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  1. I tried to get the free program but the button didn’t work. I am about to go to bed and I see that you are only giving away 100 programs. Can you please contact me and let me know when it is fixed?

  2. Same with me! …. I get some downloads but not the Mind Organization for Moms that you offer.

  3. If you read my post from Friday, you’ll see how helpful this post would be to me. Although I am a single mom (well, my husband is here, but ill) and the stickiness is so huge around here, I can try to use some of these tips. Thank you.

  4. Same here! I’ve wanted to go through this program forever and was SO excited to see it offered here for free, but when I enter my info it says my name and email are already in use, which is true since I already subscribe to Power of Moms. Is this offer not available to those already subscribed? I sure hope we can still be included! :)

  5. Same issue as above. I’ve been wanting to do this program, but am already a subscriber to Power of Moms. Is this available to those already subscribed?

  6. Thanks so much, everyone! I’m sorry a few of you are having trouble accessing the program. I’m working with our tech support right now to figure out where the glitch is. If you register on the giveaway page, I’ll have you on the list, and you’ll definitely receive the free program. We’ll set up a temporary download page, and I’ll contact you when the download link is working. Thanks!

  7. I thought I smelled GTD! I love having a GTD program specifically for moms. I went through the process and the button appeared after I logged in, but when I press the button nothing happens and it does not get added to my programs. Help!

  8. Thank you for the free program access! I’m excited to check it out! To those above who haven’t been able to access it, I got it to work by following the directions in the email that was automatically sent. I logged into the website, then I clicked on “My Programs” in that same box once logged in. It wasn’t in my list of programs, so I went back to the email and looked at the link directly below the green box. It says “If, by some chance, you missed the Mind Organization for Moms download page, you can access it here.” I clicked on that link, and it added it to my programs page. So I went back to “My Programs,” and there it was! Now I’m going to go check out my goodies! I hope that helps. Thanks again!

  9. Great post – I’ve learned to just get things done more and more. I love my Planner Pad organizer because it provides a clear way to set up master lists, daily to-do lists and schedule them. I especially love it because it’s not electronic so I can do my planning without being on a screen – no late night going to the computer.

  10. I would like to recieve the free program as well, but I get an error when I click on the link.
    I went specifically on the simple mom site to try to find advice in this area of “getting things together’. What a blessing to find this post.

  11. As for the Netflix issue, pick a night when everyone is home and ask what movies they want to request. Add a bunch to your queue and then whenever you send movies back, they’ll automatically send you the next ones from your queue. You don’t have to remember to go pick something. :) Also, if you go to your rental history, you can report lost/broken/damaged DVDs. HTH

  12. Thank you both so much for this. It worked for me, so hopefully it will work for everyone. Being a stay-at-home mom with both kids in school, the little things seem to never get done, even though I have the time. Hopefully this program will help!

  13. Very organized way of thinking of this topic. I’ve never thought of it that way. But of course my attempts at being this organized always seem to end horribly. I’ve adopted one simple method for dealing with the sticky point of my life and that is: JUST DEAL WITH THEM. Like right now. When that dryer door is just bothering me, I take a minute (while I’m stacking the books in front of it to keep it closed) to call the handyman to come fix it. I get anxious when my to do list gets too long, so for me just dealing with the stickiness in that moment is so very helpful to me. Thanks for sharing!

    • This is my issue. If I make too many lists, I won’t get it done! I like step 1 and 2. 1 list. Sometimes I forget why a “to-do” is important and needs action. So seeing both sides I think will help. But I like the “just deal with it” approach too.

    • Great point! GTD emphasizes the Two-Minute Rule, which says that if you can get something done in two minutes or less, just do it–don’t add it to a list. This type of list system works best for those tasks that are more than two minutes. Thanks!

      • Ha! I had to laugh. I, too, work well from a list, but I have a friend who is so list-dependent (and/or OCD) that if she does something that’s not on her list, she adds it on real fast so she can mark it off.

  14. I was SOOOOO with you on the “get the little things done before they become big things,” then on to step one: “write it down,” and even on the “now write down the next step” step….but then you kept going and the system got more elaborate and complex and my “overwhelmed” meter shot off the charts. While this system may be effective for some, I’m not sure that “simple” is the correct adjective for it!

    Having said that, I think it’s a fabulous _idea_ and it clearly works for you (and likely others). As for me, I will glean the bits of it that I can and use it to find a system that works for me. Right now that “system” boils down to “just do it.” If I see something out-of-place or that needs to be done, if I have the time to do it, I do it! As I go along, more and more things are getting done and staying maintained, which means that I can then go to the next level – like clean out the fridge or go through the pile o’crap on the counter (or the other one on my dresser) or…..whatever is next on the list of things I need to do.

    To each their own!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your perspective, Melissa! You’re definitely right that everyone has their own unique style of organizing. I’ve found that my brain works best with focused lists (because otherwise I worry about everything simultaneously), but for others, lists feel overwhelming. I love learning how other people structure their time and tasks, as it helps me continue to tweak my own personal system. Thanks for your comment!

  15. I’ve just downloaded my free program! Thank you so much guys, I just know it’s going to work for me. Can’t wait for my mind to be uncluttered! x

  16. I did not go through your whole process, but lately, I have been consciously trying to just deal with something at the time I notice it even if it means a lot of extra steps, like taking things up and down the stairs or whatever, amazing how little time it takes to do the little annoying things compared to how much aggravation they cause………..

  17. I have a chalk board in the kitchen. I keep these “to do” things on a list there. Then when I have a morning or afternoon free I spend some time knocking off as many as I can. They don’t all get done but at least I make a dent. And if the kids are aorund, I delegate some of the jobs to them. Which keeps them off the screen time. So I manage to get 2 things done at once 😉 Stevie@ruffledfeathersand

  18. I also read David Allen’s getting things done and I love the way you’ve taken his basic methods and really tailored them for mom’s in a do-able (and interesting) way. I found these methods really helped me at work although I haven’t tried them at home.

  19. You couldn’t have posted this at a better time! I feel so overwhelmed sometimes that I have trouble sleeping. I’m sure this is going to help! Also, thank you for the free program! It’s very interesting as well.

  20. I love this blog! I’m not a mom but I am a fugal housewife and there is good stuff on this blog that my husband and I can use to manage our lives better (he actually introduced me to your blog). Like this post for example; what I simple way to address those overwhelming little things. I’m trying this. Thanks!

    PS I subscribed and followed :)

  21. Just checking, do we need a website required to post a comment? I put yours in there b/c I don’t have one.
    ALL I CAN SAY is Wow. This article was exactly what I needed for work. And home. But mainly work. I’ve been trying for weeks to figure what was wrong with my system here at the office, because I have so much to do, so many hats to wear, the office burial of Ty Johnson was near. My casket was the papers and files all over the place. So I’ve known about the GTD system, but the method needed to tweaked for my workload so I’ve realized that need to have the Context based folders in place which I’ve been doing, but I wanted a ONE PAGE see-at-a-glance what is in those folders at any given time. So everytime I tried to google search the issue, the results weren’t what I was looking for and I give up b/c now 1 or 2 hours has passed and I’m no closer to my goal. AND I’ve wasted 2 hours of my day – GONE (Then the guilt comes in). So I stop and look again another day, or another week, a month. And now TODAY, I stumble upon your blog/website: A true true blessing. When I saw your picture of “What is bothering me” written on what looked like a white poster board and read your article, (as Gru would say in the movie in Despicable Me ‘LIGHT BULB) I turned off my computer screen so fast, and wrote down what was bothering me and it was so clear… that I just wanted to applaud and thank you for helping me with such a simple idea that has fixed months of problems.
    Define the problem: What is bothering me? So simple…and I am the type that writes it down in order for it to stick to my brain. Thank you again.
    Also is the “Mind Organization for Moms” download still available? Have you hit the 100 mark yet? I’m in such desperate need for these tips. I’ve clicked the link on the registration page & the access link in the email as stated in prior post and neither worked. I’ve still sub regardless.

    • Tymiria, I’m so glad this post helped you! Thank you for sharing your story and your kind words. I can TOTALLY relate with how you’ve been feeling. I’ve been there–and that’s why I put together this program. So sorry the link didn’t work for you. Not sure why, as it’s been working for others. But you can email, and we’ll try again. If you still have issues, please email Thanks so much!

  22. I’m definitely at that random spiral notebooks list stage. Even that has been helping me just to get my to do list out of my head and onto paper. That way whenever I have time I know exactly what needs to be done. Your tips really take it to the next step. Thanks!