Unique artwork for your creative kid

This giveaway is now closed. The winners are Serena, Mary, and Leigh – congratulations!

Next up is another Etsy shop, Fall Down TreeAdam Record illustrates fine art for little ones, and oh my word, his work is fantastic.

I love his creative eye for animals, robots, planes, and rain puddles – all stuff kids love.  I’d eventually love to decorate every wall in our playroom with Adam’s art.  You can say I’m a fan.

I’ll let his work do the talking…

Three of you will win one print of your choice from Fall Down Tree!

Here’s How To Win:

1. Leave a comment on this post, answering this question – Dinosaurs, animals, princesses, outer space…  What’s your child in to these days?

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3. Finally, to get a third entry, post or tweet about this giveaway – if you use the URL of this post, I’ll receive it – no need to email me.

This giveaway will end this Sunday, February 1 at noon EST. I hope you win!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. My son is really into chipmunks. He got a stuffed Alvin chipmunk for Christmas and now he is all about them!

  2. My little one loves animals… especially real ones like our two cats. She gets really excited when they walk by.

  3. My son is into trains and sport balls.

  4. My boys are into Knights and Pirates!

  5. Space! Everything space!

    Kelly´s last blog post…Things I Never Stop Saying

  6. My daughter is 2, and she is DEFINITELY into princesses. She loves to dress up in her “pincess” dress, and will even try to wear it to the grocery store!

    Jeni´s last blog post…Simple Pleasures

  7. Our daughter is only 9 months, but she loves rubber duckies!!! We have a ton of them 🙂

    Christy´s last blog post…Update o la!!

  8. Our daughter is nearly 18 months and LOVES wearing my shoes and playing with my make-up.

    Nikki´s last blog post…What Are We Gonna Eat?!

  9. I have a 3 year old little girl – so princesses!

  10. One son loves superheroes and cars, another loves animals especially dogs, and my daughter loves pandas and princesses.

    Mindy´s last blog post…I got nothin’

  11. My 11 month old is into cars! Vroom vroom!

    Joanna´s last blog post…My Time

  12. my little guy loves his teddy bear.

    jessica´s last blog post…Teddy…

  13. oh wow, this artwork is amazing. My daughter is into animals of all kinds. She is 18 months old, and she loves to tell me what sound each of the animals make.

    Laura Moore´s last blog post…Who doesn’t want a free magazine subscription?

  14. Definitely dinosaurs. Love all the art!

    Allison (Dog Mom)´s last blog post…Video Viernes!

  15. animals – my son is loving his stuffed bear these days!

  16. My little boy is almost 2 and is in to dinosaurs. One of his favorite things to do right now is run around stomping and roaring. This artwork is incredible!!!

  17. My girl loves anything pink! And my boys like things with motors!

  18. My Son is into Legos and Pokemon. My daughter is into dressing up as a princess and pretending to do Kung Fu.

    Avlor´s last blog post…Tuna thinks he can hide from my camera…

  19. Lafantasma says:

    My youngest is into Dora the Explorer right now, and my oldest is into Leggos.

  20. My almost 8 y.o. is into bakugan and legos; my 6 y.o. is into barbies and drawing/writing and my 3 y.o. is still in love with Cars (anything Cars).

    Jen@OurDailyBigTop´s last blog post…Friday Mix

  21. My nephew is into pokemon…

  22. Trains, trains, trains!

    Alissa´s last blog post…A Boy and His Cat

  23. the 3 year old is into playing with his baby sister’s toys! And she loves his dinosaurs. Go figure!

  24. My three year old daughter has recently discovered an intense LOVE for anything princess, my three year old son lives and breathes animals and my 1 1/2 year old daughter loves “huppies” (puppies)! I love the different stages they go through!

    Kelli´s last blog post…Cold Remedies

  25. My son (3 years) has a serious obsession with cars, trucks, and trains. He loves, loves, loves them. My baby girl (15 months) loves her play cell phones.

    Bethany´s last blog post…On My Desk …

  26. Michelle C says:

    My five year old son has loved dinosaurs since he was about three. My almost 2 year old daughter loves cats. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. My oldest (4) son loves blocks and trucks, my daughter (3) loves dolls and my youngest (6month) loves me or really my breast 🙂

    Love this art. And my poor kids walls desperately need some!

  28. My 5 year old is a total princess, and she to carry around her sketch book and draw clothes, our family, landscapes, etc. My 15 month old is into whatever his big sister doesn’t want him into!

  29. Definitely princesses. It’s all about princesses here.

  30. The alphabet. My daughter points out letters everywhere.

    Emily´s last blog post…Peanut Butter Goodness

  31. Legos!

  32. My boys are into dinosaurs, space, knights and superheroes.

    Heather G´s last blog post…Do you remember

  33. My little one LOVES fire trucks and anything to do with firefighters right now. Especially when he sees one on the street with its lights on.

  34. All things outdoors:)

    tara´s last blog post…newness

  35. My daughter (almost two) is very much into shoes! Our littlest is just into the snuggles.

    sarah´s last blog post…A Taste of Springtime

  36. Warren loves Dinosaurs and Ben has always been into Trains!!!

  37. Dinosaurs and Star Wars all the way here! 🙂

    Angie @ The Creative Mama´s last blog post…make your own green bags

  38. I would have to say Dinosaurs. Or at least that is what his dad and I are rooting for. He is only 8 months and shows an interest for anything we put in front of him!

  39. 4 of them are into legos and playmobil, the youngest (20 months) is into animals right now – especially lions

  40. My kids are into ANYTHING pretend play! And I subscribe to your blog! 🙂

  41. My daughter is all about princess, and my 13mo son loves balls! Both kids also like trains and planes

    MaryAnne´s last blog post…Goals and a Tutu

  42. My daughter is 11 months and loves balls – she crawls around the house saying, “ball, ball, ball” until she finds one! I LOVE the art and am so hopeful that I might be one of the winners this time!!

  43. judy brittle says:

    My grandson is totally into dinosaurs. Whenever he comes home from the library every book has a dinosaur in it. Thank you!

  44. We have two little girls…so princesses and dress up are DEFINITELY “in” at our house!

  45. Barney, Barney oh and did I mention Barney. 🙂 They also love all of their little people stuff and they adore the plastic Alligators and Dinosaurs.

    Becky´s last blog post…My Day in Pics

  46. My #1 is into trains — so the first print here grabbed my eye. My #2 is into everything. Literally.

    molly´s last blog post…Inaugural Collage

  47. Cars! Trains! Anything with wheels!

    Shilo´s last blog post…Jack Frost’s Handiwork

  48. Shoshanah says:


    Pretty in pink princesses!

  49. 2 year old – drums!!! and watercolors
    4 year old – tinkertoys and watercolors

    Christy´s last blog post…simple skirt for spring

  50. My 5 year old daughter is into princesses, cliche, I know. My 2 year old loves babies. So far my 4 month old boy just likes to eat; he’s such a boy already!

  51. My daughter has turned into a Princess over night! Her friend had a Cinderalla birthday party and she hasn’t looked back!

    Candace´s last blog post…News Flash

  52. My 4 year old son is into dinosaurs and firefighters. He said he is going to be a paleontologist and a firefighter and he needs to start practicing. My 2 year old daughter loves babies and cooking.

  53. Adrienne G says:

    My little 19 mo old man is into ELMO!!

  54. Definitely a princess household =) 2 girls under 3! But soon to maybe inject some cars and bears into the house. We’re expecting a boy in 6 weeks!

  55. My sons are into animals, vehicles, and really all things typically boy.

  56. Abby (4) says she likes microphones and doing plays.

    Carrie´s last blog post…Mundane Miracles ~ 11

  57. My son loves all things cars, and my daughter does too!

    Mrs. Sprinkles´s last blog post…Dinner

  58. My youngest son (seriously) is in to garbage trucks. He has two. He LOVES them. He points out dumpsters to us everywhere we go. He’s five. My middle son has LOVED (it has to be in all capitals) trains since he was about three. He’s now 7. If you want to know anything about trains, just ask him. He can probably tell you. My oldest son loves Legos & his Nintendo DS too. 😉

  59. My three year old loves dinosaurs! The 8 month old likes anything she can place in her mouth.

  60. Carly is into dawing monsters and being a princess. Every morning I ask her if she’d like to wear pants or a dress and she says “A dress. PEA-cause I’m a princess.” She loves and adores Thomas the Train.

    Liz´s last blog post…Bree’s Busy Morning

  61. Star Wars Legos

    HopiQ´s last blog post…Readeez: Up For Grabs

  62. my youngest is into choo-choos! we’re getting ready to do his bigboy room and one of these prints would be perfect!

    brandiandboys´s last blog post…The 6th Member of the Family

  63. My girl is into frogs. My boy, trucks, trucks, trucks.

    Joanna´s last blog post…Coloring

  64. Trains, Trains, and Trains. With a bit of superheros in the mix!

    The work is awesome, I have to check out his shop!

    Amber D.´s last blog post…Through My Lens Photo Project DAY # 4

  65. My son is into John Deere and construction vehicles.

    Jessica´s last blog post…There she goes…

  66. My daughter is almost two and she loves all kinds of animals right now- especially cats.

    Audrey´s last blog post…The 20-Week Belly

  67. Tornadoes. Go figure.

  68. my daughter is into princesses.
    my son is into super heroes.

    fun, fun!

    emily anderson´s last blog post…hold onto your seats…

  69. Michelle Meyer says:

    My girls, ages 2 and 3, are SO into princesses right now that rarely are they without their princess attire and have taken to requesting that we call them by their princess names. Oh boy!!

  70. My two-year-old son loves anything with wheels: cars, trucks, trains . . .

    Mary Beth´s last blog post…Imagine the Potential

  71. Well, my son’s only 18 months old, so he doesn’t have too many obsessions yet. But anything that comes in a box is automatically exciting for him. He helps me open it and says “Woah!” over and over. That and our cats. If only they were as excited about him as he his about them!

  72. My son likes super hero stuff and my daughter is into “littlest pets” so i would say animals.

  73. star wars all the way.

    rachel´s last blog post…Silver is the new Black (for a limited time)

  74. Bionicles, dragons, and knights

  75. Trains are all the rage at my house!

    Stephanie´s last blog post…Snow Day!

  76. Depending upon which kid we’re talking about…we have a princess/dinosaur fan and an animal/outer space fan 🙂

  77. My 3 yo’s into MONSTER TRUCKS!!! RRRR! The 1 yo is into chewing things. Animals, dinosaurs, monster trucks… anything.

    I LOVE Adam Record’s art!

    Leigh´s last blog post…My New Thing: Letting Go of Guilt

  78. My little one is into to tractors! loves em! We have like a million!

    Kristin´s last blog post…YES!!!!!! Take a look at this!

  79. Pirates. We love pirates….and of course, Indiana Jones adventures!

    corinne´s last blog post…Before & After And A Request

  80. 1- dogs
    1- princesses/dress up
    1- legos
    1- art, drawing, etc.

  81. My 2 year old daughter loves animals. She knows a lot by name and knows a lot of the sounds they make!

    Jodi´s last blog post…Movie Madness Answer

  82. my sons ae into super heros right now.

  83. Suprisingly-science experiments.

  84. My boys are really into Thomas the Train (have been for a LONG time).
    My daughter is into her baby dolls and cleaning just like mommy. I love it.

    Briana´s last blog post…Here’s what my boys are doing this snowy/icy day…

  85. Nothing unique here. My daughters all princess and my little guy is all trains. Easy enough! Cute artwork!!

  86. Oh my. Volcanoes. Crocodiles. Whales. Hmm, guess watching Planet Earth IS influencing him a bit!

    Aimee´s last blog post…Foodie Facebook: Michele

  87. My 5 yo is really into cgats of al kinds, but especially big cats like lions and tigers.

    My 4 yo is the princess in the family.

    My 2 yo loves balls — baseballs, footballs, basketballs, golf balls, etc. etc.

    We’re still waiting to see what our littlest guy will be interested in.

  88. Okay, for my son it is for sure Star Wars or any other battle/sword/ fighting thing he can think of (he’s 5) and for my daughter it is princess, and pink and girly, and twirly. The baby (girl) doesn’t really have a favorite unless it’s Sandra Boynton books which she wants to read over and over all day.

    Clara S.´s last blog post…Puzzle love

  89. Princesses!! It looked like a princess exploded in our living room this morning. Dresses, beads, high heels, and jewels were everywhere!!

  90. My 18 month old loves the TV remote and Elmo! Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. my little man into dressing up these days. glasses, scarves, hats, you name, he’ll wear it!

  92. Princess… all day every day… although they’re being more creative in their dressing up lately.

    Shalae´s last blog post…It’s that time of year

  93. cars, lawnmowers, shopping carts, ANYTHING with wheels!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. My boys are into pirates and dinosaurs … oh, and the Rocketeer (does anyone remember that movie?!)

    Thank you!


  95. My 2yo is into anything with wheels, my 3yo is into dinosaurs and sea animals. My 8yo (only daughter) just loves things quirky and beautiful and my 11yo has a room decorated with light houses. This art work is really wonderful. I’ve enjoyed learning about some new products with all your giveaways!

  96. Jennifer K says:

    My boys love all animals, including dinosaurs. They have animal figurines that can keep them fascinated for hours! (or so it seems)

  97. mine just turned two and is crazy about her baby dolls!

    Melanie B´s last blog post…MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!

  98. My oldest son (2.5) is totally into trucks trucks and more trucks these days!

  99. We have big boy into superheroes, daughter totally into princesses, and baby loving balls!

  100. I have a 4 year old son who is very into trains.