It’s a motherlode of prizes: seven gifts, ONE fortuitous winner

by Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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This giveaway is now closed. Check back soon for the winner!

Fall is in the air – can you feel it? Yeah, neither can I. But I’m elated that it’s around the corner, because hands-down, it’s my absolute favorite season. I love the smells, the sounds, the sights… I eagerly await the first drop in temperature, hopefully not too long from now. I can’t wait!

But one thing that’s definitely around the corner is my birthday. This, combined with the upcoming arrival of the fall season, has inspired me to have another giveaway here. You all are the best readers in the blogosphere, so I thought it would be fun to give one of YOU a birthday present on my behalf.

The cool thing about this giveaway… it’s actually seven presents that one of you will win. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of prizes, and I can’t wait to find out which one of you will be blessed with all of it.

I have a soft spot for small businesses, so I’m thrilled that each of these prizes come from shops run by an individual, a couple, or a family. This gift basket has prizes that represent each of the topics discussed here on Simple Mom – so the one winner will receive all of these things:

1. Green and Frugal Living

This is a set of six reusable produce bags. They are weightless nylon bags with a drawing closure that come in their own pouch for easy storage. Just clip the storage bag to your purse, and you’re good to go! AMK Designs makes and sells eco-friendly, affordable produce bags, helping us cut down the use of plastic bags, which hurts both the environment and the clutter-free ambience in our homes.

2. Making Your Home a Haven

Bliss Candles is adding to the gift basket a premium 10-ounce soy candle in your choice of Harvest, Pumpkin Souffle, or Cinnamon Buns. Fall scents are my absolute favorite, so these each sound heavenly. Best of all, Bliss Candles exclusively makes soybean candles – there’s not an inch of wax to be found. They burn cleaner and smell stronger than traditional candles, and they’re better for the environment.

3. Cooking

Marie-Madeline Studio is generously giving away one of their gorgeous hand-stitched aprons. The Frilly Fandango apron is so delightfully feminine without being cutesy – your mood would brighten just tying it on! This shop is run by four sisters, and I love browsing their goods – everything is made with such lovely fabric. Aprons are making a comeback, and I think that’s wonderful – they’re great uniforms for home managers.

4. Productivity & Organization

The next prize is a set of Organizing Bags from the Lazy Organizer. I’ve had my eyes on these bags for about a year now, and to me, they scream “clutter-free, organized, and productive!” I love them. They’re see-through, sturdy, and easy to use with a simple zipper. The bags come in all sizes, for a variety of organizing needs – puzzle pieces, art supplies, receipts, even picnic supplies.

5. Taking Care of Yourself

You know I’m a believer in the importance of a mama taking care of her own needs, and not just her family’s. For many women, that means getting time outside the house and having friendships with other moms. Busy Nest is giving away a set of customized calling cards, a brilliant productivity tool for moms. Similar to business cards, calling cards provide all your contact info for other moms at the park with hands full of kid stuff. The back side of these cards provide a place to scribble down the details of your next mommy meet-up.

6. Kids and Parenting

My daughter doesn’t know it yet, but she is getting this next giveaway prize for Christmas. Plum Pear Apple is adding to the gift basket a personalized superhero cape for your pint-sized wonderkid! I love the simplicity behind these well-made capes, and that they’re not embellished with TV characters or trendy themes. The capes come in all sorts of colors and patterns, and you can choose your child’s emblem and initial. These capes are a genius toy.

7. Money Management

Finally, the winner of this giveaway will receive a lifetime subscription to Pear Budget, my budeting tool of choice. You may remember Pear Budget from a giveaway a few months ago, and it went so well, I wanted to bless another reader with a chance to win this. You’ll get lifetime access to this beautifully simple budgeting tool, which is so helpful when you’re in charge of the family finances. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of zero-based budgets and an envelope system, and Pear Budget allows our family to do both as simply as possible. This prize is a gem.

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

This gift basket is valued at over $200 – at the very least, seeing as the Pear Budget subscription is for life! Please take time to visit all these generous shops, and peruse their handmade quality wares.

How to Win

To enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. In your comment, tell me – what is your most favorite thing about the fall season?

To enter a second time, subscribe to Simple Mom and email me the secret code at simplemomblog [at] gmail [dot] com (not the contact form above, like we’ve done in previous contests). All you have to do is mention the code in the email’s subject line – no need to write anything in the email’s body. You’ll see the code in the footer of any post, whether you subscribe via email or through an RSS reader. For more information about any of this, please read a recent post I wrote called Subscribing to Blogs 101.

Update: The code is there, and most of you are now sending it in. Please read the link above if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. The code will always be a normal word in English. Heck, here’s another hint – it’s below the phrase “print free coupons anytime.” Hope you find it!

To get a third entry, mention this giveaway on your blog, and make sure I get word of it!

This giveaway will close on Monday, August 25, midnight CST. I’ll choose the winner using a random number generator, and I’ll post the winner’s name the next day.

I hope you win!

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  1. What a fantastic giveaway. My favorite thing about fall? The quality of the sunshine. It’s bright but not overly hot. Beautiful and cool at the same time.

    Jana’s last blog post…The Simple Things

  2. Tough choice for me! I would have to say that cooler weather is always nice here in the South but I love going apple picking in the fall!!!!!

  3. My favorite thing about Fall is the cooler temperatures in the morning. Being able to sit out in the backyard drinking coffee in the cooler temperatures.

  4. Just discovered your site and have fallen in blog love.

    My favorite thing about fall: that first day, the first time you feel it with all of your senses and your body realizes “it’s FALL!!!!” It’s the coziest feeling of the whole year.

    Nikki’s last blog post…Blink

  5. Now this is a giveaway I really want to win!
    Soup – that is my favorite thing about fall. I love to cook and that smell of soup is fabulous. Thanks!

    Debbie’s last blog post…When I grow up I want to be Misty May and Kerri Walsh

  6. fun – looks like so many great products! My favorite thing…the temp cooling off and those wonderful, cool fall breezes, which then means opening the windows – oh I can’t wait!! And Clemson football would have to be a close 2nd! Thanks!

    jodi’s last blog post…Walk-Walk’s Cereal

  7. avatar
    catherine says:

    I love football tailgating and pumpkins in the fall…it is my favorite of the seasons! I hope I win ghe great gift basket…I’ll be on vacation next week though so I can’t check to see if I won until 9/1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  8. Fall is the most exciting time of the year for my kids. Watching them on hay bail playgrounds, spending hours in the pumpkin patch trying to find “The One” for each member of the family, making our own cider, leaf pile jumping, and sharing harvest surplus with neighbors and family is the best part of fall.

  9. apple picking and the apple desserts that follow are the best part of fall!

  10. For me, fall is the magic time when the humidity clears out of the air around here, and the air takes on this clearness, the sound of crows calling with some woodsmoke in the air, and the sound of a marching band at the football game!

  11. avatar
    Marie Clark says:

    My most favorite thing about Fall are the beautiful leaves!

  12. Being in the deep south, the change in temperature is always welcome. But, I love the leaves changing color. We live in the mountains, and it’s awe-inspiring every year!

    Great prize! I hope I win!!

    Gina’s last blog post…Nursery duty…AKA Hell

  13. Love the basket! It’s a fantastic gift!
    My favorite things about fall are coolor temperatures, playing outside in the leaves, and apple pie!

  14. Happy Birthday to You!

    I live in CT – so the best part of fall for me is the leaves changing color. Somehow, the air changes too – it just smells different – like only fall can!

    Thanks for your great posts!

  15. Hands down – the sound of leaves crunching!!!!!

    Abd when I lived up North – the smell of leaves burning!!

  16. There are SO many things I love about Fall that it’s hard to pick just one. I guess I would have to say that I love the feeling in the air. There’s a crispness that comes with Fall that you just don’t get with the other seasons. I’m looking forward to that!

    Deborah’s last blog post…Great Deal from Blockbuster

  17. I love apple picking and canning applesauce and cranberry sauce to have for the rest of the winter.

  18. Happy early Birthday!
    And might I add, this is a WONDERFUL giveaway! I will buy all of the stuff, if I don’t happen to win! [edit: I will buy this stuff, even if I do win!!]

    My favorite thing about fall is the colors and the weather. It’s just amazing! Defintately throughout Tennessee! The oranges and reds are just beautiful. The layers of clothing is EXTREMELY fun. And seeing kids in scarves and mittens are just the cutest thing. The holidays in the Fall are always fun to look forward to as well. It’s very nice and relaxing to sip tea in the fall.


    Bridgette’s last blog post…apple commercials…

  19. Wow – those are great prizes! I would love to win!

    My favorite part of fall… {it is my favorite season, too – don’t know if I can name one thing…} is being able to leave the windows open and feeling the cool breeze.

    {andrea}’s last blog post…playing

  20. wow, your give-a-ways sure get a response!

    my favorite thing about fall (my favorite season too) is being able to pull on a comfy sweater with my jeans on a Saturday morning. Pack up our bags for a soccer Saturday and just enjoy the day.

    Denise’s last blog post…gathering…little by little

  21. What a great basket of goodies!! My favorite thing about Fall in my home state of NH is cool, sun-filled mornings when I can still hang laundry on the line. This year will be extra special, as I am expecting my first child any day now! Thanks for all the great simple mom advice – it’s helped calm me down and get me excited about the impending changes in our lives.

  22. I love the changing colors of the leaves, cooler temperatures and visits to the pumpkin patch!

  23. Fall favorite: Leaves crunching beneath my feet while hiking in the North Carolina mountains!

  24. My favorite things about fall is the cooler weather, the color changes and back to school. But my all time FAVORITE is eating caramel apples, cider and donuts from cider mills! Yum!

  25. oh what a delight! this is so fantastic! My absolute favorite thing about Fall is Halloween! I can hardly wait for September to hit so that I can dig out all of my decorations. And who doesn’t love love love the smell of a candle burning in a jackolantern!? Takes me straight back to my childhood!
    Thanks for the chance to win! love your site!
    Jayne B.

  26. That first chilly air in the mornings…. where I take the kids to the bus stop, holding some coffee, and we realize, wow… we need a sweater!

  27. just one favorite thing? that’s hard…. I think it would be the cooler weather and then everything that brings with it (wearing cold-weather clothing, fall foods and smells, turning leaves, etc).

    Leigh’s last blog post…July sock

  28. This is a great prize package! Thanks for offering it – and happy birthday! :)

    My favorite thing about the fall is taking my children to the apple orchard with my parents and getting buckets full of fresh apples. Nothing beats it. Except maybe the pies that come afterwards :)

    Aimee’s last blog post…A Wealth of Quirkiness

  29. My favorite thing is definitely back to school shopping- I have a somewhat strange love for school supplies :) There’s something so great about a fresh notebook, am I right?

    Stephanie’s last blog post…One month old today…time is flying.

  30. What a giveaway! I live in the mountains of NC so the trees are my favorite thing about fall! We just moved to a new home and I positioned our bed so that we can see the mountains out of our window while we are lying in bed! Now, all I need is for those leaves to get some color!

    Stephanie’s last blog post…Be Our Guest!

  31. OH, what a giveaway!!!

    My favorite thing about fall, is that the mornings, and evenings get cool and give this SC family a little break from the major heat! More outside fun on the weekends with daddy too!

  32. Hmmm…I suppose the naturey aspect is good- all that crispiness out side…but honestly it’s the pumpkin spice lattes that I LOVE!

    Clarisa’s last blog post…First Steps

  33. I love the cool fall weather and all the time we get to spend outside. I also love watching the changing tree colors!

  34. This prize basket is SOO exciting! What a nice thing for you to do :) What do I like best about fall? Hmmm… I think it would have to be picking apples and then using a borrowed apple cider press to make homemade apple cider. Very yummy and a fun family activity.

  35. Wow! What a generous prize!

    My favorite thing about fall is putting up all of my fall decorations and smelling the crisp fall air and candles (pumpkin pie). Oh, there’s just too many things I love about fall!

    supermommy’s last blog post…Losing your heart

  36. This sounds wonderful! My favorite fall activity is carving pumpkins and jumping in the leaves. 😉

  37. bed on crisp clean sheets, lying next to my husband of thirty years, windows wide open with the the cool fall breeze billowing the curtains, and after some energetic and fun early morning aerobic activity, discussing plans for the major upcoming holiday… my birthday in mid-September! Woo-hoo!

  38. avatar
    Meredith Hasty says:

    My favorite thing about fall is everything. The time is coming for leaves to change, apple cider, pumpkin pie and bread and pumpkin everything. Fall is the best time of the year

  39. I love the feeling that cooler weather and beautiful fall colors bring!

  40. My favorite thing about fall is sweaters and hot apple cider!

  41. I love how everything and everyone begins to tuck themselves in. How there’s one final glorious show before the quiet blankness of winter. You know, when you can smell the leaves start to break down and the woodstoves going and everyone turns inward. I love it!

    darah7’s last blog post…new badge

  42. My favorite thing about fall is PUMPKINS! I just adore a pumpkin.

  43. I love Halloween and getting dressed up! And this is the first year I will be a Mom for Halloween so I get to dress my son up!

  44. My favorite thing about fall is the cool air and the beautiful fall leaves.

  45. I love the smell of burning leaves and that we can wear jeans and sweatshirts and be “comfortable”!

    jackie.’s last blog post…tooth.treasures

  46. I work in academics, so my favorite thing about fall is the start of a new school year! Everything begins brand new! Also, my wedding anniversary and son’s birthday are both in fall as well.

  47. I live in Atlanta and so my favorite thing about fall is the cooler temperatures! My son loves playing outside, and man it’s hot right now!

  48. I love the beautiful colors and the excitement of football season! We live in a town where college football defines fall. I’m not a big sports fan, so I wasn’t too impressed with the hubbub at first, but I’ve really come to enjoy it.

  49. I love picking apples and hay rides! And s’mores are the best!

  50. My favourite thing about fall is fresh cider! Nice fresh hot cider with a cinnamon stick in it!

  51. avatar
    Karen (mom) says:

    I love the color of burnt orange!

  52. This is wonderful! What I love best about fall is the cool weather, change of clothes, and sunflowers.

  53. avatar
    Billie Jo says:

    What a great giveaway! Fall always reminds me of going back to school… although it’s been quite a while for me and my litle guy isn’t quite there yet… I always loved the sense of new beginnings… new clothes, new school supplies, new classes, new friends…

  54. avatar
    frugalmommy says:

    My favorite things about the fall has to be college football (War Eagle, Go Auburn Tigers!), more playtime outside with the kid, and the colors. Come to think about it, what is there not to love about fall?

    War Eagle, Go Auburn Tigers!

  55. The feeling you get at that exact moment you realize you need a sweater on the first cool and breezy day… I love that!

  56. I love the changing leaves. I grew up in San Francisco, where we really don’t have typical weather seasons (think Mark Twain). But then I moved an hour north, and we have seasons! Well, still no snow, but I’m okay with that. The leaves change color, and the air gets nice and crisp, and I love it. I also like being able to wear sweaters again (I’m a knitter).

  57. I love the cooler weather and the colorful leaves.

  58. The best thing about fall for me…well, it’s beautiful, but the _best_ thing is the expectation of winter and holidays!

    Princess Leia’s last blog post…Good Gracious Sakes Alive…

  59. Fall is my favorite season too! I love this prize package. My favorite thing about Fall is all the baking and taking my 3 girls to the pumpkin patch. I love the joy on their faces as they try to decide which pumpkin to get.

  60. Fall makes me think of cooler weather (yay!), hikes through the woods, and fresh apple crisp!

  61. I love the cooler weather, the return to schedules and routine, burning candles in the evening,…Oh, was I supposed to mention only one? As you can see, I enjoy fall as well.

  62. My favorite thing about fall is the product that I get to bottle. I absolutely love to bottle fruit and it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment when I see all those beautiful jars lined up on my shelf. My family gets to reap the benefits for an entire year, and it brings a little bit of fall into our home every day of the year.

    Brandy’s last blog post…French Toast

  63. What an awesome giveaway!! And Happy (early) Birthday to you!

  64. I could say the leaves (they are beautiful), or back to school time (because the initial organization of everything is wonderful), or even the fact that you get to wear heavier clothes that hide the amount of ice cream you’ve eaten for breakfast, but no, I have to say it’s daylight savings time. Even though my kids don’t let me sleep in, it’s always the most productive day! An extra hour for play, cleaning or the aforementioned ice cream! Thanks!

  65. What an awesome giveaway!! And Happy (early) Birthday to you! My favorite thing about fall is starting to decorate my home for Halloween and Thanksgiving. . . Love it!

  66. My favorite thing about fall — is the coolness of the weather and playing outside in the leaves with the kids. I love the activities we do too like going to the pumpkin patch and picking apples. It’s time we really try to get outside and do lots before the midwest winter snows us in!

    Mindy’s last blog post…Doctor Report

  67. My fave thing about fall is when the air gets colder and we get to wear jackets and coats and scarves! :)

  68. What a great prize package you have put together – awesome awesome for whoever might win!! My favorite thing about fall is there seems to be more famiy time. As the days get shorter and cooler we just seem to make it inside before it’s time to go to bed which is a nice change!!

    Rachel’s last blog post…Wordless Wednesday – My Sis is Leaving

  69. avatar
    Jennielle9 says:

    My favorite thing about fall is the anticipation. Anticipation of a new school year, Thanksgiving with family and friends and the coming Advent/Christmas season.

    Plus, here in Houston, it’s such a welcome season after summer. We see some of our best days in the fall!

  70. My favorite thing about fall has to be the color of the changing leaves, the beautiful cool weather, and the back-2-school deals!

  71. Fall is my favorite season! Fall always means the start of crockpot season! I love using my crockpot in the fall to make yummy comfort foods perfect for crisp fall evenings! I also love sweaters so I can’t wait for the temps to drop so I can pull them out again! =)

  72. avatar
    Jennielle9 says:

    Forgot to say–Happy Birthday! And thanks for the giveaway; very cool!

  73. I, too love Fall! Since I have to pick just one thing as my favorite, it’s the cooler temps – there’s something relaxing about being able to wear jeans and long sleeve shirts!

    Katie Lloyd’s last blog post…Cheese!

  74. It’s so hard to pick one thing I love about Fall. There are so many things to love about it, but I guess my favorite would have to be the first few days when you can feel that crispness in the air. It’s like I can take a deep breath for the first time since the sizzling summer heat. I love to pull out my favorite long-sleeve T-shirts. I’m ready for Fall!

  75. Oooooooh, I’ve been really thinking about subscribing to Pear Budget… and those produce bags are exactly what I need…. Such a fabulous Friday giveaway!!!

    Jen’s last blog post…The best frosting

  76. Living in New England for a while gave me a full appreciation of fall. There are so many things- the smells, the produce, apple and pumpkin picking, finally wearing a sweater and so on. But, I’d say my favorite thing to do is hike on a crisp fall morning!

  77. The fall colors – on the trees outside and the decor inside my home.

  78. My favorite thing about fall is the chill in the air!

    Kelli’s last blog post…Olympic Thursday

  79. Wow! Talk about a motherload of gifts!

    I have 2 favorites of fall — pumpkins and soup! I love gracing the front of our home with an assembly of pumpkins and gourds. I like the way they look. Like a bountiful harvest has arrived at my door. And soup. It’s one of my absolute favorite things to eat and my family refuses to eat it until the temp hits 60 or lower.

    Nancy’s last blog post…Why I Had Babies

  80. avatar
    Laura Graham says:

    My most favorite thing about fall…my whole family has birthdays in November, so my son, husband & I enjoy celebrating together! IT’s a special month for us!

  81. avatar
    Teri Griffith says:

    My favorite things about fall is the new season and all that it brings. Kids start school with a new outlook, the weather is clean and crips and the holidays are close.

    We see all of our family for Thanksgiving and Christmas so we look forward to this season with excitement. My son is an only child so he gets to spend quality time with other family kids during this time, no one can replace the joy he gets from being with his cousins.

    I love this gift and would use it throughout the season,

    Have a great day and what a wonderful website!


  82. What a great give away! I love fall for many reasons, the top two being my birthday (which is right at the start of fall) and for the cool crisp weather.

    I live in Michigan near many apple orchards and cider mills. There is nothing better than going to the cider mill for fresh doughnuts and cider on a sunny fall day. I am also starting my sons on the tradition of going to the pumpkin patch to pick their own pumpkins.

    Happy Birthday to you!

  83. Happy Birthday! I love everything about fall. I love bringing out my jeans and sweaters. I love the smells and colors of the season. Apple picking. Apple cider. Apple pie.

  84. To me, Fall is a new beginning, whether you’re going to school or not, or have kids who are in school — everything feels crisp & like another chance to do something great. This will be the first September that I don’t return to university & it’s a very strange feeling to know that I will continue as I am now for a little while, until our baby is born in January. So many new things are happening this year & this time, September 5th will mark the 1/2 way point in my pregnancy & the day we find out the sex of the baby.
    Fall is all things cool, crisp, refreshing and uplifting! The colours are fabulous, it’s not too warm & not too cold & no matter what, I don’t think any of us can take for granted the beauty that takes over our cities when this season is in full swing.
    My only sadness is that it only seems to last a couple weeks as the most before winter takes over — however, Fall is still my favourite season, always has & always will be.

    Desiree Fawn’s last blog post…bare.

  85. My favorite season is fall! I love the cooler weather, the visits to the pumpkin patch, my birthday (although not sure about this years big 4-0!), my anniversary, my kids birthdays…. There is nothing I don’t love about fall!

    Just Jennifer’s last blog post…And Another LO + Card

  86. Oooooo. That is a great giveaway:)
    Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love the weather, the colors, the start of a new school year, pumpkins, apples, and halloween is so fun:)

    tricia’s last blog post…sweet music

  87. My favorite thing about fall is the crisp cool air. Oh, and my birthday.

  88. My favorite thing about the fall season is how easy it is to get amazing portraits. The sun isn’t so harsh and the changing leaves provide a nice background!

    Michelle’s last blog post…Sleep. Seriously.

  89. What do I love about fall? What do I not love about fall. I am getting so anxious already… fuzzy sweaters, mittens, warm food, family, snuggling, I am already thinking about what to serve for Thanksgiving and Christmas… Who else can I invite this year? I have so much decorating to do….. BUT I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS TIME OF YEAR….. who could not?

  90. Fall reminds me of new beginnings. The warm air and the sound of leaving crunching under my feet…It reminds of children going to Kindergarten the first time and the initial gut wrenching emotions us parents feel. It also reminds me of college students driving across country getting ready to start a life on their own.

    Stacey’s last blog post…And the winner is….

  91. Awesome give-away… my favorite thing about fall is getting to wear jeans and long sleve t-shirts!!

    Ellen’s last blog post…SAHM

  92. avatar
    Jana Ortega says:

    PUMPKIN! Pumpkin cake. Pumpkin pie. pumpkin muffins. pumpkin pancakes. pumpkin cookies. pumpkin bread. pumpKIN PumpKIN! Pumpkin candles. Pumpkin room spray.The color pumpkin. carving pumpkins! pumpkin seeds! PUMPkin PUMPkin! pumpkin shirt. pumpkin socks. I just love ALL THINGS pumpkin!

  93. What a great giveaway!! Fall is my favorite season, so I have lots of reasons why I love it! I love the colors of the leaves, apple cider, my birthday, and the crisp cool air!

    Miranda’s last blog post…just another day

  94. I really LOVE fall. I love the cool breezes and leaves going by. The beginning of a new year (school year) always seems to feel like a fresh start each time. My birthday is also in the fall – what better season is there? Spring is a close second!

    Thanks for offering all these wonderful things. I can only cross my fingers now! :)

  95. Oh, i love the feeling when its finally cool enough to put on a comfy sweatshirt!!!! great giveaway!

    a’s last blog post…Our dryer smells like fire….

  96. Fall….I love back to school, falling leaves, crisp air, snuggling under blankets at football games and Halloween!

    Erin’s last blog post…Inside the Mind of a Teenager

  97. My favorite thing about fall…is the fall activities I can do with my child. Pumpkin patches, Halloween, Thanksgiving. I want to start family traditions this year that will last a lifetime.

    Ali’s last blog post…Black Bean WHA?

  98. I am loving this giveaway! Such fab prizes. I am totally going to be checking each of these companies out!

    caitlin’s last blog post…Happy Birthday Chad!

  99. Wow! What an awesome prize package.

    My favorite thing about fall is picking out pumpkins with our kids. The looks on their faces when they find the perfect one is always priceless.

    Keri’s last blog post…Mini-van Roller coaster

  100. I love the crisp smell in the air, the beautiful changing leaves and the sound they make when you walk through them.

    I am already subscribed…doesn’t that count for something?! :)

    Betsy’s last blog post…Who Am I