioner. And because now my hair is coated with unnatural substances, it requires more unnatural substances to keep it styled, strong, and workable. The list of hair pomades, waxes, gels, mousses, and detanglers available could take up pages on this site.

Since we’re a frugal family, seeking a simple life, it made sense to eliminate something we didn’t truly need.  We’d rather spend our money elsewhere.

There are plenty of other reasons — shampoo caused my husband’s dry, itchy scalp, and we had another added expense of buying a tear-free type of shampoo for our kiddos. While this wasn’t a life-or-death situation for us, by any means, it made more and more sense for us to give a shampoo-free life a shot once we read about it.

How to go ‘poo-free

No, this isn’t yours truly in a police line-up — it’s my hair today, a day after rinsing in baking soda and vinegar.

I don’t like writing doom and destruction on this blog — I’d rather give you useful, practical information that might make your life simpler. So that’s enough on the why not to do something — here are helpful tips for how you can give going ‘poo-free a shot.

Baking soda is your friend

0714_baking_sodaBaking soda works wonders on hair, along with its other many household helps. It’s gentle, it’s the weakest alkaline, and it very gently clarifies hair from chemical buildup.

Like many natural cleaners, the recipe isn’t static — it can be tweaked to suit your needs. The standard amount for hair care is one tablespoon of baking soda to one cup of water. Those with curly or thicker hair might need a bit more baking soda, and those with thin or fine hair might need less. Experiment, and see what works for you.

I use a simple 8-ounce squeeze bottle, pour in a tablespoon of baking soda with a funnel, then fill up the rest with water from the kitchen sink. I give it a good shake to dissolve the baking soda, and it’s ready to be used.

In the shower, I soak my hair with water, then I squeeze a bit of the baking soda mixture on my scalp, starting at the crown. I massage it in as I go, squeezing a bit more here and there, concentrating mostly on the scalp. I include my hair as well, but since most of the oils originate from the scalp itself, the hair will naturally get cleaned once the scalp is clarified.

After a few minutes, I rinse it out, just like I would shampoo.

For my husband and I combined, this amount will last us about a week or week and a half. He has fairly short hair, and mine is just below my ears.

Apple cider vinegar is your next friend

apple-cider-vinegar-1Apple cider vinegar is a mild acidic, working well to counteract the baking soda, and thus acts as a great replacement for conditioner. It detangles the hair folicles, seals the cuticle, and balances the hair’s pH balance.

A little goes a very long way, just like the baking soda. The standard recipe is also one tablespoon apple cider vinegar to one cup water. For this, I use an old conditioner bottle, and fill it with the vinegar and water via funnel, then finish it with a shake.

My hair tends to rest a little on the oily side naturally, so I don’t use much of this. I pour a little on just the ends of my hair, let it rest for a few seconds, then rinse it out.

And that, from start to finish, is my current hair care routine.

Other tips

• You might have a transition period that lasts from a few weeks to a few months, where your hair reacts with excess oil to the lack of shampoo. This is perfectly normal. It’s used to having its oils stripped, so it might take time for the oil to stop producing so heavily in protest. My transition period only lasted about two weeks, and it wasn’t any big deal, really.

• I hear that eventually, you can wean off baking soda and vinegar all together, relying only on water in the shower to remove dirt and oil. I haven’t gotten there yet.

• If you find that your hair is too oily (after the transition period), try using less vinegar, or not using it all together. Some people also use lemon juice instead of vinegar as their acidic clarifier.

• If your hair feels too dry, use less baking soda, or try using honey instead of vinegar.

• I don’t need anything else for my hair. I stopped using pomade, which I previously used religiously to cut the frizzies. I do use Hair Butter, just to keep it smooth and supple (I also use this as my facial moisturizer—I LOVE this stuff). My hair is amazingly pliable, and can hold styles without my needing to do much of anything. I’m thrilled with the results!

• We also use this mix on our kiddos’ heads, though we only use it once a week or so. Sometimes we’ll even go two weeks, since their scalps don’t really produce much oil at this age. We clean more ketchup and oatmeal out than we do oil.

For more information:

Update: Almost two years after this post, I wrote an update: do I still use this method?

A second update: This post is the most visited post on The Art of Simple. I’m honored that you might find something useful here! Thank you for reading. However, I’m unable to respond to the many, many comments here, so please know that while I read each one, unfortunately I just don’t have the time to respond. I’m leaving comments open, however, so that other readers can chime in, if they like!

What are your thoughts? I know there are those of you out there who are shampoo-free — tell us your experiences! And if you’re hesitant to give this a whirl — tell us why.

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  1. avatar
    natalie says:

    what does this treatment leave your hair smelling like?? i love the fragrances that some shampoos have, but i do love the idea of this treatment leaving my scalp less oily but i’m curious as to if it will smell like vinegar all the time..

    • Haha I know that it’s been A YEAR since you posted here but no, your hair does not smell like vinegar. It won’t really smell like much of anything when you’re done. Some people perfume their ACV rinse with essential oils. These oils can also have additional benefits for the hair.

  2. I’m intrigued by this and want to try it, but I swim about once a week and usually use a chlorine-removing shampoo afterward. Do you think the baking soda would take the chlorine out of my hair? Or will shampooing with the swim shampoo once a week be ok? Thanks for the advice!

  3. Does it work for colored hair?

  4. hey guys i have some questions about this. its day six and ive washed my hair everyday with the baking soda mixture and rinsed with the apple cider vinegar mix as well. on day three i used an egg and let it set for an hour or two in my hair. i also rub a dot of lotion in my hands and then through my hair to help with flyaways. now for my questions.
    im sixteen, so my hair is naturally greasy. i have fine hair, but alot of it that is wavy and frizzy.
    i think im following this correctly, however my hair is rough, knotty and ranges from dry to very oily in different areas. im not sure how to scrub my hair, because when i do this, it just gets knotty, and since it doesnt make a lather, it doesnt do anything.
    how to keep my hair clean?
    how to keep out knots?
    i have a boars hair brush, any advice on how to use it?
    how often should i be washing my hair? im doing it every day now. should i cut out the vinegar? my ends are split and awful.

    i feel like my hair has all this buildup near the scalp of oil and dandruff. yuck! help please, i want to continue, but this is awful!

    • avatar
      Stephanie says:

      Hi! I had some pretty rough transition periods in my poo-free journey. I have greasy hair also, and I find that I can’t use the ACV (vinegar) too often. And when I do, I water the ACV down, and only use a tiny bit on the ends. It would probably be best to get your hair trimmed to get those split ends off. I usu. only use it like once every couple weeks. And during the transition times when my hair was super greasy, I had to use extra baking soda and really douse my roots with it and scrub really hard for a long time. If you can make it through the greasy periods, I think you’ll be happy in the end. As far as the brush, use it every morning and every night. Brush for a long time. That’s what they did in the “old days” ! And throughout the day, run your fingers through your hair to get the oil down to the ends.

      I hope this helps!!

    • Adding to what Stephanie said, I found brushing your scalp with a fine tooth comb before you shower helps get rid of the build up also.
      Holly´s latest post: Merry Christ-Mas to Everyone!

  5. how long do you think itll take for me to have the oils even out and my hair be okay again? i caved and shampooed my hair, because kids at school were being mean. any advice on how to make your hair not look as greasy during the transition?

  6. Hannah, if you have to break down and use shampoo every now and then, its OK. At first, I would use shampoo about once a week. But now, I rinse with water every morning, and when I feel like it, I use the baking soda mixture. I totally LOVE the look and feel of my hair (not crazy about the style, but that will come in time). I use about a tablespoon of baking soda for a cup of water and rinse my hair with it, leave it on for a bit, then rinse it thoroughly. Because my hair is growing out super curly after chemo-induced baldness, I use quite a bit of gel to try to tame it. I don’t use the vinegar very often only because I find I don’t need to. I also use a tiny bit of conditioner sometimes. The point is all about reducing the chemicals you use, being green, and in my case, being economical. Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t successful right away. Keep at it and do what you feel is best. It will happen and you’ll be glad you did.

  7. will my hair still adjust if i use shampoo once a week? im so sorry to hear about the chemo man, thats awful. but curls are luscious, bodacious and beautiful- let them bounce, frizz and go wild! thats what curls do! another question- how do i get to my scalp with scrubbing? when i try to, it gets my hair all knotted in a ball and baking soda doesnt lather. do i mix the baking soda and vinegar together?

  8. LOL! If you mix the baking soda and vinegar you will be in for a surprise! There is a chemical reaction. I think if I were you I would mix a larger amount of baking soda and water. I only need about a cup for my hair, but maybe you need 2 or 3 cups for your long hair. Don’t scrub, but you can work it in without making knots in your hair; try running your fingers through your hair, starting at the scalp. Make sure you rinse it really well.
    Yes, many people go poo-free by cutting down the frequency they use shampoo. First once a week, then once every 10 days or so, etc. You’ll get the hang of it.
    Oh, and if my curls were bouncy or luscious, I would let them go free, but with the short hair, I look like a cross between Little Orphan Annie and Bozo the clown!
    Be sure to let us know how it works out for you!

  9. I really like this idea, unfortunately I had a rash on my forehead and scalp after using both and had to rewash and condition to reduce the irritation. Maybe I used too much. Baking Soda alone seems to be working well for my boyfriend. Thanks for sharing.

    • avatar
      Kathleen says:

      You’re likely allergic to the vinegar – my daughter is. Try another mild acid, i.e. lemon juice when necessary. If you dry you skin out too much by leaving on the baking soda too long that might cause some irritation as well.

  10. thanks! ill definitely try with more baking soda and water. should i add more water to the concoction as well? i dont know if it will leave a residue or not. thanks for all your help and clarifications ms. karen!

  11. I stumbled upon another site suggesting this about a few months ago and I must have been in a defensive mood because the first thing I thought was “How can this guy tell me my shampoo is killing the planet? puh-leez. Give me a break.” A month later I stumbled upon another site which rather than use the guilt approach explained the benefits. I started to get sold. I am vegan and try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The money-saving aspect is enough to make me go and try it! Thanks for the great blog.

  12. avatar
    Janna Kowalchuk says:

    I think that this is wonderful!!

    I always hated washing my hair, found the more I washed it, the greasier it got.

    I wash my hair about once a week, I did that even before I had dreads. I still use shampoo sometimes, but defiantly organic, biodegradable stuff…
    Going shampoo free isn’t so scary! Its awesome!

    We need to be feeling good about not only what you put in our bodies, but what we put ON them as well!

    And I can’t wait to try your recipe!

  13. avatar
    Maria Gonzalez says:

    I’ve actually been doing this for quite some time as well, and I’ve found that actually using *more* vinegar keeps your hair from being as oily if you’re still in the transition stage. It took me a good 3-4 weeks or so. I just didn’t wash my hair at all for those, so I had an overly oily appearance, and when I did wash it, my hair took to it like it was water. On this method, I only have to wash my hair maybe 3 times a week!

  14. avatar
    Felicia says:

    Hi Tsh,
    Thanks for the information. I just started using an excellent chemical-free product. It is an excellent product and I love it. However, I can’t afford it right now, so I am looking for much cheaper ways to care for my hair and scalp. I am skeptical about using vinegar because it is an acid. I feel as though it would be unsafe to use on my hair.
    I’ve also read that using olive oil on the scalp is good for dry scalp. Have you heard of that? I have dry, itchy and flaky scalp.
    I hope to hear back from you regarding my concern with vinegar, and your take on olive oil. Thanks!

  15. Do you know if this would help with dandruff?

  16. Wow, this is great! I have always had problems with shampoo. I tend to have oily hair and for a day it’s good, but then I have to wash it at least every other day. I also tend to have to change brands (as I do with deodorant). I’m definitely going to give this a try! Thanks!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Please Don’t Promise Me Forever =-.

  17. I was glad to stumble upon this article, as I haven’t used shampoo in years and my hair is soft, strong and well-balanced in terms of oiliness. Maybe once a week I thoroughly wash my hair with the shower water.

    Shampoo creates dependency. The best example of this concerns Anti-Dandruff shampoos. Sure, they worked, but the moment I stopped using them, I was coated in flakes once more until my hair and scalp readapted.

    Jorden, just make sure you dry your hair and scalp well after you wet it. There’s a good chance this will reduce your dandruff. It works for me.

  18. avatar
    Mariana says:

    Not to mention, shampoo bottles tend to be made out of hard plastic which generate tons of waste and take millions of years to disappear.. plus shampoo making companies contribute in the contamination.. nice work reusing old bottles and trying more nature friendly alternatives!

  19. Love it! I am subscribing to your feed and heading to the shower to try this out!

  20. avatar
    marisol says:

    I have thinning hair and have tried everything to see healthy hair, or at least so it won’t fall out so much. Does anyone here have experience with the baking soda and vinegar and healthier, thicker hair?


  21. I have a very strong case of dandruff (I quit using head & shoulders one week and my hair is a snow field) . Does anyone else with my problem have tried this? If so, what have been your results?

  22. I must admit I never like to use shampoo, I hate it. My skin is really sensitive. Unfortunatley my girlfriend trys to force it on me. I have now taken to lying!

    I didn’t know that you could wash your hair with vinegar and baking soda, there really does seem to be an endless use for these 2 household ingredients.
    .-= Dave @ Bracknell Cleaning´s last blog .. =-.

  23. Now all I need to know is what you use for your body (to wash it and moisturize it) and I’m set!

  24. So, I have a question. What is the approximate consistency of the baking soda/water mixture? I feel like mine might have been too thin, but I’m not sure.

  25. I once knew a French woman whose hair was the most beautiful shiny radiance I’d ever seen. I asked what shampoo she used, and her response was “None”.
    She was raised on a farm and never even once in her entire life shampooed her hair! Only brushed it well with a natural bristle brush, a lot. The natural oils from the roots are distributed as the dirt is swept away.

  26. It sounds really cool, but I do not like the smell of vinegar and I don’t think I could go around everyday with my hair smelling like that. Is there anything you can use to give your hair that just washed smell?

  27. avatar
    Rosalba says:

    Im willing to try, but although you say there is no ugly smell…. i’ve always love to have my hair smelling good, what can i do to keep it this way???

  28. I question why we wouldn’t just use what we use on our bodies on our scalp if shampoos are so bad. If it’s good enough for the skin on my shoulders or face why isn’t it ok for the skin on my scalp? Because that’s what really needs washing is the skin that gets oily and sweaty not the hair shaft itself. Yes, I am reluctant to try this. My city had big water problems over the winter and I know what my hair smells like dirty and it isn’t pleasant. It’s also long enough to get into things that I’d actually want to wash out. As for lice, styling product buildup kept my daughter lice free just fine. I just don’t get this movement I guess, to me it’s throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Get a good shampoo that doesn’t have the sulfates and stuff is a good idea, but totally going without is too extreme for most of us I sense.

  29. Is it ok to do this on dyed hair?

  30. Ok, I’ve seen this on so many blogs and would love not to have to buy shampoo anymore. However, I can’t get past this part:
    “You might have a transition period that lasts from a few weeks to a few months”
    Yikes! I wash my hair every day and I don’t think I could live with my hair if it were nasty for weeks or months. I’m scared to try this!
    Our Nifty Notebook´s latest post: Awesome Giveaway-

    • I’m starting slow, with a shampoo every other day – I’m still in the too-oily phase after a couple of weeks, so today on my off-day, I tried the soda. It seems to have cleared up some of the oil. I imagine soon I’ll be able to do soda every other day (or whatever feels natural) and skip the shampoo altogether.
      SA´s latest post: Reducing suicide or reducing murder Six of one

  31. avatar
    Amberleigh says:

    One of my favorite things about shampoo shopping is picking out a new scent. Does the vinegar leave an unpleasant odor? And even if not, is there something that would leave a pleasant one?

  32. avatar
    Karianne says:

    Day 1 of the no shampoo hair care experiment. Used honey off the bat since my although my hair IS oily at the roots, the rest is dry dry dry. I suppose I never paid attention to how clean or dirty my hair felt after a conventional shampoo, but I’m not sure it feels clean now. My scalp is tingly, and not used to the lack of the chemicals (every day). It’s funny because an old friend ofmine started doing this when we were younger, and I laughed. Recently, I began thinking about how people ever survived without daily shampoos…and Stumbled Upon your blog. I’m testing every 4 or 5 days the first 3 weeks before I test a week without shampooing. We’ll see how it goes!

    I just wanted to thank you! I’m testing the vinegar after the first 6 weeks, after I’ve transitioned to once-weekly shampoos. Kudos to the naturalista! :)

  33. avatar
    Brittany Vick says:

    I went shampoo-free completely about 4 years ago. Way before i ever read a single article on it. I have thick, coarse, curly hair that i dye (by the way if you choose to slather your hair with dye instead of shampoo- don’t use apple cider vinegar) and found that my hair was frizzier, and more dry, and more tangly, every single time i shampooed.

    So I quit. And I carried my secret with me for a goodish number of months, maybe a year or so before I told my best friend who has similar hair problems. She freaked out and told me I was gross and blah, blah, blah. But my hair quality and manageability had so increased that I refuse to go back to shampoo.

    I don’t care terrible about the chemicals, to me the fact that I am not covering my hair in chemicals (at least while shampooing) is just an added bonus. What I can attest to is that my hair is curlier, less frizzy, and has less tangles than ever.


  34. This is a very interesting method. and coming from a hairstylist, I understand your frustration with your stated facts above. But actually, the only type of shampoos that have those distilled oils and waxes that coat the hair to make it appear “shiny” are over the counter shampoos (i.e suave, pantene, garnier etc). And the reason they are so cheap is because they coat the hair so much it actually strips the hairs natural oils, ESPECIALLY if you dont use conditioner. So your hair will be feeling dirty or a “waxey” feel to it by the end of the day. So you will be actually spending more money and using more shampoo than desired. Salon professional products usually never carry anything that has paraben or sulfates in them, which makes the hair feel worse than before.
    Im just saying i’m sure your hair feels amazing using the baking soda, its just an alternative to using Professional products like Biolage or Redken.

  35. I’ve been using the baking soda and ACV for about a week already, and I’m going through the transition period. Just hours after I wash my hair, my hair is greasy at the scalp and two inches down. Also, I’m starting to get what appears like dandruff. I’m wondering if this is the natural reaction to the bs and acv, and if it will wear off after a couple of weeks when I get used to it…

  36. Totally trying this. My hair is in alright condition because I dont dye it or straighten it and I cant remember when I last used a hair dryer. Love the idea though and still trying it. Thanks so much :) xxx

  37. avatar
    Vickibeth says:

    Any idea if this treatment helps your hair grow faster? I recently got 10in cut off and I’m missing my long hair. Do you know of any way to get it back…..faster?

    • avatar
      Vickibeth says:

      I don’t/have never colored my hair but with the current short style I do blow dry it every day :( My hair is healthy but I want it to grow super fast!

      • I heard that if you don’t brush it with a brush but instead use a wide tooth comb to comb your hair when it’s wet and when it’s dry, you hair will grow better. Also if you don’t blow dry it. I don’t have patience to leave it wet for so long (especially in the morning if I’m planning on going somewhere soon) but if I leave it to dry in the morning when I don’t have to do anything, my hair’s natural curl and waviness comes in and it’s super cute and curly.

        • take biotin! I take it for my acne, but it also made my hair grow like crazy. I wouldnt recommend brushing your hair too much when its wet though, because i’ve heard it damages your hair

  38. Hey I tried the baking soda mixed with water for shampoo and apple cider vinegar with water for the conditioner and it is amazing! My first wash and my hair is less tangled than with regular shampoo and conditioner! I’m totally converted, and I’m going to convert my friends. Thank you so much for the info! :)

  39. I’ve heard of people using baking soda and apple cider vinegar for acne treatment, but ive never heard of it used on the hair! This is really interesting! Unfortunately I am on vacation right now so using it might get a little messy, but I still have the two ingredients left over from my acne treatment so I’ll have to try it when I get home. Btw, does this regimen affect volume by any chance? My hair is very flat and thin so I am just wondering if it makes your hair pretty flat (since you said the hair is much more frizz free and smoother…it almost sounds like it would kill volume too)

  40. I’m a bit late to be posting but better late than never. Just wanted to post a thank you. I am now shampoo free and loving it. The Baking soda shampoo works great and as for condition I do a honey vinegar blend and then once it towel dries or even completely dries I spray a lavender aromatherapy mist on it. This seems to combat the mild vinegar smell. Again thank you so much-

    first time to site and love it!

  41. It sounds like the transition time is too long.

  42. This has some really useful info! I started last week, and I just have one question. I only wash my hair with baking soda 1-2 times a week, but on the days that you dont wash your hair with baking soda and/or vinegar, do you still rinse it with water in the shower, or do you not wet your hair at all and just put on a shower cap? Otherwise, I’m all good. Thanks!

  43. So I started my POO free lifestyle last night and so far (yes I know it’s only ONE day) I love it! I hardly had a tangle, no I don’t smell like vinegar, and my hair feels great! I’m a girl from tthe 80′s and using hair products is like breathing – so far all Iused was a little hairspray on top because I can’t get away from having a little volume. Here’s my post on my blog about it.

  44. avatar
    Sarah Gonsalves says:


    So I’ve been ‘poo free for about a month and a half, and I’m really proud of myself, but I find that the apple cider vinegar isn’t conditioning enough for my hair. I have EXTREMELY thick, course and curly hair, and it’s been breaking and shedding a lot more than usual without the super conditioners I used to use. Do you recommend any additional natural conditioners? I would very much like to stick to the ‘poo free regime, but I don’t like the new texture of my hair.

  45. Hi. I am very interested in trying this out once I finish the bottle of shampoo I have right now. Although I did have a question. Since you are being so frugal and eco-friendly with your hair care products, what do you use to wash your body? (if you don’t mind me asking)

  46. I’ve only been poo free for about 4 days and my hair only rebelled the first day and now its just as clean as ever with the baking soda and the itchy scalp i always have is almost gone =D

  47. Thats all fine and dandy, but can do you do thats “all natural” for chronic dandruff? Unless I use a certain prescription brand of shampoo with steroids in it, my scalp burns so bad I cant think, and my shoulders literally turn into a winter wonderland.

  48. I scanned through the comments and didn’t see if this was asked before or not. Is there a difference between brands of baking soda or vinegar? I’ve always assumed that vinegar was vinegar and bought whatever was the best value at the time, but if I’m going to be putting it on my head then I may as well know if there’s really a difference or not.
    Jennifer Lavender´s latest post: To College or Not to College via The Expanding Life

  49. can i use Baking Powder instead of baking soda?

  50. This sounds wonderful! Id really like to give it a go, but i was curious if the baking soda or the apple cider vinegar would take out dyed color thats in ur hair. I have a large purple streak and shampoo just makes it bleed like no other (even with alkaline free products) and i was wondering if that would make the color come out less.

  51. what happens when you get to the point where you dont need to use BS and vinegar for the smell??

  52. You mentioned that this amount (1 Tbs. baking soda in 8 oz. of water I assume) will last you and your husband combined a week or week and a half. How many times do you use this mix each week? Every day? Every other day? And I guess you only use a little at one time since it lasts you at least a week?


  53. I started this and it lasted 2 weeks – I was VERY excited! Anything that helps less chemicals ANYWHERE is something I love. But…it only lasted 2 weeks. My hair got horribly dry and brittle and tangled…I have very very fine hair. I did a few home made conditioners…beer rinse, banana avocado mask….nothing helped. I had to go back to poo. :(

  54. I am going to try this tip for sure. I use Deva products that meet all omit all the ‘hard to say’ chemicals. No lather! And smells amazing!

  55. So I love this whole idea of going shampoo free! I’ve been following your methods now for about 3 weeks. The vinegar does great for my hair, which is amazing since I have long thick locks. My only concern and upset with this is that i’ve had a crazy buildup of dandruff. It makes my head itch like crazy and my clothes look like i’ve walked out of santas wonderland. I was wondering if that has happened to you or anyone else whose used this method. I really want to keep sticking to it, but it’s just so uncomfortable.

  56. Hi, there!
    My question is… Smell? Can you add anything to add a scent to your hair… Baking soda and vinegar wouldn’t make it smell to appetizing, I imagine. Could you tell us what effect this procedure has on the smell of your hair?

  57. avatar
    Brenda Baird says:

    How about those like me who colour their hair or rather get their hair coloured –but even minus that my hair is coarse, really thick and frizzy (a mix of curly/wavy and straight). I have to have conditioner…is their something I can use to condition my hair too?

  58. I’ve been poo free for about a month now. Last weekend I was around a campfire a lot. When I came home and washed my hair with my baking soda mix + vinegar rinse I still had that smoky campfire smell in my wet hair. It’s not so pronounced after it dried, but do you have any idea how to get rid of that kind of odor? Thanks!

  59. I’m trying it now, thanks to you! All of the other blogs I’ve visited, it seemed like the girls had either thick wavy hair or curly hair. Mine is thick and wavy but tends to get pretty dirty easily. But yours looks fantastic! I love the baking soda idea, thanks so much!

  60. I have to say, what I read on this website was more helpful than a lot of hair care books I have! I’ve been experimenting washing my hair with natural ingredients like lemon, lime, apple cider vinegar, rosemary water and sometimes a combination of lemon and rosemary but baking soda is by far the best thing to use!
    I tried it out today and my hair feels great and squeaky clean! I love it so much that I’m gonna go out and get baking soda in bulk!!!!
    Great article and thank you for ending my long search with this amazing information :)
    Living simple is the greatest!

  61. This sounds amazing! I’ll give it a try. Right now I’m using Aveda’s products and I’m so mad at myself that I haven’t switched yet to something more natural (even though they claim to be “natural” which is very deceiving) but I will definitely do this as of today. Thank you for this interesting post.
    Tamara´s latest post: Win 1000 Super Stash Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

  62. Use BICARBONATE of SODA!!!
    I tried this back in March 2010 and whilst it worked OK, it wasn’t great. I never gave up since I was at least happy that I was not putting anything on my hair that I wouldn’t eat. Then a couple of weeks ago I ran out of Baking Soda, so I just used BICARBONATE of SODA instead. Instantly, I could tell that this was significantly better…. so much so that I really think that you need to change Baking soda to BICARBONATE of SODA!!
    (This may be a US / UK thing, as I noted that someone else has mentioned not to use ‘Baking Powder’ which may be called Baking Soda in the UK. See also )
    I also now use half the concentrations that you suggest and feel that this is even better.

  63. At first when I tried this method, I didn’t like it at all. It was as Lynn said above, my hair just kept on being super-oily. I can’t stand that feeling for a day let alone 2 months, and it’s just not fun to walk around looking and feeling totally unwashed. (I was using 1 T of baking soda in 1 c of water; same with vinegar in water.)

    Then I read another blog by a woman apparently more willing to experiment than I. She uses 1:1 ratio of baking soda to water which turned out to work really well for her.

    So, I was inspired to try again. I’ve had success! I’m using 1:2 baking soda to water and straight apple cider vinegar for the conditioner. My hair looks as good as with commercial shampoos. It also behaves the same as with commercial shampoos: I can go maybe 2 days before the oil overwhelms and must be washed! But it blow drys well, holds curl the same (which isn’t much!). I even had to ask myself: why am I going to make shampoo when my hair comes out the same as with normal shampoo? Well, that’s the clincher: no dandruff. My scalp was soooooo happy. It took just a few days, and then I wasn’t itchy or flaky or anything. It was awesome!

    My bottle is small–3 oz–and I haven’t refilled in a 3-4 days, and my scalp can tell, big time. Baking soda shampoo cleared up what even dandruff shampoos barely contained.

    So, if you’re thinking about this method or if you’ve tried it, experiment a little with the ratios and see if that helps you at all.

  64. An old method for washing hair is using egg yolks. After don’t forget to rinse with lemon juice and water!

  65. avatar
    Ben Anderson says:

    A couple of months ago I replaced shampoo with baking soda. I did it everyday at first it made my hair very nice. I tried the apple cider vinegar thing and did not like it at all it really didn’t help my hair. Lately I moved and now I have much harder water and the baking soda got harder and harder to use so I just stopped using it. It’s been more than a week now since I used baking soda and my hair is pretty much the same. It’s nice.

  66. I have been poo-free for about 4-5 months now and I will NEVER go back to store-bought shampoo again. I inherited VERY thick, heavy, wavy hair from my dad. Before going poo-free I HATED my hair – the way it felt, the lack of manageability, you name it. Now my hair is manageable, even though it is still thick and heavy. It feels lighter and holds shaper better … all without styling products! My problem with dandruff/dry scalp has vanished completely thanks to the vinegar rinse before washing with the baking soda. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this method!! This blog post I wrote recently shares more of my experience and gives links to other posts on being poo-free I have made in the past –
    April Emery´s latest post: What To Do With All Those Shopping Bags

  67. I have also found that using the distilled white vinegar mixed with water (1-1 ratio) and applied to a dry scalp before washing with baking soda is wonderful for dry scalp/dandruff. I used to constantly battle with it and no longer have any issues with it!
    April Emery´s latest post: What To Do With All Those Shopping Bags

  68. Thank you for this. I just stopped washing my hair with Shampoo 2 days ago and I came across your blog tonight. I was wondering how I could clean it without using shampoo. You really made this simple and easy to understand thanks so much for trying the experiment! YAY can’t wait to try the BS and Vin.
    Suzy´s latest post: CORRECTIONS trailer for 58 minute documentary

  69. Does it actually work? I literally stumbled upon this website from and it sounds great but I dont know if it will work for wavy hair

  70. I have been no poo for 5 months now. My scalp and hair have never been healthier. I have SLE Lupus so that is really saying something, I use to combat all type of sores and ulcers on my scalp, no longer. I too use the apple cider vinegar + water rinse. The great thing is there is no smell once I rinse and get out of the shower. My husband was really surprised by this, but I did add one cinammon stick to my mixture just for a change up, Can’t smell the cin either after first day. I love this recipe and now I use corn starch and baking soda as deo/antiperspirant too. I am a convert. This all works so much better for me, I don’t sweat nearly as much, keeps me fresher, dryer, and it is so much cheaper!! I urge all of your followers to try the nonpoo recipe. I have only heard raves. ANd urge to do a google search of uses for baking soda, hydrogen perxiode , vinegar too. Save lots of money, and be healthier also. Oh I saw as I scrolled quickly thru comments someone was inquiring about color hair. The lady I got nonpoo recipe from says she colored her hair faithfully and nonpoo was better for her color, although she uses hemp dyes or all natural dye, don’t know if that would make a difference, but I am thinking that the natural from the earth product has to be better than anything one can purchase with perservatives in it. Give it a try, You have nothing to lose really. If it works for you, you have lots of money saved that you can apply elsewhere in your budget!
    Thank you for sharing Simple mom. and thanks for letting me comment. Blessings to you and your family

  71. avatar
    Emily Claire says:

    This is so great! I stumbled it and I’m so glad I did. I have curly hair and I already use DevaCurl no-poo products, but they’re sooo expensive! I’m going to try this and if it works I’m going to stop buying those expensive products!! thanks!!

  72. As a loyal Simplemom reader I just stumbled on this article and it’s something I have been thinking about for quiet some time but I never dared to take the plunge. Since we were children we have been brought up with the idea that shampoo is part of daily hygiene and I find that kinda hard to let go.. Plus I doubt that baking soda and vinegar can replace the smell of my favorite shampoos.
    Alison @ Femita´s latest post: Take Care Of Your Hair On The Go With These 8 Do’s and Don’ts

  73. ive been poo free for 3 years now. what made me stop was dandruff and sores or scabs on my scalp. after moving to a dryer climate this was a big problem. i went to a store and got some selsun blue. it stopped my problem but another one came up. i was losing my hair! hand fulls of it at a time. it looked like i had male pattern baldness in just a few months . a 22 year old girl should not have this…lol. also my eyelashes seem to have disappeared. anyway i tried many many many shampoos to fix both problems but nothing. finally i came across an article like this one and started right away. after a couple of months all was good no hair falling out no dandruff/scabs. what i did notice was split ends. so many spit ends, my split ends had split ends. it was really bad i had 13 inches cut off :( but not wanting to give up on my backing soda i cut out the vinegar and bought an organic hydrating conditioner. i just apply to my ends or in the winter allover. now 2 1/2 years later no problems at all. my hair feels smooth and full. also i do blow dry, curl and flatiron my hair so maybe thats why i didn’t have luck with vinegar.

  74. I have been shampoo free now for about two weeks. I have been doing the baking soda and vinegar routine, and although my hair is pretty oily right now, I like not using shampoo and keeping it all natural. I am anxious to see when my hair will stop producing so much oil how my hair will feel. I have naturally thick hair and would like to know if I should be using more baking soda and how much of the baking soda/water mixture should I use. Thanks! :)

  75. hi simplemom i have started using your idea with baking soda and vinegar, i wanted to know is it safe to use this every night and every morning, i bath after workout and i do my hair as well . i have thin hair and you can see my scalp when sunlight hit it direct . my parents told me that vinegar is a lot stronger then regular shampoo, and it will eat my hair faster then shampoo… what do you think?? i have oily hair..

    this is the step i do

    1tb baking soda + 8 oz water
    1tb white vinegar + 8 oz water

    *** i apply both directly to my scalp.. not just my hair everywhere on my head.

    wash hair – water only
    after wash i will use vinegar just to rinse it then water to clear all out

    wash hair with baking soda
    after baking soda i will direct apply vinegar and rinse it out and then water to clear everything out..

    i’m doing this everyday and hoping you get back at me so i know if it is safe to do this or not. i’m in my mid 20s , i already have very thin hair. i don’t want any more hair to drop…

  76. I just stopped usuing shampoo and so far I love it. My scalp seems to be a little on the greasy side now. Will definatly betrying out the baking soda. Thanx so much for the tips.

  77. why do you need the soda and vinegar at all? I haven’t washed my hair in anything
    except water in over a year. It doesn’t smell, it is in better condition than ever, looks better as well. I usually wear it loose with a natural curl I never knew I had but occasionally iron it and it still looks great. All these products, both chemical and natural are a bit of con.

  78. I am excitd to try this. My 2 year old has a “cradle cap” spot on her scalp that I just can’t get rid of… I wonder if this would help?

  79. I had gone 3 months using baking soda & ACV instead of shampoo. I was amazed the first time I tried it how clean & soft my hair felt afterwards. Then, our family had to move and we had about 6 weeks of living with family and traveling before we finally settled into our new place. During that time I used small samples of shampoo that were given to me because I had ran out of ACV right before the move and the small shampoos were just simpler for me at the time. I was very surprised how by the end of the transition time I was craving my no-poo again. I think I’m a no-poo-er for life!

  80. This sounds amazing! My friend has been doing this for a while now and she loves it. So I’m deffinately going to try it. I was wondering though, do you happen to know the effects it has on color treated hair?

  81. avatar
    Connie Crispin says:

    The baking Soda sounds great but I have white hair and the apple cider may discolor my hair? I can not use any shampoos which have yellow dye in them. The tints turn my hair? Any suggestion?

  82. I’m interested in joining the no-shampoo movement and have a question on how often most people rinse their hair. I have cut back to washing my hair twice a week (with regular shampoo and conditioner) but still experience an oily look unless I rinse and massage my scalp – with water only – in between washings to break up and distribute the oil away from the scalp. I’m curious as to how common this is for those using the no-shampoo approach? Do others need to rinse like this? How often do you wash with the baking-soda mixture?

  83. What about permed hair? Could you use the baking soda/vinegar as well?

    And could you add a little lavendar oil or other essential oil so your hair still smells nice?

  84. I started about a year ago trying to cut back on the chemicals in our home. I make my own laundry detergent, use baking soda and vinegar to clean the toilets, am making my own dish soap. I think this prepared me for the idea of going shampoo free when I read about it. It makes complete sense and I am excited to get started and rid our house of one more unnecessary product! Thank you for your research and clear instructions on amounts…by far the best explanation I have read:)
    Chrystal´s latest post: Chicken- Chicken- Chickendid I mention Chicken

  85. I came across this on another site and decided to try it, I had nothing to lose. I am having some health problems and my hair has been falling out for almost a year now. It’s like straw, and growing in thin and kinky/curly. I’m so sick of dry, awful looking hair, I condition like crazy. Well, I gave this a try, followed the recipe exactly, and was amazed at my results. First thing I noticed was that I was able to immediately brush through my hair with no tangles at all. That’s been an impossibility for almost a year now. As my hair dried, it was clean, but so soft. My curls are behaving so much better. Granted it’s only been a couple times, but the change in my hair is shocking- I actually have normal looking hair for the first time in the last year or so!

    • One more thing to add: My hair was so dry, that just curling it “glued” the strands together. I’d try and brush through that with my fingers and the hair just fell apart. It’s truly been a mess, and so I’m hoping this effect will be long lasting

  86. I use a recipe I found on Jordan Rubin’s website.
    1 cup Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap
    1 cup water
    1 teaspoon grapeseed oil
    1/4 teaspoon tea tree oil
    I store it in an empty Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap bottle. The mixture is not thick so I pour some into a small plastic cup about 1 oz size and pour over my hair. That way I don’t waste any. It makes a rich lather. My hair is nice and soft, plus no more split ends. I haven’t given up conditioner, though. I use a very small dab of a natural brand to detangle. I don’t like the ACV as a rinse. Coconut oil is great for an occasional moisturing treatment.

  87. I must admit, I tried this and didn’t like it…BUT I only gave it a couple of days. reading this post (especially the part about your scalp producing excess oil right after you start) is eye-opening. I guess I’ll give it another go (maybe I’ll wait until AFTER the holidays!!!
    Billy´s latest post: turkey whole

  88. I’ve been washing my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar for about a month. It started out fine but then my hair got oily so I cut out the apple cider vinegar all together. Now I’m just down to the baking soda. My hair is still oily but my scalp has been producing dandruff. I don’t know which way to adjust the mixture. Anyone have any ideas? I really don’t want to have to resort to going back to shampoo and conditioner but I’m thinking I might have to. :p
    melimoo´s latest post: Honey Peanut Butter

  89. I’m a student on my last semester of college and I’m always looking for ways to lower my grocery bill and natural and affordable alternatives to things that didn’t quite make sense for the waste anyway. I was absolutely tickled to find that there was an alternative to shampoo and conditioner. My hair was damaged and dried out and my scalp was all sorts of unhealthy (not to mention the number of bottles that I would recycle when they were empty.)

    I’ve been using the poo free method for about a month now and love it. My hair is stronger and it’s not tangly when I get out of the shower, it holds it’s shape, and my hair just feels healthier and not like I rubbed it down with chemicals. But I have a problem. My hair was getting greasy so I used less and less ACV until I cut it out altogether. My hair was still greasy so I increased the amount of baking soda I used. Now, not only is my hair still on the greasy side, my scalp is producing a good amount of dandruff.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of how to adjust things so that I don’t have to worry about dandruff and greasy hair? I really don’t want to go back to using regular shampoo and conditioner but if this goes on, I’m thinking I’m going to have to. Or at least alternate between shampoo and the poo free method.
    melimoo´s latest post: Honey Peanut Butter

  90. avatar
    Connie Chee says:


    I just ‘stumbledupon’ ( this article and this is the second time I’ve approached this topic in two different places. I have been wondering about it, I see that’s it’s been about a year now for you shampoo-less. I have super oily hair all on it’s own, I’m Asian. What are your thoughts on me trying out a shampoo free lifestyle?


  91. Hello, I was just wondering.. would you recommend this for African-American hair?

  92. Sounds great. The shampoo and cleaning product markets are a racket. Baking soda and vinegar can clean most any item. And now I know I can use it on my hair.
    Thanks. =)

  93. Have heard this some months ago, but never try. After read all the experience, I will try to clean my hair without shampoo. But confuse, try the baking soda or vinegar first ??

  94. The beer thing in your hair is true, it works wonders. I tried it this summer after learning that my grandmother used to buy my mom a pack of beer every week to clean her hair with when she was younger. It makes your hair very soft, and shiny, and the smell goes away after you rinse with water.

  95. So how often to you wash with this mixture? My hair is fairly oily, and I have to wash a MINIMUM of every other day, but everyday is what I seem to need. If I switch, how often should I wash? Everyday during the transition period, and then less often?

  96. I’ve been researching this poo-free thing and trying it at the same time. I have had great results so far. My hair was always straight and thin. As I have grown older and after 3 kids my hair has become fuller and frizzy. I have tried everything to calm it down to somewhere in between flat and full. I really want to get rid of the frizzy. The baking soda/cider vinegar thing does help a good deal with the frizzy but mostly my hair is more manageable. When I curl my hair it holds the curl longer. I don’t have to use as much heat to get the curl I want. My hair is definitely softer. Air drying was always a disaster for me in the past, but now if I air dry my hair the results are a nice wavy natural look instead of a scary, frizz ball on my head. Very glad to have learned about this way of washing my hair.

  97. I just tried your olive oil face moisturizing trick and my face feels great. The skin is so soft after only doing it once. I will never waste my money on expensive moisturizers again!! Thank you

  98. avatar
    Momma Massey says:

    Tsh- Thank you Thank you Thank you! I have gained so many helpful wonderful tips by reading your blog but this one rules them all! I have converted and am never going back! I must confess when I first read it I was a skeptic. But after trying it I LOVE IT! Thank you again!

  99. I have started going to a new stylist, and just found out I have been washing my hair “too much” and I am really damaging it. After I use up this new Shampoo and Conditioner I will try this no ‘poo approach. Thank you for sharing! Oh and she suggested I wash every three days. I have medium hair, with a touch of wave, and average shine, never dyed. If you need to freshen your hair from odor/sweat she suggested spritzing it with lavender oil diluted in water…and it’s great!

  100. thanku for the great idea, my moms told me how wonderful it is to use both items. i”ll use them soon : )


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