Firefox should be your browser of choice

by Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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I’ve been told by a few readers that are still using Internet Explorer that my site doesn’t look right. Rachel was on her husband’s computer, which has IE, and she said there’s nothing on the right-hand side – you can’t see my sidebars or my recommended resources when you use IE (she normally uses Safari on her MacBook).


I’ll look into this problem with my developer. In the meantime, I highly, highly, highly encourage you to use Firefox. There’s really no comparison, and not just because of my site. There’s a plethora of add-ons to customize your browser, and from what I’ve seen, every site looks better in Firefox, not just mine. It’s Mac, PC, and Linux compatible. I have it on my MacBook.

Seriously. Go download it. :)

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  1. I agree 100%! My husband is a diehard IE user, and everytime he has a problem, I try to go fix it. I always tell him his life would be a lot easier if he switched to firefox, but he’s reluctant. Someday I’ll convert him.

    Lynnaes last blog post..(Not) Keeping Up With Our Parents: Health Care

  2. Interesting that you should post this…. I usually check your site from home where I use firefox but right now I am work where I use IE and before I read what the post was about I said to myself that something is off. I was going to switch to firefox but hadn’t done so yet… now I will definitely switch :)

  3. oh what a pity. Are you really sure, that you could convience 80% of the users switching from IE to firefox? If they do not switch, perhaps you will loose some of your blog readers? Nevertheless, with OPERA the right-hand sidebar is also missing. I feel that the blogger has to provide a proper blog side instead the user has to download and switch his browser. This is my understanding from usability of a blog.

    sevenjobss last blog post..Wie ist der morgendliche Ablauf organisiert?

  4. @sevenjobs – Oh no, that’s not at all what I meant. I’m going to fix it. I’m just saying that my preference is Firefox, I recommend using it for a variety of reasons, and that with that browser, my site looks fine (which is why I didn’t know about it until readers let me know). I’m perfectly allowed to share what I prefer.

  5. @sevenjobs – IE is a scourge and a pox. You know that. Any call to arms to upgrade to a W3C-compliant browser is one that should be lauded. And I’m guessing that many of simplemom’s readers don’t even think about what their browser is. In a usability test, I once asked a woman what browser she used to access the Internet, and she said she used “Yahoo!”. I tried asking again: “what do you click on on the desktop to go online?” “The Yahoo! button.”

    Firefox has it’s own issues, certainly. But any movement to get users more up to speed is awesome. And I’m grateful, simplemom, that you posted this.

    For the record, I’m at the library right now, and they have IE 6! SIX! What’s up with that?!?!

    Charlie Parks last blog post..Jumping to Categories

  6. Totally agree – we love Firefox.

    Alanas last blog post..Off My Game

  7. I didn’t read that as a “you must switch in order to view my site properly” message. I agree that Firefox is much better although I probably never would have switched if my husband had not bought a new Mac and installed it on the new computer. Sometimes I get in a rut and need his help not to just settle for what I am familiar with.

  8. I heart Firefox the most, too!

    bees last blog post..Most Likely to Blog Anonymously

  9. Yep I agree as well. I have the same issues with my site and I’ve recommended switching to Firefox to my readers in the past also.

    I love it using it!

    Org Junkies last blog post..Menu Plan Monday ~ June 2nd

  10. Just downloaded firefox and everything looks good again… I was also using IE6 (IE7 messed up our computers at work) and am glad to be upgraded now. Thanks for the little nudge! :) And no, I did not think that you were telling us that we had to use firefox! 😉

  11. At my last job I downloaded firefox to everyones computer and deleted the shortcut to IE. It cut down on complaints tremendously. :)

    Tiffanys last blog post..Tiff’s Tips #3- Good Clean Fun (The Allman Brothers Band)

  12. I have Safari and I can see you fine!

    that girls last blog post..I’ll Be Back…

  13. Of course there is nothing said about that we have to switch. And of course it is absolutly ok to give a preference for a browser. And of course I like your preference. But what I wanted to ask was a general question: what should have the higher priority: my preference of a browser or should I support all browsers which are used by most of my readers. Perhaps the misunderstanding comes up because of my bad english; sorry

    sevenjobss last blog post..Die Väter wollen die besseren Mütter sein

  14. @sevenjobs – I guessed you probably didn’t mean ill will from your comment, since you’re active here and always very considerate. To answer your question, I think a blogger always needs to consider her readers and put their interests above your convenience (that is, if you want to have quality readership and build a community).

    That said, IE is a PILL and a half. I really like what Charlie Park said, and I agree. There’s only so much any web developer can do to navigate around issues surrounding IE. It’s so behind, and yet it’s so aggravating that it’s the default for so many users without them even knowing it. I’m doing what I can to make Simple Mom as usable as possible, even in IE, but I’m not a miracle worker. And that’s what it would take for a website to look great in IE. 😉

  15. Ok I’ll confess to knowing about Firefox but thinking it was just another browser. I didn’t want to download another program that would be clutter on my computer. I didn’t know about all of the features it had.

    Rachel@SmallNotebooks last blog post..Handmade Gifts: Baby Edition

  16. Oh my gosh!!! What a difference, thanks girl! I can’t believe how much faster this is. I was scared to make this kind of change since my computer knowledge is pretty much turn it on and go but WOW, I’m so glad I switched. Your the best!

  17. OMG! I just downloaded Firefox and it’s amazing! Your site looks totally different now that I can see everything! I enjoy reading your blog ~ I only recently stumbled across it.

    Suzannes last blog post..Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner

  18. I could not agree with you more. Until two years ago, I was an IE user. I kept hearing wonderful things about FireFox. I was so sick of IE crashing. So, I tried it out. I am addicted. I have been trying to convert my family and not having any luck. I cringe when I have to use someone’s computer that does not use FireFox browser. You have a great blog. It will become one of my daily reads.

    Mistis last blog post..pitch stacker earrings

  19. I just happened to download Firefox this morning, so was interested to come across this post. Have you any useful suggestions of how to get the most from Firefox? Which add-ons you have? Thanks.

    JanMary, N Irelands last blog post..WFMW – Ikea and More Paris

  20. @JanMary – Ooh, your question sounds like a great post idea! I’ll get to writing it. :) Thanks for asking.

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