Beyond bobbing for apples: Cool new Halloween games for kids

I think the best party you can have for kiddos is a Halloween party! Costume + candy + friends = FUN!  That’s my favorite kind of math.

But how do you turn up the fun factor to 11 at your kiddo’s Halloween party? Add some Halloween-inspired party games!  Let’s leave the old bobbing for apples game for some new ones that don’t involve a crying, wet, wee one.  So, I rounded up some super fun games that you might want to try at your next Halloween party

1.) Pop Goes The Pumpkin

Of course, the doyenne of fabulous parties, Martha Stewart, has a few good tricks up her sleeves for children and this one, Pop Goes the Pumpkin,  is my favorite involving confetti filled balloons is sure to be a party-pleaser for older kiddos.

2.) Pin the Spider on the Web

I love this Halloween inspired version of the classic Pin the Tail on the donkey.  You could also make a web using white masking tape on a wall, which would be pretty darn awesome.

2.) Witch’s Stew Game

I love this witchy game since it involves things all pre-schoolers can do–sucking on a straw.

4.) Monster Mash Tag

This monster version of tag is great for a little outdoor game for your little monsters actually a lot more fun than a basic game of tag.

5.) Walk on the Witch’s Hat

You can play Monster Mash as the music of choice for this game as children walk over the witch’s hat.  No witch would like that!

Hee hee!  Man, Halloween party games are a lot more fun than when I was a kid.

What were your favorite games to play as a kid? What are the ones your kids enjoy playing?

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  1. I love the popping pumpkins game! Why do I never think of brilliant things like that?

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