Favorite Halloween DIY from Target

We are having so much fun making crafts for Halloween, and my new favorite thing at the moment is the Kid Made Modern line by Todd Oldham at Target for Halloween.

These activities are not the usual fare – we didn’t just rip into the package and have our projects completed 5 minutes later (and the kids already needing a new activity).

No, these DIY sets are the real deal. Painting and gluing and a kid version of decoupaging – not to mention tote bag sewing that is completely fun and completely kid friendly. Everything took time, in a good way, and my boys loved being a bit challenged in their creating.

Fun Not Frightening

Everything is stylish and not too cutesy, while still not scary. My philosophy is that Halloween should be fun, not frightening. I love that these modern decor pieces fit that philosophy so well. We’ll have an amazing array of style at the house that the kids made themselves. I’m so excited!

These pumpkin decorating sets were a huge hit. The boys painted real pumpkins to create little vampires and skeletons, the sets include everything but the pumpkin!

Sewing a bat tote that he’ll trick-or-treat with next week.

Gluing on the pieces for a spooky eyeball paper lantern that lights up!

We didn’t expect these activities to be so robust, and we didn’t finish yet! I like that we have more to do, but I wanted to share these with you so you still have time to snatch some things up at Target before Halloween is here next week (these items are available until November 1st).

I’ll share pictures of the completed projects on Sunday’s post! Check out the whole line in this fun video:


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  1. Robin from Frugal Family Times says:

    I share your sentiment about Halloween, Arianne: Fun, not frightening. It’s gotten so that I completely avoid certain stores if the kids are along. Much of the “decor” available is the stuff of vivid nightmares. No thanks. These kits look creative and fun. I’ll live vicariously for now; we Canadians are a few months away from Target stores opening here.

  2. Fun, not frightening, yes! And, seriously, I lOVE the Kid Made Modern line! Have you checked up Todd Oldham’s KMM book? It seems like its vibe and the crafts would be a good fit with your household of creative folks 🙂

    Love the eyeball the best!

    Best wishes,

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