Simple gifts for an easy-to-please daddy – the best kind there is

by Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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We are out of town this weekend, so we won’t be celebrating Father’s Day until the next weekend. But my husband truly deserves pampering, guy-style. He’s an amazing daddy to our two kids, and I am so proud to be his wife.

Here are our simple, frugal, practical gifts for him – classic and simple, just like our man:

1. A day off. He can veg, he can sleep in, he can go on a hike, he can be alone, or he can be with us. Whatever he wants, as long as it’s enjoyable to him.

2. A meal of his choosing. He’s easy to please, but there are some recipes he really enjoys, and I don’t make them often for whatever reason. But whether it’s salmon or hot dogs (please, no!), it’s his choice.

3. A back massage. One of his favorite things, and not given nearly enough.

4. A picture drawn by our 3-year-old artist. I couldn’t stop her if I tried.

5. Extra time as a family. One of his higher love languages is quality time, so I know he often craves more family time together. We’ll make sure and get some extra time in, perhaps on a picnic. He loves picnics.

What about you? What simple gift ideas do you have for the fathers in your life? I hope you have something special up your sleeve.

On a completely different note – we are out of town this weekend, so I won’t be posting until Tuesday. Until then, peruse the archives if you’re in the mood, and if you’re new around here – welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

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  1. One of my husband’s love languages is also quality time, and he will unfortunately be away for Father’s Day and I know he will miss us. I am trying to put together a video of me and our kids to send him, and then I’ll give him his other gift when he returns in about 2 weeks. He loves to spend time outdoors, both as a family and alone time, so we got him a hammock. I think he’s really going to love it.

    Jennae @ Green Your Decors last blog post..Floral Fabulous: Fiona Organic Duvet Cover & Sham

  2. My husband is also pretty simple and easy to please. We just got a new barbeque and so we are inviting our dads (and moms too of course) for bbq and my husband gets to grill AND he is excited to do it:)
    He also has a new job and so I am going to print a good pic of the kiddos and frame it for his desk at work.

    Darcys last blog post..Chickens

  3. @Jennae, Darcy – Great ideas! I really think that DOING things together makes a great gift. It makes memories, and it doesn’t clutter!

  4. I wrote up a little something for him, printed it, and framed it. Not a lot of time or money put into it. Just something from the heart.

    I posted what I wrote on my bloggy blog today :)

    Kats last blog post..This Man

  5. I made Josh several magnetic frames out of craft sticks & adhesive magnets to invigorate his office. The kids have artistic blood, so we made a big collage of their work in a poster frame, too. I read in a magazine that a “dream fund” is a great plan too… so we did that. We made a collage of magazine clippings from travel magazines & donated a box as a treasure chest for savings in hopes of going to Africa one day… I hope he likes it!

  6. What awesome ideas! Fortunately, we’ve nailed most of these for Father’s Day already this weekend. 😉 Over from Rocks In My Dryer and loved that post on the $ management. 😉 Thanks! You may want to enter my “win it wednesday” this week. Cool. cute. free…. :)

    CarolinaMamas last blog post..University of North Carolina Basketball Museum Summer Hours Greatness

  7. Great list!

    One thing that my husband loved was a good book on CD. He loves to read but has so little time. I figured a book on CD would be one way to make the best of his looong commute.

    Hope you had a nice weekend. :)

    Jennifer (Et Tu?)s last blog post..This is how you build a community

  8. I just found this website and love it! Very creative and great ideas! For all our special days, (father’s day included) we have a tradition where our 3 kids get to go to the dollar store and purchase anything they want for the special person. It’s amazing what you can find there sometimes! “Our Dad” will be getting a flashlight, some car cleaning stuff, and a pocket knife. Yipee

    Peterson Fams last blog post..My Vote For The Best And The Worst Toys Of The Summer

  9. Also, I think home made cards and pictures of the kids are great gifts for dads.

  10. I’d be happy with a nice, long family hike at a national park followed by steak on the grill and an Irish brew.

    Richard Basiles last blog post..Equality

  11. I’m living overseas myself, so along with sending my Dad some stamps from the country where I live (he collects ’em!), I gave him a phonecall via SkypeOut that I think he really enjoyed. I know I did!

    Lori Anns last blog post..Crafting & Creating

  12. @Richard – Now that sounds like a great Mother’s Day to me! :)

    @Lori Ann – Don’t you just LOVE Skype? I’m so happy it exists. I talk to my family all the time because of it. It’s almost like we’re in the same city again.

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