Green & Gorgeous Q&A: Tell Us About Your Green Beauty Routines

Happy Friday, everyone! Today is October 1 (where does the time go?!?) and it’s also the first Friday of the month, which means it’s time for our next installment of “Green & Gorgeous”.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like my beauty routine needs a little pick-me-up. I like the routines I’m using for skin care, including the oil-cleansing method and jojoba oil as my moisturizer. But I’m looking for a little more – maybe it’s the changing of the seasons, or the years that are encroaching on my eyes and forehead, but I sense that it’s time for something new.

And I definitely need some new ideas for cosmetics. It’s time to replace my old mineral make-up and I’d like to find something really clean and natural, yet effective. I need to find a little glow – you know what I mean?

So this month, I want to hear from you. Tell us all about your green beauty routines, both skin care and cosmetics. What do you use? What do you like? What works for you and why?

How do you keep yourself green and gorgeous?


  1. Prerna

    I love getting a weekly head massage with organic coconut oil. Great stress reliever and excellent way to get shiny hair instantly. I also, use a mix of gramflour and yogurt and use it as a face scrub. Instant exfoliation. Since am usually in the kitchen, I tend to reach for ingredients that I see around me.

  2. Kara

    I mix honey and white sugar together to use as a face scrub. It’s best done if you’re going to shower immediately after because it’s a bit sticky and messy.

  3. Mamabear

    I posted my routine earlier in the year and linked back to yours, but it doesn’t go much beyond what you mentioned.

    I tried the Earth’s Beauty brand of cosmetics, and just haven’t found the time to post my results….in a nutshell – I like the colors that I chose but I found the packaging impossible to deal with in my home with little children. If I apply makeup it is generally holding one child on my hip and managing the curious 2 year old as he rips through the drawer. The little plastic containers were too messy for me to use, so I have had to put them away for now and have gone back to my Laura Mercier mineral foundation and eye color in a compact form. Hate it, but we do what we have to do for vanity’s sake. Also, the Earth’s Beauty foundation was not a good match for my skin – it looked (and smelled) like I had rubbed spices on my skin! I appreciate what they are trying to do, and I liked the lip gloss (again in a small plastic container that was hard for me to use).

    I’d love to see reviews of makeup with a good EWG rating!

    • Mamabear

      lol, my “vanity’s sake” comment was supposed to be a joke, punctuation is everything sometimes!!

  4. Nikki Moore

    My makeup comes from Honeybee Gardens…coconut oil as a morning facial moisturizer (just a tiny dot or two does the trick) and I wash my face in the evenings with olive oil/castor oil method. I don’t ever use scrubs.

    I’ve been searching for a good hair gel that isn’t full of icky chemicals, and that isn’t expensive! I’ve used a homemade gelatin that works really well, and I’m currently using a drop or two of coconut oil to tame my frizzy curly hair. I’ve also got a bottle of aloe vera gel that I plan to try, too.

    • JD

      I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about a nautral hair gel type product for a while now- any ideas would be appreciated!

      • Brooke

        Me, too! I’ve got some really curly hair, and I love it. I’ve gotten myself down to a conditioner-only (except for when I get some buildup or get super sweaty) routine in the shower. But I rely on a couple of very chemical-y products to get the curls to look the way I want.

  5. Jamie

    I love Juice Beauty’s tinted moisturizer with SPF. The SPF source is titanium dioxide, so it’s safer than the chemical sunscreen options. I have fair skin, so the lighter one works fine in the summer, but as the seasons change I use a combination of the light color and the one without any tint and it’s perfect. It’s pretty rich, so I don’t put any moisturizer underneath it. I feel like it has improved my skin in the six months I’ve been using it and the dark circles that were under my eyes don’t seem to be there anymore with or without makeup.

  6. Johanna

    If I have the time (and remember) to wash my face, I use a face bar from In fact, most of our body care is from them. DH uses a shave bar from (with a shave brush, DE razor and stainless blades-we’re working away from the plastic boxed blades, but in general the just paper wrapped are lower end and not as sharp). I wax with Moom and reusable cloth sheets (and that is rarely-doesn’t grow and I forget). I don’t wear makeup anymore, NOT EVEN A TINTED MOISTURIZER!! I am using up the last of my BWC 15spf daily moisturizer. Not sure I’d buy that again. And I struggle to find an affordable natural mascara for those rare times I need to brighten my eyes. 100% Pure is supposed to be good (maybe even TARTE), but the excessive packaging is what stops me from purchasing. I have some BE powder, TARTE cheek stains, OLD Origins underwear and mascara for lashes, but I really don’t have time for all that. Plus my pet peeve is foundation and flaked mascara on my camera, so I’m not gonna apply before work anyway. I use a shampoo bar sometimes (AVNS), but mostly baking soda with a cider vinegar rinse. I am finishing off my Tom’s “push up” deodorant tube so I can refill with a homemade coconut oil version. Man, I really sound like a smelly, haggard 30smth. I should do something about hat.

    • Tara

      I’m looking for a nature shampoo. I’ll try the baking soda vinegar as well as coconut deo. I like Honey Bee Gardens mascara. It a sugar mix and works for me.

  7. Mommy Goes Green

    I really like Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash and I use Physician’s Formula Organic Tinted Moisturizer when I need some light coverage. I also like the Anti-Aging Serum and moisturizer from John Masters Organics. Looking forward to hearing what others are using!

  8. jacquelyn

    Jamie also mentioned about about Juice Beauty tinted moisturizer with spf. I also really like that and I only use a little and that is all I need for light coverage. Except under my eyes I need a dab of concealer. I didn’t find it on Skin Deep Database, but other products from that company I saw and were low ratings.
    Coastal Classic Creations has some good stuff. I am waiting on another order right now for their mascara and rouge. SO excited to try them, no junk at all!!
    Would love to find an eyeliner that doesn’t irritate my eyes… so far I haven’t succeeded. I do not care for the powder stuff.

    love reading your blog!
    thanks you!

  9. Rebecca

    I recently wrote a post on this:

    I’ve switched to mostly homemade products using beeswax, coconut oil, and essential oils. For makeup, try Everyday Minerals (just search online for their store)-fabulous stuff, free samples, and quality, low-risk ingredients.

  10. ruby coupe

    I make up a cream using coconut oil, shea butter, lavender flowers and lavender essential oil, melt it all together and put it in a pot, I use it as an all over moisturiser for after baths and each day I rub a bit in my cheeks, it gives them a lovely healthy glow, its also good for taming eyebrows!!.
    I also use burt bees peppermint lip balm and badger lavender sleepy time massage oil on my spots, lavender is great for healing scars.
    I have just started using miessence mascara, the most pure one I could find which is great but a little clumpy sometimes, we also use their roll on deodarant, its chemcal free, has no alum in it and it is by far the best deodorant we have ever used, I haven’t had any under arm odour since using it, neither has my man evenwhen he is doing hard grafting.
    I would love to find some decent chemical free eyeshadow next, that’s long lasting x

  11. Nanci

    I use the Devita face care foaming facial cleanser, rose toner, and Devita-c. I don’t need a moisturizer but use Dr. Hauscka’s toned day cream for protection. I love my skin as a “mature” mother, grandmother and great grandmother…..

  12. priest's wife

    I’m trying to use more Dr Bronner’s- for everything! And making some natural cosmetics- a lot of the natural stuff out there is simply really huge corporations that aren’t using organic ingredients- they are just playing with marketing- Buyer beware!

  13. mamaTAVE

    Daily, I use Young Living’s Orange Blossom Facial Wash. It smells lovely and feels lovely, too. When my skin is feeling a bit greasy, I put a few drops of frankincense essential oil into my palms, rub them together, and them gently rub them over my face.

  14. Andi

    I use washing grains for my face and love them! The woman who makes them believes that anything that you put on your skin should be pure enough to be put in your mouth. (Not that you would eat them, of course, but they wouldn’t hurt you if you did.) Her facial cream has also completely healed me of Rosacea. (Hubby even noticed the difference!) Her store can be found here: She also sells lip balm and tinted lip balm, both which I like, and that is about as much make-up as I ever wear.

    • Nicole

      oh, this looks good, thanks, Arielle!

  15. Rachel P.

    I use baby shampoo on my hair which may not seem all that green, but it doesn’t contain any sodium laureth or lauryl sulfate which I have reacted to in the past. As for my truly green product I use unrefined shea butter from Australian Scent for many things. It is my eye cream, my cuticle cream, my nighttime lip balm, my eyebrow tamer and my intensive moisturizer for those unexpected callouses after working in the garden.

  16. Tara

    My favorite lotion is a recipe from Rosemary Gladstar. You can find it in her wonderful book. “Rosemary Gladstar’s Family Herbal” as well as her website. It is called Rosemary’s Perfect Cream. It has beeswax, aloe, coconut oil, an more. Takes less than 10 min to make. I have been making it for a couple of years. It is tricky at first (for me) but now I can make it perfect. Also, I have been ordering from Frontier Co-op online for many years. It saves so much money on bulk herbs and supplies. The also carry other vendors like Honey Bee Gardens, Seventh Generation, and tons more. It saves about 45% off retail.
    Another thing. A friend had bought some “program” that sold lemon and olive oil facial secrets. Her skin was amazing. Not wanting to buy into the product I tried it myself and can’t get the skin glowing like hers did. Does anyone know of the skin care using lemon and olive oil?

  17. Tori

    My routine is fairly simple, but I’m looking to change too. In the AM I just rinse with water and use Kiss My Face spf 30 sunscreen. I’ve been using Herbal Magic roll on deodorant in Herbal Scent and LOVE it. It isn’t quite as strong of an antiperspirant as my drug store brand, but it works just great now that its cooling off. I use Dermablend concealer (not natural, I know but the coverage is great) and Rosebud salve, if needed.

    At night I use Cetaphil, Thayer’s Rose Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner, and tea tree oil dabbed on any trouble spots.

    My complexion has improved so much since using this simpler routine as opposed to before when I was using 3+ products morning and night, not to mention how much more affordable.

    I do have question though!! I was reading about the Oil Cleansing Method and am very interested in trying it out for night cleansing, but in the link posted it said something along the lines of not using this “deep cleaning method” too frequently… Sooo what do you do in between? How often do you use it? Any help would be so appreciated! Thank you!!!

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