Heart garland how-to

Hi friends. Over at the Burlap Bag, we’re all about reusing and recycling. We’re also all about fun and easy decorations!

Combine the two, and we’ve created a fun how-to for heart garlands. These are similar to paper chains, but they form hearts instead.

How to make heart garlands:

1. Get some fun paper strips, around 4-6 inches long. Our strips were from an old atlas. I LOVE the way the maps look! If the strips are smaller, that’s ok, your hearts will just be smaller.

2. Form a heart by hot glueing (or stapling) the two ends together.

3. We also glued the bottom to make it more heart-like. An optional step, but we liked the hearts better this way.

4. Repeat and make a bunch of these hearts.

5. Put some glue in the top crevice of a heart.

6. Stick the bottom of one heart into that glue.

7. Repeat and you’re forming a fun garland!

8. Make it as long as you want and then do something awesome with it! We actually made ours into a wreath by connecting the two end hearts. This could be a fun addition to a centerpiece, or you could string them in a doorway, or whatever you want! These would be a fun kid project.

There’s tons of paper options out there… and so many possibilities of where to hang these. What would you do?

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  1. This is so cool! I think I have to make it with the kids today! We have a bunch of old magazines that have needed to turn into something awesome.


  2. Amy Sarah – old magazines are perfect for this! 🙂

  3. I made a heart chain and used it as a countdown to our wedding. Each night before going to bed, I would break one off. It was great seeing it get smaller and smaller! I also did the same thing as a countdown to V-Day with the preschool-aged girls a nannied. They loved it too!

  4. I could see doing this with “art” that my preschoolers have made – paper covered in crazy marker or paint scribbles; a way to “upcycle”, if you will.

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