From Pinterest to Real Life: 2012 Holiday Edition

Written by editor Nicole Bennett of Gidget Goes Home.

Happy New Year! Well, we missed last month due to our big holiday giveaway week, but I wanted to make sure to squeeze in one more edition of Pinterest to Real Life before we end the year.

It’s always fun to showcase handmade gifts we’ve made for friends and family members, so today, let’s take a look at how we took our pinspiration and got crafty.

I didn’t get to do near as much DIY-ing this Christmas as I had planned, since we ended up moving right before the big day. Lots of my days leading up to Christmas were spent picking out paint colors, etc, instead of working on handmade gifts. But I did get a few things finished that I was happy to gift away.

Owl rice bags

I just love these little snuggly Love Bird rice bags. I made them for my kids and my nephew with my Alison Glass fabric, from a simple pattern by Just Another Hangup. Thanks, Anne, for originally pointing them out!

Homemade vanilla extract

I’ve long imagined giving this simple concoction as a sweet gift, and so this year I gave my sisters-in-law each a little bottle for their baking pleasure. So easy to make and so delicious (and so free of additives!).

Tree trunk coasters

I pinned these earthy coasters with the full intention of making several sets of them, but alas, I only finished one. They were a fun project to work on while watching cheesy TV Christmas movies with my mom.

Christmas is one of those times when it’s easy to overwhelmed by Pinterest, but I still love it as a place to collate my ideas, even if I only actually use a few of them in real life. This year I figure was a collecting year as far as my Christmas board goes, and next year I’ll work on implementing some of those ideas.

(I didn’t even mention the new recipes I’ve tried over the last few months, but I wanted to focus on handmade gifts today.) And now, I can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

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Nicole lives near the beach in Southern California with her husband and three young kiddos. She writes a a lifestyle blog about creativity, family life, community, and all sorts of other fun stuff, and also keeps a homeschool journal called The Bennettar Academy. Her most recent (free!) ebook is about why and how to make more time for reading.

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  1. The owls are so cute!! Are you continuing this in 2013? I would love to join in this time around. 🙂 And I might drag a few friends along since their hubbies work for Pinterest!

  2. I love the owl rice bags too – I am going to make some! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Great minds think alike! We did homemade vanilla extract too. Started it in August, ready to go for December gifts.

  4. Congrats Nicole

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