A Simple Homeschool Planner affiliate program

Earn a 25% commission on sales by promoting A Simple Homeschool Planner! This PDF collection is priced low for high volume, so if you can endorse the planner well, you could see a nice ROI.

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Here’s how it works:

  1. Head here to join the affiliate program through e-Junkie. You’ll be prompted to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one with them.
  2. To get your link to promote A Simple Homeschool Planner, click on “Get Affiliate Code.” Then scroll through your affiliate programs, and highlight Simple Mom. Click the “Get Affiliate Code” button. Copy and paste the affiliate link provided wherever you plan to promote the e-book. Various sized ads are provided below.
  3. If you’re new to e-junkie or are struggling with their system, ProBlogger has outlined the process for getting affiliate links from e-Junkie. It’s admittedly confusing the first time.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing:

Please read ProBlogger’s 10 Tips for Using Affiliate Programs on your Blog and 6 More Tips for Affiliate Marketing on Blogs. They’re helpful for beginners.

Please keep your promotions personal, relevant, non spammy and non hyped. While I genuinely believe this planner will help people prepare their homeschool well, nobody wins if you build up the planner to be more than what it is.

For best results, I highly recommend you get a copy of the planner. This isn’t a desperate sales pitch, just a piece of advice as someone who’s sold lots of e-books before. You’ll have more success promoting it if you’re genuine in your recommendation. This isn’t mandatory, of course, but it’s good practice.

A few ideas for promotion:

• Include your affiliate link on Twitter or Facebook.

• Use the link via email, and write people in your address book that you think might like the planner (but please don’t spam).

• Write a post on your blog about how the planner has helped you prepare for your upcoming homeschool year.

• Don’t forget to pin your post!

• Do a combination of all the above, spreading it out over several days.


Payments are made during the first week of each month for any e-books sold during the previous month. Payments are made automatically through Paypal, so you’ll need to link your e-Junkie account to your Paypal account when you sign up.


Upload the ad to your own site (it loads much faster that way), then wrap your affiliate link with the code for your uploaded ad. It should look something like this:

<a href="http://YOUR AFFILIATE CODE FROM E-JUNKIE" target="blank"><img src="http://YOUR SITE'S URL/LOCATION OF YOUR IMAGE/125x125g.jpg" title="A Simple Homeschool Planner from Simple Mom"></a>

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cover art (good to use in posts):

A Simple Homeschool Planner—simple printables to keep your homeschooling brain sane
3d book cover