Dreaming of a VW camper

I have long had this (unrealistic) dream of owning a re-furbished VW camper bus. We’d have vintage upholstery, linens and curtains. We’d maybe bring a bell canvas tent and have the boys sleep there while my baby girl and I slept in the camper. And we’d all skip through the daisy’s, right?

I especially love finding pictures of refurbished retro campers online and imagining how fun weekend jaunts to the forest would be.

I discovered that if you live in the UK you can easily “hire” or purchase a retro van, as there are several options. Here and here.

Or you could buy an old camper and refurbish it yourself like these lovely people.

Do you dream about traveling in fun and stylish ways? Have you ever had adventures in a VW camper?


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  1. You betcha! Its a number on my bucket list, for sure 🙂

  2. My husband says he’d like to gut a school bus, make it a place to live and drive around the country. I love the refurbished camper!

  3. Oh sigh, I just love discovering these!!! We have the staggering old VW… just totally can’t see us ever getting round to refurbishing!!! I may have to set my dreams on the retro-lego camper van!!!

  4. LOVE these!!! How fun it would be to take off on an adventure in an old VW!!!

  5. My hubby and I have often dreamed about taking 3 to 6 months off from life and taking the kids RV’ing from coast to coast before our first son graduates. We have 3 years left to do it in so we will see…..

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