Fall style preview: 3 pieces to add now

With temps currently soaring above 100° in my little Chicago suburb, it seems a bit ludicrous to be thinking about my cool weather closet.  But in just a few weeks, we’ll be seeing fall fashions appear on-line, in stores and catalogues — and then it’s just a quick blur of a month or two before we’ll be needing extra layers.  And after a hot summer of tank tops, swim suits, cut-offs and flip flops — I’m not going to lie to you — I’m going to be ready to get back into some cozy jeans, sweaters, blazers and pretty shoes that actually cover my feet.

I’ve been perusing some of my favorite fashion and style sites and I’m putting together a list of the fall trends I see pop up again and again.

Today I’ll share three pieces I’ve got on my Fall shopping list, and show you a few ways to style them using items you may already have in your closet.

The items in the sets below represent every imaginable price point and a wide variety of retailers both here in the US and abroad.  I’m just showing them as examples so you can see what I’m talking about. (Consider them visual aids only.)

Because the trends I’m showing you tend to be on the fairly classic side, they’ll likely be easy to find anywhere and everywhere, Target to Nordstrom, up to and including your local thrift store, where people like me make the mistake of dumping their classic pieces all the time.  I tossed an adorable tweed jacket very similar to the one I’m showing you below into the “thrift” pile about two years ago.  Let me know if you find it.  (Sigh.)

Here’s the number one item on my list:

Must Have #1


Tweed was everywhere I looked in fall fashion previews. Skirts, pants, vests, jackets, capes, even shoes! Since I’m a stay-at-home Mom, I feel like a jacket is the best way for me to participate in this trend, but if you work in an office, you can play with tweed suits, skirts and trousers, too.

Above you can see that a tweed jacket will pair beautifully with jeans and an embellished tank on casual days in early fall, or make date night sizzle by covering a sheer nude top over some sleek cropped cords or velvet jeans.

I saw big tweeds (pretty much plaids, but don’t tell the designers that), bolder tweeds and muted, neutral tweeds like the one pictured. I like to go a bit neutral with a piece like this, particularly one I look at as investment (and will never, ever, ever put in the “thrift” pile again), so that I can mix and match and get lots of use out of it.

The second item on my list, which probably excites me most of all:

Must Have #2

bulky sweater

I saw big, chunky sweaters in every color, shape and size. Long, cropped, cardigans, pull-overs, belted, worn loose, turtlenecks, v-necks, even ponchos. The sky is the absolute limit for sweaters this year. Isn’t that liberating? (Happy sigh.)

I chose a very basic sweater here and styled it outdoorsy/camp-style with denim cut-offs and a plaid shirt (oh, wait, A “BIG TWEED” shirt), and then gave it a swoop of elegance by pairing it with a floaty maxi-skirt in one of the trendy colors you’ll see a lot of this fall, good old classic burgundy. (Honestly a shorter sweater would look better with the skirt as pictured, but I couldn’t find one to show you on Polyvore.)  Both of these outfits will work with the gorgeous tall boots you bought on the clearance rack this spring. I know! You are so smart!

Are you ready for the last item on the list?  I saved it for last because it’s the one that I styled a little funky, and one might view this one as the most risky of my three pieces:

Must Have #3



And what is meant by military style is not fatigues here, but dress-uniform military.  With embellishments.  I almost hate to say it, but remember Michael Jackson’s jackets from the early 90s?  With all the embellishments and brass buttons and stuff?  That’s kinda what they look like they’re going for on the runway.  I thought it would be fun to hint at The Ubiquitous Glove with a sequinned tank.  Feel free to ignore me.

In this look I’ve also included a nod to fashion’s adoration of all things royal (sheath dresses with matching dusters over them, a la Queen Elizabeth, are also trending big-time) with a pretty crown necklace.   Again, I tried to go neutral and practical and a bit toned-down with this trend so it’s workable with plenty of outfits and easily accessorized in many different ways.  I like a jacket that can play with me a little.  Don’t you?

So those are three of the items I’ll be keeping my eye out for over the coming weeks, to find specimens that fit and flatter me, are made well so they’ll last, and work with my budget.

Bonus! Other trends to look for:

  1. Seems like polka dots and stripes are going to hang on for another season at least.
  2. Pointy-toed pumps in vivid colors and even patterned fabrics (leopard, plaids, stripes, motifs, oh my!) are everywhere.
  3. Monochromatic outfits (all one color) have made a place for themselves again among the vivid rainbows of perfectly unmatched ensembles.  I saw so many gorgeous winter white outfits, head-to-toe, from casual to evening attire.  Besides the sweaters, those were probably my favorite looks – white is so striking when it’s done right.

How about you?  Have you started thinking about fall fashions?  What trends are you hoping to work into your wardrobe, and how?

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  1. I’m psyched on the military style jacket. I have one that has been in my closet for some time – it is a dusty rose velvet with burnished brass buttons – I love the feminine detail. I can’t wait to wear it with jeans, chocolate wool pants, winter white trousers, and my fawn, a-line, suede skirt!
    What I’m most looking forweard to wearing is a dress I’m sewing for myself. It is a sheath style with cap sleeves in the yummiest eggplant, wool jersey. Oh and tights – can’t wait for tights!

    • YES! TIGHTS! That sheath dress sounds scrummy… and a velvet military style jacket? SHUT. UP. I’m in love from afar. xo

  2. I’m so inspired! I may even get out of my yoga pants this fall! Megan, you’re a miracle worker. 🙂

  3. I love these outfits. And even though I gave all my BIG TWEED shirts to the thrift store a few years ago, I’m glad to see its return.

    And monochrome outfits? Yippee! I had one in the late 80s that was periwinkle from head-to-toe – except for these huge earrings which were periwinkle-lime-aqua stones. I miss that outfit. So I have a fondness.

  4. Megan, this post makes my fall fashion loving heart so happy. I cannot wait to break out my tweeds and sweaters again. Man, I’m such a sweater whore. I can’t help myself. Plus, the gorgeous fall colors! I swoon.

    I’ve never gotten into the military-inspired look but I’ll stay open to the idea, just for you.

    • I know. SWEATERSWEATERSWEATERS! (drool.)

      I was iffy on the military as well, but as I’ve shopped around looking, I have to say it’s growing on me daily. I saw some cream ones that were really elegant and soft… that might be the way I lean, and honestly I think the one pictured would really flatter you!

  5. LOVE this post so much that I actually went through the polyvore and bought the military jacket from Buckle and sequined shirt from Miss Selfridge! You totally have inspired me for Fall!!!

  6. I live in the southwest and “Fall” doesn’t come until November for us 🙁 but I love dreaming about being snuggly in a chunky sweater. I want to add some dresses with chunky tights. I wonder if that’s still in? I’m transitioning to a SAHM from working in an office. I don’t want to be trapped in yoga pants! I think dresses would be easiest for me to keep some style in my wardrobe.

    • Absolutely Mel, dresses work really well down south (jealous!). Sheath dresses will be huge (slightly impractical for momming, maybe?) and I also saw some sweat casual sweater dresses. In the Southern climate, a casual dress of thick jersey would pair so well with any of the toppers above too. And tights? YES PLEASE.

  7. Arianne says:

    I about died of happy that you did the glitzy tank as a nod to MJ. I love style sets with “nods” – the mark of a true artist! 🙂

    Also, if I don’t get those red shoes into my closet imma die.

    • Ha! I’m glad you liked the MJ thing. “Mark of a true artist,” made me snort outloud. Really that could have gone either way! 🙂 And yes, obvsly I loved the red shoes enough to put them in, but every subsequent time I look at them I get a little more schmoopy over ’em. They make me feel all sparkly inside.

  8. That swishy skirt and sweater? AH-dore. I want you to shop with me.

  9. Love all these looks! Unfortunately, down here in Florida, we don’t have many opportunities to wear jackets or sweaters, but I cherish those times when we do!!

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