Weekend giveaway: Lisa Leonard Designs

This giveaway is now closed.

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I first met Lisa—gosh, years ago, I don’t really know. It was at a conference, and we ended up perched in a corner at a party, chatting for a really long time about husbands, work, ministry, kids, and everything in between. I knew after that weekend that I had found a like-minded friend, and I look forward to seeing her any chance I get.

I also ADORE her work. Lisa is one of the most talented mamas I know, and guess what? This weekend, she wants to bless two Simple Mom readers with a $75 gift certificate for anything in her store!

Seriously, I love just browsing her shop for fun. You could pick this:

Or this:

Or any of these:

Or, or, or… I don’t envy the two of you that have to choose. But I’m happy to make your day!

How to win:

1. Head to Lisa’s store and tell me in a comment below what YOU love from her collection. (If you’re reading this via email, you must click over to the site to leave a comment.)

2. For an additional entry, “like” both Lisa Leonard Designs and Simple Mom on Facebook, then come back here and leave a separate comment, telling me you’ve done so. (It’s all good if you already “liked” one or both of us.)

This giveaway ends tonight, March 17 at 11:59 p.m. PST, so enter now!

Psst… Lisa’s also sharing the code SIMPLEMOM20 for 10% off your entire order. It expires March 19, so hurry!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. I love her Molded Heart Bracelet

  2. I love the My Sunshine Necklace! Beautiful designs…

  3. Kacey Batterton says:

    I love the sterling family tree necklace. I have a thing for trees. 🙂
    kaceybat {at} gmail {dot} com

  4. Kacey Batterton says:

    “Liked” you both on FB! Thanks!

  5. I think the Jumble of Charms necklace is a great way to wear my children’s names.

  6. I love the buck and doe kissing necklace!!

  7. I like Simple Mom on Facebook.

  8. I love the custom magnets! so cute, I always need magnets!

  9. I like you both on the facebooks, too!

  10. I love the connected hearts necklace!

  11. I like you both on FB!

  12. I love the sterling ring!

  13. I liked you both on FB

  14. I love the dewdrops necklace! Although, everything in the shop is gorgeous!

  15. I love EVERYTHING! I think the vintage frames necklace is my favorite. I’d put the first letters of me, my husband, and our son on it and wear it every day so I’d feel a little pretty underneath the jeans and t-shirt covered in snot, dirt, and marker courtesy of the adorable toddler I have. I really like all the keychains too!

  16. I love the connected heart necklace!

  17. I liked Lisa on Facebook.

  18. I “liked” both the pages! Glad for the extra entry and happy to keep up with both of you on Facebook!

  19. hello autumn’s song necklace…love!

  20. LOVE the “mini open circle necklace”. It’s so clean.

  21. I’ve “liked” you both (can’t believe I didn’t before!)

  22. also, liked Simple Mom and Lisa Leonard Designs on fb…accidentally liked both from my hubbies acct first, so double thumbs up 🙂

  23. I ADORE the Autumn’s Song pieces. I’ve been looking everywhere for a pair of earrings like that.

  24. I love the Tiny Twig Necklace! So adorable!

  25. i have liked both on facebook!

  26. Marie Davis says:

    Ohhhh, I love the “you are my sunshine”, the autumn leaf set, and the delegate double heart set. Thanks for the chance!

  27. I really love the pennant banner frame! It’s beautiful. And even though I’m normally not a jewelry person, I quite like the daisy chain bracelet!

  28. I looooooooooove the Connected Necklace! Simple, elegant, perfect!

  29. And, I like both Simple Mom & Lisa Leonard on Facebook!

  30. I’ve really enjoyed her work – I like those custom magnets!

  31. Grow roots spread wings necklace hands down. And I liked both your pages…BOOM!

  32. I really like the captured heart and jumble of charms necklaces. But all of her designs are lovely.

  33. I love the dewdrops necklace (such a tough choice though, it’s all beautiful!)

  34. I would choose the custom magnets and/or the jumble of charms necklace

  35. i follow Lisa on FB

  36. Debi Henson says:

    I like the Daisy Chain Bracelet the best. I just wish ‘Charlotte’ would fit on a disc – that’s my youngest granddaughter’s name.

  37. I also follow Simple Mom on FB

  38. I’ve just “liked” you both on Facebook 🙂

  39. I really like the family tree necklace!

  40. Oh I so so love Lisa’s work… And the pewter makes so many lovely things affordable. Jumble of charms or tiny hearts… So much to love about them all. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  41. I love the new pewter pieces – especially the faith/hope/love necklace and the petite family crest necklace. So many beautiful pieces to choose from!

  42. The sweet heart tree necklace and the deers kissing necklace are adorable!!! Absolutely Love IT!!!!!

  43. Forgot to put down that I’ve also liked both of your pages on FB 🙂

  44. I’ve always liked the Illuminate necklace.. but I just saw the heartstrings wall hanging and I love that too!!

  45. I like Lisa Leonard and Simplemom on FB!! Thanks for an amazing giveaway!!!

  46. Heather Moll says:

    it would be sooo hard to pick but one of my favs is the itty bitty hearts necklace.

  47. Heather Moll says:

    i like both on FB. 🙂

  48. I love the daisy chain bracelet and the Whoo do you love? wall hanging. 🙂

  49. Impossible choice!! I love the family tree, my dear, hope is the thing… such beautiful jewelry. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Ashley Pasteka says:

    I really like the autumn’s song neclace

  51. Ashley Pasteka says:

    I like both of you on facebook

  52. I love the Dewdrops necklace, the Molded heart necklace, the Tiny Twig necklace, etc. 🙂

  53. I liked both on FB.

  54. What a difficult choice! I think I’d go for this one: http://www.lisaleonardonline.com/daisy-chain-bracelet-P191C33.aspx

    I’d be able to fit all of my children’s names on it! (I have six. 🙂 )

  55. “Liked” Lisa Leonard Designs! 🙂

  56. …and “liked” Simple Mom. 🙂

  57. Of course I love everything in Lisa’s shop!! But right now I think I’m really liking the “You’re the cream in my coffee” necklace – so cute!!

  58. I’m a “Liker” of both pages on FB! 🙂

  59. I love how personal each item is. A treasured possession.

  60. oh the family tree necklace! mmmm….

  61. So many pretty things, but the Autumn’s Song necklace kept jumping out at me!

  62. Maybe it’s a popular favorite, but I still love it: the sterling family tree necklace. Okay, and the jumble of charms necklace. And the sterling tiny squares necklace. So many!!

  63. I “liked” both of you on facebook. Why not?

  64. love the vintage frames necklace.

  65. I “liked” both of you on facebook.

  66. I am completely in love with the whoo do you love owl items! So cute!! I already like you on FB! 🙂

  67. I think I would get the oval magnet headboard.

  68. I would love the keyring stamped with “Our Daddy is a Superhero”, for my husband, currently in Afghanistan. He truly is our superhero 🙂

  69. rebecca.k says:

    I love all of her pieces, but I especially love the ‘jumble of charms’ necklace.

  70. I liked Lisa on FB!

  71. I have been eyeing the tree you pictured for a while now. Love so many things. 🙂

  72. I like the jumble of charms necklace, but anything from her site looks great!

  73. I liked on facebook.

    • sterling high in the sky necklace
    • itty bitty hearts necklace
    • lovebird wall hanging


  76. Just liked LLD on FB (already liked SM!).

  77. I’m a sucker for beautiful earrings, my favorites are Aqua Stone and Crystal Drop earrings

  78. Have liked Lisa on Facebook.

  79. Jennifer says:

    Liked both on facebook!

  80. Already liked Simple Mom 🙂

  81. Jennifer says:

    Love the open circle necklace, or the vintage frames necklace, so much beautiful stuff!

  82. I think the Thin Sterling Cuff is beautiful. I love it!

  83. I ‘Like’ you both on Facebook!

  84. I have loved Lisa’s work for a very long time. After my son was born in 2009, I bought myself “You’re the cream in my coffee” with charms naming my hubby and 2 kids. My new favourite is “Connected.”

  85. Pipsqueak says:

    It would probably be the “Be still necklace”, but it’s a hard choice.

  86. I love the tiny squares or itty bitty hearts necklaces!

  87. Pipsqueak says:

    I also like you both on FB!

  88. I like both Simple Mom and Lisa Leonard Designs on Facebook!

  89. Amberly Selle says:

    Its too hard to choose one. I loved Everything on her website! But if I had to choose I think I liked the jumble of charms necklace most. It’s my birthday in 10 days so even if I don’t win the giveaway I’m putting her website on my wish list for sure. Maybe my hubby will get me one of her beautiful necklaces. On her site there’s nothing he could pick that I wouldn’t Loooove.

  90. Amberly Selle says:

    I liked both of your Facebook pages and can I say that I loved the Organized Simplicity book and I keep forgetting to say so. Have a great day!

  91. Katie Ws. says:

    I think I like the Connected Hearts Necklace the most. Very hard to decide though!

  92. Katie Ws. says:

    I already “like” Simplemom on facebook.

  93. Katie Ws. says:

    And I now “like” Lisa Leonard Designs on facebook.

  94. I love the vintage frames necklace! I would include 2 initials, one for my husband and one for my daughter. 🙂

  95. I also “like” Lisa Leonard and Simple Mom on Facebook. 🙂

  96. I want the owl for my daughter’s room! SOOOOO cute!

  97. I love the pennant banner! And the whoo do you love wall hanging! And the family tree necklace! And and and… :). So fun! Thanks for introducing me!

  98. I liked both on facebook.

  99. I love love love the pendant banner!

  100. It´s hard to choose, but maybe “you are my sunshine”. They were all beautiful!