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In early 2009, Kyle and I became debt-free, and we vowed to never go in to debt again. By August of that year, we saved up a fully-funded, six-month emergency fund. That November, we went on a family vacation to Paris, the first time we had gone on a trip as a family, just for fun.

In the spring of 2010, we breathed a sigh of relief that we had that emergency fund, because we used almost every bit of it when we relocated back to the U.S. We saved it up again, and continued to save as we moved to Oregon, when we eventually put 30 percent down on a house with a 15-year fixed rate 3% mortgage.

We’re now saving for our kids’ college and retirement, and we hope to have our house paid off in the next few years.

I say all this not to brag. Quite the opposite—I’m bowled over at what all has happened, because neither Kyle nor I are natural “money people,” nor are we millionaires. We’ve simply learned a lot the past few years, and put what we learned into practice.

Our teacher was Dave Ramsey, and our primary classroom was Financial Peace University. This is a nine lesson class that walks you through Money Management 101—you know, the stuff you wish you knew, but are sometimes too embarrassed to ask because you feel like you should already know it.

Stuff like writing a monthly budget, how to get out of debt, what all those different insurance terms mean, and how to buy a house sensibly. Some of the most important, freeing information you can know as an adult who wants to change her family tree.

See some highlights here:

You can also watch a preview of FPU.

FPU classes are all over the place, and if you’re somewhere where they haven’t yet reached, you can take the classes online (though it’s a more impacting experience to take it with other people around you).

To celebrate the end of Home for the Holidays, I’m giving away FIVE Financial Peace University memberships. Once you’re an alumni, you can always take the class again, so really, it’s a lifelong gift.

Yes, this is a weird Christmas gift. But really? It’s one of the best I can think of. If you apply what you learn, it will LITERALLY change your life. I’m honored to give it away today. Give it to someone you love, or keep it for yourself.

How to win

Simply use the widget below to leave a comment on this post, and you’ll be entered to win! (If you’re reading this via email, please click over to the main post to leave your comment.)

For extra entries, you can also follow Financial Peace and Dave Ramsey on Facebook—simply follow the steps in the widget below!

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This giveaway will end tomorrow night, Saturday, December 1, and we’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways at the end of the week. I hope you’re one of them!

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Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. A house

  2. I’m saving for my son’s college education.

  3. I think this would be such a blessing for our family!

  4. We are trying to get completely out of debt and buy a house.

  5. I would love to be completely debt free and also pay off the house as early as possible.

  6. A house!

  7. I would love to be able to pay for my kid’s college

  8. I’d like to save more for retirement, but also do that vacations, even meager ones, don’t rock our finances so much.

  9. We’re saving for retirement (my husband has a 401[k]) and our children’s education. I am also trying to pay off our debt and then pay down our mortgage as quickly as possible. We were completely debt-free after we sold our last house a little over two years ago but a few emergencies that cropped up before we had a good emergency fund sent us back in… I loved the feeling of now owing anyone a darn thing, and I’d love to get back to that place again… xo

  10. We are saving for the delivery of our second child coming early 2013. We switched cities and jobs mid-pregnancy and the new insurance isn’t that great. So we have a little over $6000 to save! augh! It’s killing me!

  11. This would be wonderful for me. I feel like I am starting over again in life at the half way mark.

  12. saving for a house that meets our needs better. and for the kiddos’ education.

  13. a european vacation, a comfortable retirement, a family cruise

  14. Chris cobble says:

    Braces and college for 6 little ones!

  15. we’re always putting money away for our next vacation. 🙂

  16. Jessika Welcome says:

    A house!

  17. Buying a house and 25th Anniversary trip to Hawaii

  18. Becoming debt-free!!!!!!

  19. I’m hoping we’re saving to move, but if not, just extra for emergencies.

  20. School…

  21. I’m saving for a down payment for a house and my daughter’s college fund.

  22. We are saving for retirement and for college funds (x4). Thanks!

  23. We’re saving for a down payment for a house.

  24. We are in the middle of working the Ramsey plan, but would love the extra help the class gives!!

  25. For the flexibility to stay home with my kids.

  26. we are saving for a house and retirement – would love this!

  27. Saving to buy school supplies for our two boys…

  28. A house!

  29. Saving for … it feels like … everything!
    Sigh. But slowly and surely, right?

  30. Laura Tawney says:

    It’s never too late to learn new things and I would love to win a membership! We are saving for retirement and could really use the help to get out of debt.

  31. To get out of debt and stay that way!

  32. I’m not saving so much as trying to get out of debt.

  33. Our house

  34. We’d like to pay off my school loans and be able to give more and more each year.

  35. My husband would LOVE to be debt free, but he has this idea about good debt…

  36. I am paying off school loans ($170K), while raising a family. I love Dave Ramsey and listen to his podcast daily. Just can’t justify spending for FPU at the moment. living on a strict budget. 🙂

  37. I’m trying to save (and not very successfully!) for new windows and eventually a new kitchen.

  38. I am saving for peace of mind – building my emergency fund. 🙂

  39. I am saving to be able to reduce my full time job to 4/5th and spend more time with my kids.

  40. Paying off school loans and saving for a house!

  41. College! For Mommy. Then for the kids. 🙂

  42. Not in my budget yet, but I would love to go on a trip for my 25th wedding anniversary…

  43. saving for a new home

  44. There’s many things we’re saving on right now. I’d say the number 1 would be a car.

  45. Julia Cortes says:

    I’m saving for an antenatal class. I so wish I were debt free going into this new phase of 1 income! Something to aim for.

  46. With two students and one wage earner, saving is not happening. Just trying to stay afloat.

  47. I’m not really saving for anything special. We just want to pay off our morgage now that
    we ( just today ) paid the last payment on our credits. In total §44.000 in 3 years.

  48. We’re retired and learning to live on a lot less. But, after 43 years of marriage we are finally completely out of debt, including our home. Such a great blessing. Now I’d like to start saving for a tent trailer so we can take our old bones camping more comfortably.

  49. I just don’t want to be afraid of money anymore!

  50. After reading Dave Ramsey’s books, we’re saving according to his suggested schedule, beginning with debt repayment (which we are scheduled to achieve by February). What a wonderful gift it would be to receive this course!

  51. Currently we are saving for retirement, moving abroad(or buying a house) and for our son’s future.

  52. I’m saving for renovations and I’d love to feel more confident about my budgeting decisions.

  53. We’re saving to pay off the rest of a uni debt. Then we plan to save up for a fixer-upper house. =)

  54. My current goal is saving for retirement right now.

  55. Our family could use this.

  56. College for 4 kids

  57. We are saving for a house. (But trying to pay off student loans first!)

  58. I would love to be able to go through the FPU with my husband and have us both completely on the same page. We are close, but not quite there! I’d love to buy a house and go on family vacations in sensible ways!

  59. We aren’t saving – we’re barely keeping our head above water. When we can save, it will be for a newer vehicle.

  60. I’m saving for emergencies.

  61. We are not necessarily saving for anything, but would like to get to a place where I can stay home with my kiddos while they are so young. Thank you for this opportunity. We have been wanting to try Dave Ramsey’s class for some time.

  62. rahime ting says:

    a minivan for the family

  63. We are saving an emergency fund and for retirement.

  64. What a great giveaway! We are trying to chunk away at our student loan debit….what a blessing this would be to read/utilize.

  65. We have a lot that we’re saving for. We too spent our emergency fund when we needed to move back to the States from overseas. Now in our 30s it feels a little like starting over. I would like to go back to school again, this time without student loans. That’s what I’m saving for. Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. We are trying to pay off our car and house!

  67. Braces.

  68. Paying off the house.

  69. I have been a Dave Ramsey fan since his early days when he was on local Nashville radio. However, I have never done Financial Peace U. This would be awesome!

  70. We are saving up for a down payment and retirement.

  71. a trip to Disney

  72. We are trying to climb out of the black hole of debt.This would help 🙂

  73. Robin from Frugal Family Times says:

    Right now we are saving to be debt-free. We are on track for spring! Then we’ll start socking away that money we were sending to debts and treat our family to a week in Costa Rica.

  74. We’re saving for a Family Reunion trip in Fall 2013.

  75. Wow, what an accomplishment! We are so close to being debt free, and we’ve already got a 15 year mortgage… what we’re saving up for, though, is new floors! Our 11 year old carpet has been thoroughly beaten by 3 children and needs to be retired.

  76. We are saving for a new kitchen. Not a very expensive one, but something functional.

  77. We’re saving for a rainy day fund. Then on to paying off the house 🙂

  78. Trying to finish paying off our car note, then start saving for our sons college education (2 yrs from now!)

  79. We’re saving for upcoming hospital bills. We’re expecting a baby and the pregnancy just became “high-risk”. That means extra doctor’s visits and a potential NICU stay. Praying that our daughter is healthy and near full-term!

  80. I would love to be debt free!

  81. This would be awesome! I’ve wanted to take this course for a while now.

  82. We are currently saving for a new vehicle!

  83. College…it is getting here fast!

  84. We’re saving for our first big family vacation since having kids- to the coast of Maine where my family is from, in June 2013.

  85. We LOVE Dave Ramsey and I’ve read a few of his books….such good advice to take in a culture where the mindset is the opposite!
    Sarah M

  86. Time to get out of debt!

  87. We are debt free, have our emergency fund and are saving for a 10 yr anniversary trip to Northern Ireland. 🙂

  88. I’ve wanted to take FPU for a long time now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. I’ve heard good things about Dave Ramsey. This would be an interesting class to take.

  90. Saving up for the kids’ college.

  91. I have always wanted to take this course, but it’s (ironically) never been in the budget. I’ve been hoping that we can make it work this year because I’m tired of always having to worry about money. Winning this giveaway would be a Godsend.

  92. We’d like to pay off our house.

  93. Our new porch on our house

  94. We are currently saving for new furniture. Slowly but surely we will get there!

  95. Kids’ college!

  96. We are saving to move to AZ. We would love to do it within 3 years.

  97. Kid’s college! Pay off our house! Pay off our car loan and remodel loan from in-laws! (yeah, that’s not complicated 🙂

  98. We’re saving to close on selling our first house. Long painful story. 🙁

  99. We are trying to finish our emergency fund and then save for a house. I listen to Dave on the radio, but I would love to take his class.

  100. This would be a great gift for my older kids aged almost 17 and 20 so that they acquire these
    principals. Thank you for offering this gift !!