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In early 2009, Kyle and I became debt-free, and we vowed to never go in to debt again. By August of that year, we saved up a fully-funded, six-month emergency fund. That November, we went on a family vacation to Paris, the first time we had gone on a trip as a family, just for fun.

In the spring of 2010, we breathed a sigh of relief that we had that emergency fund, because we used almost every bit of it when we relocated back to the U.S. We saved it up again, and continued to save as we moved to Oregon, when we eventually put 30 percent down on a house with a 15-year fixed rate 3% mortgage.

We’re now saving for our kids’ college and retirement, and we hope to have our house paid off in the next few years.

I say all this not to brag. Quite the opposite—I’m bowled over at what all has happened, because neither Kyle nor I are natural “money people,” nor are we millionaires. We’ve simply learned a lot the past few years, and put what we learned into practice.

Our teacher was Dave Ramsey, and our primary classroom was Financial Peace University. This is a nine lesson class that walks you through Money Management 101—you know, the stuff you wish you knew, but are sometimes too embarrassed to ask because you feel like you should already know it.

Stuff like writing a monthly budget, how to get out of debt, what all those different insurance terms mean, and how to buy a house sensibly. Some of the most important, freeing information you can know as an adult who wants to change her family tree.

See some highlights here:

You can also watch a preview of FPU.

FPU classes are all over the place, and if you’re somewhere where they haven’t yet reached, you can take the classes online (though it’s a more impacting experience to take it with other people around you).

To celebrate the end of Home for the Holidays, I’m giving away FIVE Financial Peace University memberships. Once you’re an alumni, you can always take the class again, so really, it’s a lifelong gift.

Yes, this is a weird Christmas gift. But really? It’s one of the best I can think of. If you apply what you learn, it will LITERALLY change your life. I’m honored to give it away today. Give it to someone you love, or keep it for yourself.

How to win

Simply use the widget below to leave a comment on this post, and you’ll be entered to win! (If you’re reading this via email, please click over to the main post to leave your comment.)

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This giveaway will end tomorrow night, Saturday, December 1, and we’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways at the end of the week. I hope you’re one of them!

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Tsh Oxenreider

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  1. christina.vd says:

    I’m just 4.5 years in starting full time work after university. I’d like to learn the basics to apply for the future. Current long-term dream is to buy a house but I’d like to make sure I’m being wise with money on a day-to-day basis too.

  2. Dental work I should have had done as a child, but my parents couldn’t afford (orthodontic work isn’t covered by our dental insurance if you are over 19 years old for some reason)

  3. My husband and I need to save for a big job change next year, relocating, and hopefully buying a house within a year of our move. Working hard for it!

  4. I’m a single mother in nursing school who is craving the tools to help me prepare a better life for my family.

  5. Honestly we are still on the baby step plan of trying to pay down debt (darn student loans!), but I think the thing that I want to save for the most is a large parcel of land so that we can start our homesteading dream. I’m sure that is pretty far off though 🙂

  6. College for two children and retirement! Thanks for the chance to win. XO

  7. My husband and I aren’t really saving right now, we are focusing on baby step 2 – the debt snowball. Hopefully soon we will conquer that and start saving for a 10 year anniversary trip to Ireland!

  8. We are saving to establish and maintain an emergency fund, and to take both of our children back to their birth country to see their families.

  9. A new-to-us second car.

  10. My wedding!

  11. We are saving for preschool next year. If we prepay for the 2013-2014 school year in February 2013, we’ll save 10%!

  12. Sitting here in the dark as my electricity has apparently just been turned off. Funny thing is that I have the money to pay it but have no financial discipline. I feel like this FB post may be some sort of divine intervention. I could use your help, for sure. Please and Thank You.

  13. We are saving for our daughters’ education…. But not nearly enough. What a great giveaway!

  14. I really want to pay off our debt including our mortgage.

  15. Ashley McRea says:

    Would love to keep from having student loan debts for our children’s educations

  16. Would love to review the basics, and hopefully learn something new, with my husband!

  17. College for three kids!

  18. Our family is saving to buy a house and to pay off our debt. Thank you for this opportunity to win – it has come at a time when it is certainly needed!

  19. Retirement. As a single I don’t yet have any other goals.

  20. We are saving for college for our children.

  21. This is wonderful, perfect as our life situation just changed.

  22. We are trying to get our finances in order and get out of debt, to stop feeling like we are drowning.

  23. A cover for the mattress I was previously saving up for, and a bedframe to put it on! While it beats an airmattress for three months, a mattress on the floor is still not the best way to wake up in the morning.

  24. Oh, Tsh, I realize this is all randomly selected, but we need this so badly! We have debt out of our ears and just started our own business. So for now, we’re saving for…nothing! Because we’re just trying to survive! 🙂

  25. A cover for the mattress I was previously saving up for, and a bed frame to put it on! While it beats an air mattress for three months, a mattress on the floor is still not the best way to wake up in the morning.

  26. We’re saving for a house. My husband lost his job last November and we used our savings to make it until he found another full time job this past August. We’re so thankful we had that savings, but now we’re starting all over.

  27. We are working our way to being out of debt but this would help so much in *how* we are going about it!

  28. A house!

  29. Right now, our emergency fund, and working on paying off our last school loan (only $6,000 to go!).

  30. With a Baby on the way, I’d definitely love this! We really need to get our act together financially and this would be the help that we desire.

  31. we are still in get out of debt mode. want to save for emergency funds.

  32. I would love to give this to my brother for Christmas. He has been divorced (twice) and I would like to see him really feel comfortable with his financial life.

  33. We could sure use this! I’d love to be debt free.

  34. We have done a great job of creating a budget and saving money so I could attain a second degree in nursing, but we have a crippling amount of debt from both of our bach. degrees that we cannot seem to get on top of. So, we are always saving to pay off large chunks of those debts! I have two friends who graduated from FPU and are so much better off financially now! I am quite envious and would love the opportunity to have the same peace of mind!

  35. What a great giveaway! We’re just starting becoming debt-free and this would be a great push!

  36. We are saving for solar panels right now. Thanks Tami

  37. Retirement! I also enjoy taking the course to use as a tool to teach my college-age children how to manage their money. They won’t have the benefit of pensions, probably no Social Security, etc. They are going to have to save from day one of their employment. Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. We are saving to become debt-free and our daughter!

  39. My goal is to have us pay off our law school debt but we are saving for a house.

  40. My Husband is self employed, we used our savings to move back to Missouri to be closer to family. Need to pay off a few bills and get that savings going again.

  41. Most immediately- a new fence.

  42. We did this a few years ago and would love to go through it again to get refocused and rejuvenated after an unbelievably expensive year.

  43. We are currently saving for a new roof!

  44. I would love to win this just so I could get a budget together.

  45. College tuition for our 3 kids!

  46. I’m saving for a condo!!

  47. pay off mortgage

  48. trying to save for the next vehicle when one of ours bites the dust.

  49. We are saving for a house.

  50. We need to start saving for our little guy’s college as well as retirement. Oh my.

  51. Michelle Byl says:

    We had Dave’s CDs but somehow they got lost in a cross country move. Wouldn’t mind having a listen again!

  52. I want to have my student loans paid off!

  53. Paying off our house!

  54. Melanie Johnson says:

    We need this so bad. It would be the best Christmas present for our family!!

  55. New bedroom furniture!

  56. Melissa Heard says:

    I’m saving for a new car!

  57. to pay off car and house loans. to be free to give

  58. We’re trying to paying off a massive debt from a brutal court custody battle. Would like to get that out of the way so we can move on with our amazing children!

  59. right now nothing- we are saving to get out of debt!

  60. Kelly Ringle says:


  61. I have borrowed Total Money Makeover from the library and that has helped my husband and I immensely. Financial Peace University would be a wonderful Christmas gift for us!

  62. We’re saving for another big move that we have coming up… we just don’t know to where yet.

  63. We currently have retirement savings and education savings for the kids. Our short term goals are centered around paying for the holidays without incurring additional debt, and once January hits we’ll be back at making extra payments on our debts to try to cut them back. My hubby and I have both been working some overtime and we’ve stopped spending willy-nilly though we could certainly learn how to budget properly, and how to restrict our discretionary spending even further.

  64. We are saving for a down payment on a house.

  65. retirement/kids’ college

  66. We need this! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  67. This would be great for us – we are newlyweds and bought our first house a couple of months ago.

  68. Maternity leave so I can spend all 12 weeks with my new little one and not worry about finances!

  69. We are saving to be able to move to a new house!

  70. our first family vacation

  71. Becky Jones says:

    We are saving out of stewardship principles we have practiced these last 23 years…by God’s grace we have been debt free including our home for over ten years..however, this has made it near impossible for our older kids to get financial aid for college and so we could really use some advice on this aspect…we went to a financial adviser and he said basically you are punished for doing the wise thing and living within your budget- also, I could really use this for the high school co-op class on finances that I am leading next semester…thanks for the great giveaways!

  72. To be completely Debt free would be such a blessing!

  73. Brandi Marsolais says:

    Everything it seems…but first, our kids education!

  74. Richard Sisco says:

    Peace of mind.

  75. I would love to be debt free, including the house.

  76. Would LOVE to get this as a Christmas gift to share with my husband! We have 3 small children and want to lead them by example with our finances.

  77. College for several children.

  78. Education!

  79. Though we currently own a house, it no longer fits our current family and home business. Our house value still hasn’t recovered enough to provide a down payment on another home, so we are saving for that.

  80. I’m saving to pay off some stuff and to put money aside to pay for Christmas in cash

  81. We are saving to buy a replacement van for when ours bites the dust in the next few years.

  82. I would love to be saving for anything. Right now I’m still working on getting out of the hole. First thing I will save for is a new car for my husband.

  83. LOVE Dave Ramsey and listen to him on the radio almost every day. Would absolutely love to win his Financial Peace course. Congrats on your debt free accomplishments.

  84. We’re saving for adopting our next baby.

  85. We are saving for updates to our house and college for our three kids.

  86. Forgot to say we’re saving for college for three kids!

  87. Heidi Jenkins says:

    I am saving to send 3 kids to college.

  88. I’ve heard about this program and we could certainly use the guidance! Great idea for a giveaway.

  89. Learning how to be a family of 5 on a techer’s salary. Would love to pay off school loans and be able to give more away!!

  90. I’m saving for new windows in our home. We bought an older home and it isn’t very energy efficient.

  91. Saving for flooring for our upstairs bedrooms… the old carpet is disgusting and wreaking havoc on our allergies!

    This would be such a great thing to win!

  92. As a soon-to-be newlywed, I would love to have to opportunity for my future husband and I to open up the doors to conversating about money. These principles to guide us would make a world of difference in combining finances and setting lifelong goals!

  93. I need this so badly right now. Saving for a family vacation.

  94. We are saving for property taxes currently. And rebuilding savings after medical bills depleted big chunks. Have always wanted to take this class 🙂

  95. We are (always) saving for a house 🙂

  96. My husband is military, so our priorities are the same and different. But yes, we’re saving for retirement, university for the babes, a new(ish) car at some point, etc.

  97. We are saving for college – my 9 & 10 year old children have big dreams (Yale!) and we would love to be able to fulfill them for them someday.

  98. Aubrie Entwood says:

    We have been trying to do this on our own for a few years borrowing books from the library, but it is really hard. Would love to be able to do this “for real”!

  99. We are saving for a trip to New Zealand to see my sister-in-law and her husband. They moved there and we won’t see them for about three years if we don’t get down there!

  100. a house! we had to short sale our second house when we relocated out of state…