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Let’s use twinkling lights all winter long

Editor’s note: I’m always a little sad when it’s time to put the twinkling lights from Christmas back into storage. But what if we didn’t have to? We first ran this post last November, but today I’m using it for inspiration and plan to keep some of the lights around to brighten up winter a bit longer. 

Fun and unique ideas for holiday lights

Doily lights

Ahhh, aren’t these amazing??! It looks like they just had regular ole lights and then stuck paper doilies right onto the lights. (make sure the lights don’t get too hot/aren’t touching the lights… I don’t know if Christmas lights are a fire hazard or anything, but you’ve been warned!)  We might have to make these for our shop… I love them and it would only take 2 minutes! (source here)

A tree of lights

Who needs an actual tree this year? Just tack lights on the wall in a shape of a tree. AWESOME! This is perfect for a tiny apartment or a kid’s bedroom. You could even draw other shapes and not just a tree. A giant heart, a unicorn, you know.(cannot find the actual source for this one but it’s all over Pinterest!)


Write out your favorite words or sayings in cursive with Christmas lights. Yum, love, peace, joy, and fun are some words that come to mind. This idea could be awesome year round! (no original source on this one either, tell us if you know!)

Globed lights

Take some grapevine globes and simply wrap lights around them! These will look super sweet at night time – inside or out! (source here)

Hanging light wreath

AHH how awesome is this??! This would be year-round at our house instead of a chandelier. The source has instructions – I’ve heard of a lot of simple versions by using a hula hoop! Also those “icicle lights” would be so sweet draped on this.(source here)

Well, go enjoy!

What other ideas do you like to do with your lights?

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  1. I made those doily lights last year for Valentine’s Day, and they are so beautiful! I love the idea of using them for a chandelier!

  2. Elizabeth Kane says:

    This is so pretty and seems so simple! No mess at all. Just what I need this year, since I won’t be putting up a tree. Thank you for the tips. 🙂

  3. I love the tree of lights!

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