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This e-book bundle sale has now ended. Bummed? You can still buy the e-books individually—head here to check out the lineup.

I don’t normally post twice in a day, so here’s this week’s benediction if you’re looking for it. But I wanted to quickly let you all know about a pretty sweet deal starting today that includes my ebook, One Bite at a Time. For the next six days, there’s an insane load of cool things sold as a bundle—waaaaay on sale.

Here’s the short-and-sweet info: 97 e-books and e-courses, written by 75 bloggers, on sale for $29.97. The value is just over $600. I’m not good at math, but that’s looking like $570 off the retail price. Head here to see what’s all included.

Now, I’m not big on pushing you to buy things you don’t need, nor am I big on more equaling better—so in some ways, you might be thinking 97 items are WAY too much for you to handle. I understand. But there are a few reasons I think this sale might be good for some of you…

ebook bundle

1. If some of the included e-books are already on your wish list.

Let’s say you were already wanting to buy my e-book, Melissa Michael’s Not a DIY Diva, Sarah Mae’s 31 Days to Clean and Frumps to Pumps, Jamie Martin’s Mindset for Moms, Stephanie Langford’s Healthy Homemaking, Jessica Heights’ 100-Pound Loser, Alli Worthington’s iPhone Photography, Rachel Meek’s Simple Blogging, and Kristen Welch’s That Works for Me!.

Outside this bundle, those total just over 60 bucks. For half that price, you’d get all those e-books, plus a bajillion more. So, now’s a great time to buy these e-books collectively, even if you’re only interested in a few.

2. If you’re also on the fence about some of the other e-books.

If you think you might want to buy some of the e-books or courses included in the bundle, but aren’t really sure about paying full-price, well, now here’s your chance to buy them way cheaper.

And if you decide you don’t like some of the books, no huge financial harm done.

3. If you know of some people who’d love these as gifts.

With this bundle, you’re buying 97 items for about thirty bucks. Divvy that up, and it makes for some really affordable gift giving. (And by this, I mean printing an e-book on quality paper and having it nicely bound. Please be respectful of the authors’ copyrights, and only give one copy to one person on your gift list—you’re buying one copy of each e-book here.)

4. If you’re itching to do some home planning this summer.

This e-book bundle is all about running a home well—cooking, decor, parenting, organizing, pregnancy and baby care, working from home, taking care of yourself, and more. You could print out the e-books you want, collect them in a binder, and use it as a tool to plan for the upcoming fall and school year, all summer long.

5. If you like supporting bloggers you read for free.

Most bloggers love what they do, and they often work very, very hard without a lot of pay. As a reader, I’m grateful for so many that offer their words to me, for free (I’ve never paid a dime to read a blog). I love saying “thank you” from time to time by buying some of my fellow blogger’s offerings. This is a fun chance to thank 75 bloggers at once.

ebook bundle

This bundle isn’t for everyone, but it might be a blessing for some of you. I can’t imagine someone loving every single item in this bundle (and I can’t vouch for the content in all of them—I haven’t read them all), but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater—I think there’s something for almost everyone in this collection.

And hey, you also get quite a few free products with all these e-books and courses. Head here to read about everything included in this bundle, and also to read the fine print (translation: I can’t help you with download issues, but someone else can).

Remember—this collection is only available this week, from today through May 4. After this week, it won’t be available ever again. Head here to buy it (and when you buy through this link, you’ll help support Simple Mom—so thank you).

Again, here’s the week’s benediction, and tomorrow, we’ll start sharing before and after pics for our final hot spot this spring—your put-off project! Looking forward to seeing yours.

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