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  1. I’m psyched on the military style jacket. I have one that has been in my closet for some time – it is a dusty rose velvet with burnished brass buttons – I love the feminine detail. I can’t wait to wear it with jeans, chocolate wool pants, winter white trousers, and my fawn, a-line, suede skirt!
    What I’m most looking forweard to wearing is a dress I’m sewing for myself. It is a sheath style with cap sleeves in the yummiest eggplant, wool jersey. Oh and tights – can’t wait for tights!

    • YES! TIGHTS! That sheath dress sounds scrummy… and a velvet military style jacket? SHUT. UP. I’m in love from afar. xo

  2. I love these outfits. And even though I gave all my BIG TWEED shirts to the thrift store a few years ago, I’m glad to see its return.

    And monochrome outfits? Yippee! I had one in the late 80s that was periwinkle from head-to-toe – except for these huge earrings which were periwinkle-lime-aqua stones. I miss that outfit. So I have a fondness.

    • Well this may be your year to resurrect the periwinkle, friend. I can so picture you in the sweater/plaid shirt/denim shorts outfit, too. You would totally rock that look.

  3. Megan, this post makes my fall fashion loving heart so happy. I cannot wait to break out my tweeds and sweaters again. Man, I’m such a sweater whore. I can’t help myself. Plus, the gorgeous fall colors! I swoon.

    I’ve never gotten into the military-inspired look but I’ll stay open to the idea, just for you.

    • I know. SWEATERSWEATERSWEATERS! (drool.)

      I was iffy on the military as well, but as I’ve shopped around looking, I have to say it’s growing on me daily. I saw some cream ones that were really elegant and soft… that might be the way I lean, and honestly I think the one pictured would really flatter you!

  4. LOVE this post so much that I actually went through the polyvore and bought the military jacket from Buckle and sequined shirt from Miss Selfridge! You totally have inspired me for Fall!!!

  5. I live in the southwest and “Fall” doesn’t come until November for us :( but I love dreaming about being snuggly in a chunky sweater. I want to add some dresses with chunky tights. I wonder if that’s still in? I’m transitioning to a SAHM from working in an office. I don’t want to be trapped in yoga pants! I think dresses would be easiest for me to keep some style in my wardrobe.

    • Absolutely Mel, dresses work really well down south (jealous!). Sheath dresses will be huge (slightly impractical for momming, maybe?) and I also saw some sweat casual sweater dresses. In the Southern climate, a casual dress of thick jersey would pair so well with any of the toppers above too. And tights? YES PLEASE.

  6. I about died of happy that you did the glitzy tank as a nod to MJ. I love style sets with “nods” – the mark of a true artist! :)

    Also, if I don’t get those red shoes into my closet imma die.

    • Ha! I’m glad you liked the MJ thing. “Mark of a true artist,” made me snort outloud. Really that could have gone either way! :) And yes, obvsly I loved the red shoes enough to put them in, but every subsequent time I look at them I get a little more schmoopy over ’em. They make me feel all sparkly inside.

  7. Love all these looks! Unfortunately, down here in Florida, we don’t have many opportunities to wear jackets or sweaters, but I cherish those times when we do!!