Fall and winter style with Tea

This past weekend was a wonderful calm before the storm. We didn’t know that by the wee hours of Monday morning we’d be in full on assault from the stomach flu.

Perhaps impending tummy bug can be cause for extra beautiful faces? Because I’m in love.

I’m pretty picky about my kids style. As much as I can be with 3 boys who have opinions about what they wear, anyway. They don’t always mix and match how I’d choose, so I try to have plenty of basics that are styles I like.

Do you look for quality basics when shopping for kids clothes?

(I’m talking basics from Tea today, so don’t miss the big giveaway below!)

A little while back Tea sent us this one piece romper for my girl River and these long sleeve tees for the boys (my third boy had a shirt but he also had an issue with, you know, cooperating, so he isn’t pictured). These are just a tip of the style iceberg that is the whole of Tea, as they are one of the few brands that I can tell relatives wanting to send a gift, “anything from Tea” and I know I’ll like what they choose.

My boys are the rough and tumble sort, and our Tea clothes always make it to the hand-me-down status. You know that means they are pretty durable, right?

Good quality pieces are the key to making clothes last a season, and I don’t know about you but I need more than 2-3 wears out of my kids’ clothing (which is the amount I get out of cheaper brands/stores these days). I really love to find quality basics for the kids, so that I know their styles will last the current season and beyond.

Here are some fun outfits I put together to give you some style inspiration for your little ones, all picked from the line of Tea’s current offerings. The best part of choosing basic, stylish pieces is that ALL these outfits are interchangeable making for plenty of options for your kiddos!

Boys Basics for Fall/Winter Style

Top / Striped top / Levi’s denim jean jacket / Vest / Elastic waist pants / Ankle booties / Side Pocket Baby Pants / PF Flyers Center Lo

You may notice I didn’t choose any jeans here, but only because 2 of my 3 boys won’t wear jeans. They are all about the elastic waist pants, so I’m REALLY glad Tea has those to offer sensory-sensitive kids like mine! Tea has lots of cute pants and jeans for boys and girls.

Girls Basics for Fall/Winter Style

Party dress / Dress / Party dress / Sweater / Cardigan / Skinny stretch pants / Denim pants / Legging / Ankle booties / Silver ballerina flat / Kickers Fanzine

Of course, I want my own version of these girls options for myself! Again, the mixing and matching of outfits is key for making a few quality pieces go a long way. (pssst… if you sign up for their newsletter – just scroll down to enter your email – you’ll get 10% off your first order!)

So how about some Tea for YOU?

Win $100 to Tea!

Tea is giving away $100 store credit to one lucky reader. Enter in the giveaway widget below! Good luck, friends!

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  1. I love that little girls shirt in the basic pic… it reminds me of playing trivial pursuit as a kid 🙂

  2. Natalie G says:

    oh I loooove Tea! Having baby #2 next month and can’t wait to find out who he/she is so I can start buying some cute clothes!

  3. The pink shoes are fun!

  4. Love these! I’m heading over to shop right now!

  5. I love just about any of the Akita or Lotus print newborn items!

  6. You know we love Tea Collection! Right now I am eyeing the star dress for Ivy for holiday pictures!


  7. I love the Star Gazer Party Dress.


  9. Robin from Frugal Family Times says:

    Gorgeous kids, Arianne – but you knew that! I’d never heard of Tea before. Gorgeous kid pieces.

  10. I LOVE the Daisy-Chain 5 piece set for girls. Love the colors, love the prints!

  11. I love the Twirly dresses…..so cute! Actually, I love all their girl’s clothes. Too bad I don’t have a daughter!

  12. I love that twirly dress!

  13. Great giveaway! I love Tea’s clothing!!!

  14. Love the Winter Bloom dress and the Daisy 5 piece set!

  15. I love the star dress and the little kimono wrap dresses! So sweet!!

  16. Love the baby dresses, especially the layered dresses and the daisy chain mini dress.

  17. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Tea and have been getting their catalogs/emails/updates for years. Seriously. I even bought some cute clothes in hopes my mom would “get them” for my kids for Christmas 🙂
    Sarah M

  18. Lisagrace says:

    I love the ankle booties! So cute!

  19. I adore the Juniper wrap dress!

  20. I like the winter blooms dress. So pretty!

  21. I love the ankle boots and sweaters.

  22. I’m like you – I love everything Tea! If I had to choose my favorite I’d say it’s the Flora fest twirly dress!

  23. I love for my daughter to look girly without looking frilly — these are great!

  24. I love these clothes and I hadn’t heard of the company, thanks!

  25. JessiAnn Robertson says:

    I love the simplicity if all of these pieces… Makes it easier (as an OCD mama) to let my Kindergartener solely pic out all her own outfits! 🙂

  26. Jessica Saunders says:

    all the dresses are drool worthy, love the wrap ones!

  27. The baby boy Alpine Romper is adorable!

  28. I have a boy and a girl…and I LOVE these clothes! Great choices!

  29. Love the Winter Blooms dress. Too cute!

  30. I absolutely love the boy’s ankle booties and the vest. They are too cute! My daughter would wear the silver ballerina flats everyday- even in snow!

  31. I love the girls stargazer party dress and the boys star hoodie. These are so cute.

  32. I love both of those basic sets! what a great giveaway!

  33. I love the boys viking tea and star hoodie! So cute!

  34. Oh my goodness…I love all of their stuff, but I think my favorites are the girls Lidkoping Leaves Layer Dress and the Flower and Berry Smocked Dress. Adorable!

  35. Tea is my favorite company!!
    My son Loves the soft pants too bc he says jeans are uncomfortable. He needs new pants so hope I am lucky winner!!

  36. I love the winter mountain pyjamas and the twirl party dress.

  37. I am so in love with the Snowy Viking 5-piece set- perfect for my little guy!

  38. My son doesn’t like jeans, either, so it’s always nice to find cute pants he’ll actually wear!

  39. I’ve had my eye on the blue/green Peli stripe hoodie for a while now. I’m planning for my older son to wear it for our family portraits in January. And I love the hikers stripe romper for my little guy.

  40. Love the Alpine Hoodie for little boys!

  41. Stephanie says:

    I adore Tea! Loving the Kickers Fanzine — wish they came in my size!

  42. I like the Annika Skinny Stripe leggings (how could I not when they share a name with my daughter!). I’d pair them with the Colours of Autumn dress.

  43. I love the Marisa Haskell Olympia necklace, and just about everything I saw from the girls collection!

  44. I LOVE the little hoodie for a boy and the twirl dress for a girl! 🙂 SO cute!

  45. Lindsay A. says:

    Lots of cute stuff. I love the mod stripe tee for my son or my daughter. The juniper wrap dress is one I’m sure my daughter would love.

  46. Leslie M.P. says:

    I like the ski stripe polo for boys, although my son would love the mammoth t-shirt!

  47. Amanda Steele says:

    cute! love the little girl leggings 🙂

  48. Oh, I love all of their stuff and it washes and wears so well! We love the girl dresses especially over leggings!

  49. Love the little romper your girl is in!! I love Tea, they are always my first outfits to reach for.

  50. winter mountain pjs- I love tea!

  51. I love their little girl stuff! My daughter is 5 and so soon will be out of the toddler sizes and I’m hugely disappointed with what many of the retail stores offer in terms of size 5+ clothes. Sequins, sassy/rude lettering, and just way too mature looking for my kindergartener.

  52. The pink girls bootlets

  53. I tried to follow on twitter but twitter is telling me I have been blocked at the request of the user….not sure what happened there??

  54. Love the seeing stars dress since you could put it w/ a long-sleeved shirt in the winter, but w/o the shirt in the spring and fall (maybe even summer!)

  55. Love Tea, cute, quality clothing. Can’t ask for more than that!

  56. I love the Nordic Holiday line!

  57. I really love the octopus t shirt that your son is wearing, so cool!

  58. I like the baby boy off-road wanderer wardrobe set.

  59. katie anaya says:

    i just got the tea catalog in the mail yesterday! i spent waaaaay too much time drooling over everything and scheming of ways to fill my kids’ closets with their pretties. especially loved the boys separates (my boy liked the husky shirt), the tights, socks and ALL the dresses for my girls AND a pair of shoes for me! (i have tiny feet and can wear kids sizes…) my youngest kept pointing at each page saying, “pretty!” in her sweet two year old way. would love to win this giveaway!

  60. I LOVE Tea Collection! I particularly love that their girls’ stuff isn’t just a sea of pink.

  61. I love the Alpine sweatshirt for the boys, and the french terry cargos for girls. My daughter will usually only wear elastic pants!

  62. I love the baby boy collection, especially that cute dinosaur graphic shirt!

  63. logsplitter says:

    LOVE the Viking and Yedi t-shirts for boys!

  64. Love Tea! Like that octopus shirt!

  65. I love the girls boots!

  66. Mary Beth says:

    I like the layer dresses! My girls live in dresses and leggings year round and these are so cute.

  67. Love TEA – so comfy!

  68. The girls’ dresses are adorable. My three year old would love every single one.

  69. I love the SNOWY MONSTER TEE.

  70. i was immediately drawn to that third dress, the party dress, in your example. LOVE!

  71. LOVE the stockholm border dress for my little…and the mod colorbock dress.

  72. I adore their layered dresses. Those look so cute.

  73. Love the Juniper Wrap dress.

  74. I’ve never heard of this company. Good to know!

  75. i just love the winter wonderland romper for my babe (and pretty much all the dresses!), and the knit playwear pant for my son along with any of their awesome layering tees! 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  76. I love Tea! I do the same thing with realtives and tell them they can buy anything from Tea when they need gift ideas

  77. I love the girls’ holiday dresses.

  78. I love their wrap dresses for baby girls!

  79. I love the girls’ wrap and twirly dresses. I’ve gotten Tea as hand-me-downs and they really do last and are so cute. I also LOVE the Little Citizens PJs!

  80. I love the girls style board you made.

  81. Love the shoes for my daughter.

  82. I love Tea clothes for my girls!!!

  83. Julianne Smith says:

    I love just about everything I see over at Tea, but my absolute favorite is the yeti tee (or “Snowy Monster Tee”; I just prefer the assonance :]) If I had the cash dollars, I would buy lots of things!

  84. I just love their clothing. So simple and beautiful!

  85. I love the Tea dresses for girls My kids love them–they are comfortable and so cute!

  86. Christine C says:

    The dresses are my favorite. Great colors and cool designs. So fun!

  87. I love the Tea brand! Their stuff is so well made and beautiful. I love the vibrant colors. I have only bought two dresses from them though due to the fact that I have identical twin baby girls and a three year old. I would love to win this!!

  88. I love tea & would be thrilled to win! I love the juniper romper!

  89. Love it all, especially the Star Shirt and Hinterland Plaid shirt.

  90. My daughter would love the Daisy Chain 5 piece set! She would look great in those bright colors 🙂

  91. Love Riv in that first picture.

  92. I love the cardigan! And really everything at Tea. I spend way too much money there!

  93. I love Tea. So many cute items. I have two girls and we would love to win. Especially because I have one with sensory issues as well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  94. I love the dresses they have – like the Swedish Lark Layer Dress with long sleeves

  95. i’m on the search for the ‘colours of autumn’ dress in a size 3/4 or 5…if anyone is getting rid of one, please send me a message. we’ve been looking for it for some time now and it’s hard to locate! thank you!

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