It’s a motherlode of prizes: seven gifts, ONE fortuitous winner

by Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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This giveaway is now closed. Check back soon for the winner!

Fall is in the air – can you feel it? Yeah, neither can I. But I’m elated that it’s around the corner, because hands-down, it’s my absolute favorite season. I love the smells, the sounds, the sights… I eagerly await the first drop in temperature, hopefully not too long from now. I can’t wait!

But one thing that’s definitely around the corner is my birthday. This, combined with the upcoming arrival of the fall season, has inspired me to have another giveaway here. You all are the best readers in the blogosphere, so I thought it would be fun to give one of YOU a birthday present on my behalf.

The cool thing about this giveaway… it’s actually seven presents that one of you will win. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of prizes, and I can’t wait to find out which one of you will be blessed with all of it.

I have a soft spot for small businesses, so I’m thrilled that each of these prizes come from shops run by an individual, a couple, or a family. This gift basket has prizes that represent each of the topics discussed here on Simple Mom – so the one winner will receive all of these things:

1. Green and Frugal Living

This is a set of six reusable produce bags. They are weightless nylon bags with a drawing closure that come in their own pouch for easy storage. Just clip the storage bag to your purse, and you’re good to go! AMK Designs makes and sells eco-friendly, affordable produce bags, helping us cut down the use of plastic bags, which hurts both the environment and the clutter-free ambience in our homes.

2. Making Your Home a Haven

Bliss Candles is adding to the gift basket a premium 10-ounce soy candle in your choice of Harvest, Pumpkin Souffle, or Cinnamon Buns. Fall scents are my absolute favorite, so these each sound heavenly. Best of all, Bliss Candles exclusively makes soybean candles – there’s not an inch of wax to be found. They burn cleaner and smell stronger than traditional candles, and they’re better for the environment.

3. Cooking

Marie-Madeline Studio is generously giving away one of their gorgeous hand-stitched aprons. The Frilly Fandango apron is so delightfully feminine without being cutesy – your mood would brighten just tying it on! This shop is run by four sisters, and I love browsing their goods – everything is made with such lovely fabric. Aprons are making a comeback, and I think that’s wonderful – they’re great uniforms for home managers.

4. Productivity & Organization

The next prize is a set of Organizing Bags from the Lazy Organizer. I’ve had my eyes on these bags for about a year now, and to me, they scream “clutter-free, organized, and productive!” I love them. They’re see-through, sturdy, and easy to use with a simple zipper. The bags come in all sizes, for a variety of organizing needs – puzzle pieces, art supplies, receipts, even picnic supplies.

5. Taking Care of Yourself

You know I’m a believer in the importance of a mama taking care of her own needs, and not just her family’s. For many women, that means getting time outside the house and having friendships with other moms. Busy Nest is giving away a set of customized calling cards, a brilliant productivity tool for moms. Similar to business cards, calling cards provide all your contact info for other moms at the park with hands full of kid stuff. The back side of these cards provide a place to scribble down the details of your next mommy meet-up.

6. Kids and Parenting

My daughter doesn’t know it yet, but she is getting this next giveaway prize for Christmas. Plum Pear Apple is adding to the gift basket a personalized superhero cape for your pint-sized wonderkid! I love the simplicity behind these well-made capes, and that they’re not embellished with TV characters or trendy themes. The capes come in all sorts of colors and patterns, and you can choose your child’s emblem and initial. These capes are a genius toy.

7. Money Management

Finally, the winner of this giveaway will receive a lifetime subscription to Pear Budget, my budeting tool of choice. You may remember Pear Budget from a giveaway a few months ago, and it went so well, I wanted to bless another reader with a chance to win this. You’ll get lifetime access to this beautifully simple budgeting tool, which is so helpful when you’re in charge of the family finances. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of zero-based budgets and an envelope system, and Pear Budget allows our family to do both as simply as possible. This prize is a gem.

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

This gift basket is valued at over $200 – at the very least, seeing as the Pear Budget subscription is for life! Please take time to visit all these generous shops, and peruse their handmade quality wares.

How to Win

To enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. In your comment, tell me – what is your most favorite thing about the fall season?

To enter a second time, subscribe to Simple Mom and email me the secret code at simplemomblog [at] gmail [dot] com (not the contact form above, like we’ve done in previous contests). All you have to do is mention the code in the email’s subject line – no need to write anything in the email’s body. You’ll see the code in the footer of any post, whether you subscribe via email or through an RSS reader. For more information about any of this, please read a recent post I wrote called Subscribing to Blogs 101.

Update: The code is there, and most of you are now sending it in. Please read the link above if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. The code will always be a normal word in English. Heck, here’s another hint – it’s below the phrase “print free coupons anytime.” Hope you find it!

To get a third entry, mention this giveaway on your blog, and make sure I get word of it!

This giveaway will close on Monday, August 25, midnight CST. I’ll choose the winner using a random number generator, and I’ll post the winner’s name the next day.

I hope you win!

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  1. Oh, I want to win! For me, as somebody who grew up in Southern California, the changing leaf colors are my favorite things about fall.

    Kelly from Almost Frugal’s last blog post…Your Frugal House: Five Ways to Save Money in the Living Room

  2. WOW – what a wonderful prize package. My favorite things about fall – temperature change, burning leaves, and college football.

    AmyDe’s last blog post…From the Mouths of Babes

  3. The leaves changing colour, the wind picking up, the feeling of a secret on the breeze.

    Felicity’s last blog post…I Miss My Garden

  4. Hi,

    This is such a great give-away, thanks for taking the time to put it all together. My favorite thing about fall besides the cooler weather and color change, is crisp clean air, there is something about fall and the air it has such a great clean smell….maybe strange but so true, especially in the northeast.

  5. I love it. Can I have it all :) Please?

    Fall, to me is about the change in the trees and the cooling of the days. watching the leaves turn orange and red, beautiful.
    Cooler days to rain and longer nights for more knitting :)

    and happy birthday!

  6. avatar
    Jennifer P. says:

    Fall is in the air here in Indiana. We are already having cooler days in the 70’s. I just love it. Can’t wait for the Johnny Appleseed festival. Love the smell of carmal corn and carmal apples.

  7. avatar
    Stephanie says:

    Oh, I never win anything, but I’m excited non the less. I love the super hero cape. We’ve got a super hero who would love that! For me fall is the gateway to the holidays. The air is crisp, my nose is red and I can hear my Christmas ornaments calling from the attic. Thanks for the great gifts. Have a great weekend.

  8. My favorite things about fall are…crisp cool air, crunching leaves, the colors and pumpkins. It’s impossible to pick just one.

    I’m off to post this fabulous give away on my blog!

    Jen A’s last blog post…A Purchase has been made! + a really cool site!

  9. Ooh, I’m unlurking although I’m not sure if I’m eligible to enter as I live in the UK.

    No matter, I’ll still tell you what I love about autumn. I love new shoes. Even though I’m nearly 40 this time of year always reminds me of new shoes. Generally, it’s only the children who get them in this house, but I still have a hankering to kick the fallen leaves and crunch in the russet piles. Autumn doesn’t seem complete without them somehow.

    Added to the “new shoes” is the feeling of new starts. Much more so than at New Year, or spring when everything is fresh. I’ve no idea why this should be so but autumn means new shoes and new beginnings to me.

    Have a happy autumn (can definitely feel it in the air here, but this has been a reallllllly bad summer here).

  10. Firstly, FANTASTIC GIVE AWAY!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your birthday with all your readers.

    Secondly, I love the crisp mornings, mild sunny days and cool evenings…
    Autumn/Fall in Australia is when my birthday is (April), so that will always help the season’s cause :)

  11. What a wonderful giveaway, and happy birthday a bit early, btw!

    I love fall for the crisp evenings that invite the opening of windows and snuggling up with a blanket, for pumpkin picking and apple cider, for the beautiful leaves changing color, and the bounty of the end of season harvest.

    Take care,

    Steph @ Problem Solvin’ Mom’s last blog post…Edible finger paint experiment

  12. great prizes! love you blog (i subscribe via google reader).

    what do i love about the fall? the change of the seasons, the smell and crispness in the air!

    Bridget =)’s last blog post…First Day of Kindergarten

  13. My favorite thing about fall is the crisp, cool weather in the mornings.
    Love your site!

  14. With fall comes good reason to make “fall foods”—everything yummy with pumpkin, or molasses, or cinnamon. Then, that means coming inside from a crisp, cool day to a house that smells warm and cozy.

    What a fun giveaway- thanks, and happy birthday!

  15. Oh the smells! Walking outside and smelling the cold with just a hint of piles of leaves burning and knowing that soon I can wear my sweaters again :)

    What a great prize pack!

    Joanna’s last blog post…Dax Meets Rice Cereal

  16. I LOVE the fall season so much! My favorite thing about fall is taking my family to one of the many pumpkin farms in our area and going on a hay ride…so much fun! Oh, and fall bonfires, snuggled under blankets with my hubby :-)

  17. The thing I love about Fall is the changing of the leaves and presents (because my birthday is in Fall =).

  18. HI! ME ME ME!!!! :) I would LOVE this prize!!! My FAVORITE season is fall!!! The look of the clouds, the smell in the air of burning leaves…the brisk breeze swirling the leaves around behind the car heading to endless soccer practices…a scented spice candle in your kitchen, cutting up apples with the kids and mixing them with cinnamon & sugar for that apple crisp….and of course the brillinat God-created beautiful mosiac of the fall colors on the trees….Amazing – Fall…a gorgeous conclusion to the beauty of summer! :)

  19. I can’t pick just one thing! Fall is my favorite season too. I love falling leaves, crunching them under my feet, apple cider, picking apples, fall festivals, Halloween, Thanksgiving, sweater weather, camping, hiking in mulit-colored forests, later sunrises, chilly evenings, my birthday (October 11th), wearing jeans again, pumpkins, pumpkin pie…..

    Sarah @ OrdinaryDays’s last blog post…He’s (Unofficially) The Last

  20. Since Fall in Houston brings a small change in our weather and scenery compared to where I grew up, my favorite part of Fall has to be the seasonal food it brings to the grocery store. Apple cider is my favorite! Drinking it takes me back to the feeling of fall in the beautiful Northwest where they actually grow the apples and memories of visiting apple orchards as a kid and watching them making fresh-pressed cider. Thank you for the extra special giveaway!

  21. My favorite part of Fall is all of it! When the leaves start to change colors and it starts to get cold at night but still warm in the sun during the day. I can break out the heavy quilts, apple picking, baking pumpkin seeds and all the wonderful smells that come with Autumn. Now I can’t wait for Fall to come!

  22. I love when the weather starts turning cool. We can turn the AC off and open up the windows to let the fresh air in. I also love sitting out on our terrace in the morning with a huge comfy sweater and cup of coffee.

    Marie’s last blog post…Done. Now on to the Bookcase

  23. My most favorite favorite thing about fall is my September birthday :)
    And I live in the Northeast, so I get to see changing leaves that knock my socks off!!!
    I hope I win your birthday present for *my* birthday!!

  24. Those are some very nice prizes!! We are close to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm in North Georgia and enjoy visiting there with the grandchildren every year. Our oldest will be 9 this fall and he’s already asking about it. I asked him if we’ll still be going when he’s 21 and he nooded enthusiastically. See why October is my favorite month?

  25. love indian summer, warm days & cool nights, bright colors on the trees, the sound of crunchy leaves when I walk.

  26. My favorite thing about fall is getting to bake again. I avoid using the oven in the summer as much as possible, but in the fall, all my favorite baking recipes come out again and we indulge!

  27. avatar
    Katharine says:

    As a brand new reader, I can’t believe I’ve found this great blog AND you give away cool, useful stuff!

    My favorite thing about fall is getting back into a schedule. In the summer, we’re more flexible with bedtimes and travel and activities (which is great), but the whole family seems to enjoy getting back into a regular routine.

    Oh, and I have a fall birthday too : ) Love that. Happy birthday!

  28. My favorite thing about fall is Halloween, which is also my birthday….so it is a double treat! I also love the fall clothing…nothing is better than jeans and a lightweight sweater.

  29. I love the Fall too. Growing up in Louisiana my favorite part is the cool weather it brings. And after being inside for a couple of months it is so fun to be outside and actually enjoying it!

    What an amazing give away!!

  30. Wow, it will not be long I love to think about fall. It’s the morning cool air with a gentle breeze and the leaves turning colors and the beauty of it all. I live about 25 min from the mnts and I would not want to live anywhere else. This is a awesome package I would just love to win !! Thank you for brining some fall memories to mind.

  31. I love the feel of the crisp and cool air. I also enjoy stomping in the fallen leaves (if I happen to be living in a place where leaves fall).

    I am subscribed, but I don’t see any special code at the bottom.

    Awesome Mom’s last blog post…The Blue Room

  32. Every fall I relish the cooler temperatures and the gorgeous colors, however, this fall I will be a grandmother for the first time! Needless to say I will be practicing much gratitude!

    Tami’s last blog post…Wii Fit Addiction

  33. Oh gosh! I’m with you, fall is my favorite season too and it’s hard to decide what is my favorite part. I think it’s when the pumpkin patches open at the beginning of October giving me the opportunity for some great photo opps and the beginning of the countdown to the holidays. The cool weather is just the icing on the cake.

  34. Surely I can’t be expected to choose just one thing! Football games, marching bands, the colors, the first cup of hot chocolate…..

    Mary’s last blog post…My head is spinning

  35. What a generous giveaway! I love all of it!

    My favorite thing about fall is the sound of leaves crunching under my feet. Now that I live in the south, it’s not quite the same crisp cool air and drinking hot cider in a cozy turtleneck kind of season, but I still try to find my ways to drink it all in.

    Emily’s last blog post…What Motivates You?

  36. Autumn is my absolute FAVORITE Season!! I love the brilliant colors of the turning leaves, the cooler temps, the warm comfort food, and best of all ~ taking our family for the memorable trips to the pumpkin patch!!
    (…Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!)

  37. living in North East USA sums up my fav thing of Fall, I LOVE everything about it, even got married and had two children in it!

  38. like you, fall is my absolute favorite season! i love the smells, the sounds, the apples, the buses rolling down the road on the first day of school, the color of the leaves, the smell of the leaves in the air…oh, i just love fall. i have smelled small hints of fall already here in michigan. oh, and university of michigan football. we live so very close to the stadium and there is always a rush of excitment when you see all the people gathering for the games. fall also signals that (shhh) thanksgiving and christmas and the new year are right around the corner. and pumpkin ice cream starts hitting the shelves of the local grocer. and yes, the scents of fall flavored candles.

  39. avatar
    Stephanie says:

    I love the change of temperature, the colors, the sense of family closeness that comes as you are inside the house a bit more, and of course the wonderful change of cooking that fall brings!

  40. Thanks for a great giveaway!

    My favorite thing about fall? We live in south Alabama – so my favorite thing would have to be when the weather FINALLY starts to cool off – even just a little bit! I grew up in the north – so I miss the changing of the trees.

  41. I have a tie: Starbucks fall flavored drinks and fall scented candles. Yum!

    Lynley’s last blog post…Evelyn’s List of Things To Do Today

  42. My favorite thing about fall is our weekend bonfires. We invite neighbors and friends and enjoy!

  43. Wow– what bounty!

    I’ve always said that my favorite weather is changing weather, and fall is the most brief and changing of the seasons. I can’t wait, either!

    Love your work,


  44. I want to win!!!!! Everything looks amazing. What a great gift! There are two things I LOVE about autumn. Since I live in Florida, I love that it starts to cool down. That is always so refreshing. And the other is my anniversary! It’s on October 25th and I am always reminded of how beautiful our wedding day was!

  45. Both my hubby and I have our birthdays in the Fall. And having grown up in Florida and South Carolina, I love the Fall I get to experience now that I live in Virginia. The crisp air, shortening days and the colorful leaves are just wonderful!

  46. Wow! What a great giveaway! Fall is my favorite season… so I LOVE all things about Fall, but specifically the colors in nature and the crispness of the air! Happy Birthday to you! My birthday is around the corner too!


    Teri H’s last blog post…what i’ve been doing…

  47. I love fall because I start to get motivated to work on my quilting again! For some reason, I always put it aside during the summer because the last thing I want to do is sit inside covered by a warm blanket. But once it starts to get cool outside, I’m ready to get back to my quilting projects again. I can’t wait!

  48. My favorite thing about fall is being able to open the windows and let the cool, crisp air come it. I love that first day where you need to wear your favorite pair of jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt to be comfortable.

    Lindsey W’s last blog post…Pictures from Sunday/Monday

  49. My favorite thing about the fall season is my special memories of my Dad (he died of bone marrow cancer) and myself raking leaves and how he would pile the leaves high so I could jump in them.

    My Dad loved to sit outside in his favorite chair and I right beside him. We talked about so many things.

    He loved the fall as much as I did. We both enjoyed the cool air, decorating for Halloween, and also knowing that Christmas was right around the corner. He would purchase walnuts, we would sit outside and crack them open so Mom could use the nuts for cooking. My special memories are my favorite about the fall season.

  50. Great giveaway!

    My favorite things are watching the leaves change color, getting to put my super soft cashmere sweater back into my wardrobe, and pumpkin pie – Mmmm.

    Christina G’s last blog post…The Bottle of My Dreams

  51. ooh fabulous prizes! 😉

    My favorite thing about fall is getting to walk with my son to school. Basically it’s uninterrupted time with him. But I just love the whole season – the colors, the temperature, the rain (it’s usually a rainy season here), and dragonflies all about. It’s hard not to like fall here.

    Avlor’s last blog post…For the Love of Jam…

  52. I love the sound & smell of leaves as I’m walking to the stadium for the football game! That’s pretty much what I think of when I think of fall. :)

    Rebekah’s last blog post…Household Trick: Recycling Dryer Sheets

  53. avatar
    Sunnie in NC says:

    We have very hot, humid, sticky summers here so I look forward to the crisp cool air of fall!!

  54. My wedding anniversary is in September, that’s why I love it.

    (I didn’t see the code in the RSS feed.)

    Monica @ Paper Bridges’s last blog post…Hallelujah! It’s a miracle!

  55. This giveaway is darling! Fall is my favorite season, complete with birthday, too—it’s hard to choose one thing. I guess all of the things that come with fall in nature: the shift of smells in the air, the changing leaves, the gourds and apples that ripen. I’m dying to get out my sweaters as I write this!

  56. we love apple picking

    funky’s last blog post…Vacation, huh?

  57. Pumpkins and hot apple cider!

  58. Happy Birthday! I’ve been reading your blog for over a month now, and I feel overloaded with fantastic ideas and tips – safe to say, I am addicted.

    As for my favourite thing about the fall – well I would have to say there are many favourite things. Crunchy leaves under foot. Yellow, orange, and purple mums sitting on front porches. Crisp, cool air conducive to hiking trails. Kids back to school. Getting cozy under a lap blanket on my sofa in the evening and knitting mittens and hats while sipping a hot cup of coffee. Now I am definitely excited!

    Nadine’s last blog post…I Present To You The Lace Ribbon Scarf

  59. My favorite fall thing is the smells–dry leaves & woodsmoke, especially–filtered through the tingle-your-face air of those first frosty mornings.

  60. The best thing about fall is the cool mornings and the crispness of the air.
    What a great giveaway!

  61. I love fall! My favorite things are cardigans, crunchy leaves and acorn hunting, ripe juicy apples and my birthday!

    Blayne’s last blog post…Menu – Summer

  62. What a great giveaway–thanks! My favorite thing about fall is taking walks with my kids in the crisp fall air, picking up leaves and talking about how the trees are changing. They are fascinated by nature and they make me appreciate it so much more.

    Gina’s last blog post…Safeway this week 8/20

  63. I can’t pick just one. Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons: the beautiful leaves on the trees, football, and jeans!

  64. I hope I win, I hope I win. Please let me win!

    Holly’s last blog post…This site is hilarious!

  65. Fall is also my very favorite season. I get mountain fever when it hits September. My favorite thing about fall is taking a weekend with my husband and driving up through the mountains to the sweet town where I grew up. The leaves are crisp and bright, the air is a perfect cool breeze, and the sights are enough to never doubt, there is a God.

    This year, my favorite thing is that I have a new little girl who will be a year old in October. I can’t wait for her to see the beauty of fall!

    Tabitha’s last blog post…Oliver

  66. My favorite thing about the fall season is the change of weather after a long, hot summer and getting to pull out my sweaters and jackets.

    Jennifer, Playgroups are no place for children’s last blog post…Spirit

  67. Count me in for the giveaway – and my favorite memory of fall…our annual trip to the Franklin Cider Mill!! Cold cider, warm doughnuts, and watching the old-style water wheel go around and around making cider

    Beth/Mom2TwoVikings’s last blog post…In need of a mentor

  68. oh yeah, I got excited and forgot to tell my favorite fall thing. It is before 7:00, people! Ok, I am new to an area that actually gets to have their leaves turn colors. It was beautiful last year! I love the crisp cool mornings and evenings. Football games with my teenagers. Soup. Taking a picnic to the mountains and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

    Holly’s last blog post…This site is hilarious!

  69. avatar
    catherine says:

    I love the cool weather and need a shirt to keep warm!

  70. Great giveaway!

    My favorite thing about fall changes almost every year! I’m an October baby, so my birthday is always a highlight. One thing I love is that first day when there is enough cold in the air to pull out a cozy sweater that’s been stored since March. That happens a couple of weeks after I’m really tired of warm-weather clothes, and it’s so nice to wear “old friends” during that first snap of chilly weather.

    Amy G.’s last blog post…Friday, at last

  71. All the gifts look wonderful! Fall is my favorite season, too. I love the crisp air, throwing on a sweater and a whole new natural world to explore with my kids. And, as much as I look forward to summer in February, I love knowing that the first snow will be coming soon!

    Amy WB’s last blog post…handmade gifts for our friends

  72. Love your blog!

    My favorite fall thing is going to the Apple Orchard with my family…whether we pick the apples ourselves (usually) or buy a bag, its so much fun to be there and smell the fall smells… Plus we get to buy apple brats which I wait all year for! :)

  73. I love love love leaving the windows open and feeling the breeze blow through my house. Now, granted, it isn’t usually until October that I can do that because Florida is so frikkin hot, but it is well worth the wait.

    Monkey’s Mama’s last blog post…The Universe Can Just SUCK IT Right Now For All I Care

  74. avatar
    Jenny Seitz says:

    My absolute most favorite part about fall is the family tradition we have of making apple cider in Oct. from all the apple trees my parents have. It’s so fun, and rewarding. Love the gift basekt, especially the kiddie cape, by 3 year old would love this. Thank you.

  75. I love this site! I just came upon it a few weeks ago and now it’s a perfect way to start my mornings before embarking on another day with my 3 year old son and 9 month old daughter! Great fun!
    The best thing about fall it just the feel of NEW! I love starting new things (like a writing course this fall!!), picking up new crafts and hobbies, fresh new books that come out in the stores, and not to mention being about to start baking again without the sweat!!!
    Thanks for the many blogs, keep them coming!
    Love the prizes! They look amazing!

    Sarah’s last blog post…Free Falling

  76. Great giveaways! I love the temperature, smell of fall candles and football season!!!

    Amanda Lemonds’s last blog post…One of the hardest days of my life

  77. Oh my gosh, what an awesome giveaway!!!
    My favorite thing about fall has to be the change in temp at leaves, although it’s not the same here in Texas! I always think of the line on You’ve Got Mail, where she says “there’s nothing like a freshly sharpened bouquet of pencils!” :o)

  78. avatar
    Dean Noblin says:

    Making pumpkin crisp and eating it while it is still warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

  79. The change in temperature is definitely my favorite aspect of fall — after a long, hot summer, there’s nothing better than a cool fall day complete with a relaxing walk and comfy sweatshirt!

  80. avatar
    Talia Young says:

    I love the warm colors of the leaves slipping from an array of trees encompassed by cool crisp whispers of wind. We have a tradition of visiting a local pumpkin patch and the ride up there includes spectacular mountain views and of course the much anticipated pumpkin rolls and hundreds of pictures of my kids nestled between the rows of pumpkins :)

  81. Ooh what great gifts! happy birthday! I love fall for lots of reasons, but with two little ones in the south, the cooler weather for longer outside playtime is a huge plus.

    Nicole’s last blog post…He’s back!!

  82. The real question is what DON’T I like about fall? I love everything about it…apples, pumpkins, soup, cooler weather, earlier darkness (the kids sleep in!), Thanksgiving, school supplies….

  83. My favorite thing about the fall season has got to be the leaves. I was raised in California, so I never got to see much of it, but this past fall I spent in Charleston, SC, so I got a LOT of the different leaf colors and the leaf piles. And this fall, I’m in Chicago, so I’m looking forward to seeing that again.

    Thanks for the giveaway, by the way.

    seesawstar’s last blog post…Thrifty Thursday: Pet Care

  84. My favorite thing about fall is that it means the HOT weather is ending and CHRISTMAS is coming !

  85. My most favorite thing about fall is seeing pumpkins everywhere. I got married in October and I just loved having the pumpkins as table centerpieces with flowers in them. Besides, pumpkins are so beautiful in a variety of colors and deliciously edible!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  86. I love the crisp fall mornings, and all the fall fun – Oktoberfest, football games, Halloween, the start of the school year. Fall is my favorite too!

  87. I love the crisp feel of the air and hearing the nearby high school marching band practice.

    Julie’s last blog post…Stress Reducers

  88. My favorite thing – well, this whole summer has been cool and fall-like, so it isn’t the weather this year. But I definitely look forward to the days of bright red, yellow and orange leaves against an incredibly blue sky. Amazing.

    Irene’s last blog post…Photostory Friday! Fair week!!!

  89. Seriously LOVE everything in this giveaway – I want it all!
    I love the weather in the fall – sweater weather! Not too hot and not too cold. I especially love sleeping in the fall – can leave the window open just enough to let in the cool, crisp air!

    CaraM’s last blog post…Friday Freebies

  90. WOW what a giveaway! My favorite thing about fall is the weather change – feeling that first cool front come through is like nothing else (especially since I live in Texas!).

    Meredith A.’s last blog post…More food pictures!

  91. How wonderful!

    My favorite thing about fall? Darkly toasted pumpkin seeds. Yum!

  92. For me Fasll is the beginning of two wonderful things. Before my children were born I was a teacher and I LOVE the back-to-school time of year. All the newness, all the bright opportunities ahead. Fall is also the start of Football Season and I am a complete football junkie getting wrappedup in both professional and college ball.

    Kirsten’s last blog post…One of Those Email Surveys

  93. Ooooh! What amazing things! I would really appreciate them all! Thanks for doing this!

    Kara’s last blog post…Summer 2008

  94. I LOVE Fall. We got married in the fall, we travel the most in the fall. I love having the windows open in my house with the cool fall breeze blowing through. Even better is sleeping with the windows open. I love fall!!

    Cindy Barnett’s last blog post…I kind of wish it was a pacifier.

  95. avatar
    Karen Madzelan says:

    I love the crispness in the air and just seeing the most beautiful colors in the fall.

  96. avatar
    Snapper119 says:

    The Fuji apple.

  97. Fall is definately my favorite as you can go to the apple orchards and pick your own apples. Go home and make some great apple pies, apple crisp and sip some apple cider…Yum! Thanks for the chance to win!

  98. It’s so hard to pick ONE thing I love about fall. . .leaves, back-to-school, crisp air. . .but I have to say – the clothes. . .I love fall clothes – before you have to cover everything up with a big giant coat. LOL. . .Great blog, btw – I’ve enjoyed lurking here for a couple of weeks now.


    Hillary’s last blog post…how i spent my summer vacation . . .

  99. I live in Eastern Canada, so the COLORS are absolutely gorgeous come October.

    Pick me! Pick me! 😀

  100. avatar
    Chasity Bowles says:

    My favorite thing about fall is opening the windows in my house and and feeling the cool breeze!! And Appalachian Football in Boone, NC!! Thanks for the chance to win!