How to be disorganized & unproductive, #6: neglect yourself

This is the first part to a six part series entitled “The 6 Keys to a Disorganized, Unproductive Day at Home.”

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It’s said so often it’s almost cliché – if mama’s not doing well, the whole family won’t do well. We all know it’s important to do those little things to take care of ourselves, but when push comes to shove, how many of us really, truly make caring for ourselves a priority?

Neglecting yourself is the sixth key to being disorganized and unproductive because it’s so easy for us to blame outside circumstances on a chaotic home, when really, it’s us – the home managers – who are causing the conflict.

Sometimes it’s directly our influence, and sometimes it’s indirect – either way, our overall well-being affects our family and home a lot more than we realize.

We’re not physically up to par.

This is an obvious reason. When our bodies are depleted, we’re not running on all cylinders, and we suffer for it. I’m sure every one of us has experienced a day where we are so tired, it’s all we can do to keep our eyes open, yet we have ten things to do and five errands to run and guests are coming for dinner that night. No fun.

Neglecting Ourselves Physically – the Inside
Here are some common ways we put our bodies on the back burner:
• Not getting enough sleep
• Not drinking enough water
• Not exercising
• Eating too much sugar
• Eating too quickly
• Consuming too many calories
• Consuming too few calories
• Not getting enough fresh air (such as going outside)

Application Time: Pick one of these today, and solve the problem it presents. As for me, I plan to be in bed by 10 p.m. tonight. Oh, and of course, I’ll be exercising a smidge today.

Neglecting Ourselves Physically – the Outside
How are you doing with grooming yourself each day? I find myself much more productive if I’ve taken a shower, changed out of my jammies, at least somewhat done my hair and makeup, and performed those basic hygenic tasks that make me a civilized member of society.

Application Time: Even if the only people that will most likely see you are the under 5 crowd, getting fully ready for the day will energize you and help you stay productive. I dare you – dress like you’re going in to a casual workplace today. Then test your energy level.

Other side benefits to getting fully dressed for the day:

• No worries if an unexpected guest pops by or calls, saying they’re “in the neighborhood.”
• You can pick up and head out the door whenever it’s needed.
• Your husband gets a somewhat presentable wife when he gets home.

Our need for relationships goes unmet.

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Are you getting adult time? I know there’s some “controversy” over whether getting time outside the house is really taking care of yourself, or whether it’s selfish. Yes, it can become selfish, and yes, there’s a fine line between getting out for some quiet and escaping responsibility. My guess is, though, that most moms with great intentions don’t struggle with getting out too much. I could be wrong.

Your Marriage
Are you and your spouse going on dates? You should. If not, you’ll get discouraged pretty quickly about staying home with the kids and managing the home.

Your Friendships
Do you have a relationship with at least one other woman, hopefully a fellow mom? Consider having coffee dates right at your dining room table. It helps to hear in a face-to-face conversation that you’re not alone.

If you’re a Christian, and therefore have a relationship with Jesus, then you need to spend time with him. Are you? He said that he is the vine and you are the branch; that you will not be fruitful unless you abide in him. Make this a priority. Let go of the cultural shackles that tells you this has to be a certain amount of time for it to be worth it. Five minutes hearing his voice is more than no time at all. And don’t forget – if you tune in appropriately, you can hear him while you do the dishes.

Application Time: Select one of these relationships – hopefully the one most on your back burner – and make a specific plan to spend time together. As in, pick up that phone, call your girlfriend, and put something on the calendar.

How else do you neglect yourself? Are you aching for some time to create, to recharge your batteries by sewing or gardening or painting or writing? Try and work that in this week.

Photo by Jim Baker

Indeed, when Mom doesn’t take care of herself, the home and family aren’t up to par, either. And the irony is, many times we’re not taking care of ourselves because we’re trying to care of the home and family.

Think of the example you’re setting for your children when you meet your basic needs. Think of the light in your husband’s eyes if his wife feels better about herself. And think of accomplishing your daily routine when your cups are already filled.

When you do this, you’ve got what you need to pour yourself out and serve your family. A full cup is a great antidote to an disorganized, unproductive day.

Which of these areas resonated with you the most? Did an idea spark in your mind about how to take care of yourself just a bit better today? Write it out and put it somewhere prominently. And please share in the comments!

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Tsh Oxenreider

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  1. And don’t forget – if you tune in appropriately, you can hear him while you do the dishes.
    This is so true!
    Thanks for these tips…I think that for me a walk and early to bed will be my goals for today. That alone takes care of a few more…I”m out of my jammies and getting fresh air….=).

    Jen A’s last blog post…Run, run run as fast as you can!

  2. What great advice! I’ve been so busy the past few days with work that I haven’t had time to recharge my batteries. For me today, recharging will mean having some much-needed kid time. We didn’t have a great day yesterday, since I had so many much work to do, and I hate when that happens. Yay for His mercies being new every morning!

    Sarah Bray’s last blog post…How is Twitter used for business?

  3. You are so right! I’ve been working really hard lately to figure out of all the things I do, what I enjoy the most, and what I would like to do that I’m not doing. The idea is to cut out the non-necessary things and replace them with things that bring me joy. I happen to enjoy domestic things, but they always get done when the situation is desperate and then I don’t enjoy them. So I’m trying to do them in the morning and make that the fun part of my day. Then in the afternoon during nap/quiet time, I can work, which I enjoy as well. I’m hoping I’ll be more effective in both worlds. Otherwise I seem to be needing these crash days all the time because I am burned out and I need to do something for me.

    Tana’s last blog post…They just don’t get it…

  4. Many of these hit home for me. The biggest is probably my lack of sleep – I run around all day and while I do make time to be with my partner it is usually after the children are all asleep, i.e. after ten o’clock. So I usually go to bed around midnight, wake up throughout the night to nurse (whoever said babies sleep through the night after six months lied!), and then get up around 6:30 to exercise (although today I was so tired I slept through the alarm). Being tired the next day affects EVERYTHING.

    Despite not calling myself a Christian for a variety of personal reasons, like many people in my situation my relationship with God, or my spirituality, is important to me. And like many mothers, especially those who do not have the structure of organized religion to sustain this need, it often gets swept to the side. For me my relationship with god is tied to being outside in the glory he/she created, saying a prayer, and giving back to the community around me. And just about all of those have been lacking in my life lately, possibly because I am so darn tired!

    My goal tonight – in bed by eleven. It’s a start!

    Lucie’s last blog post…The Myth of the Perfect Mom

  5. Which of these areas resonated with you the most?

    uh… all of them! Many times I’m trying to be the martyr Mom… and it’s not working too well.

    Great post!

  6. Fabulous post! I can vouch for the importance of good female friendships. That has been one of the hardest things for me during this time because we recently moved from a small town to a big city and still don’t have any close friends. I find myself feeling drained and looking for someone to talk to. Even though hubby is around, I need that girl time…hopefully I’ll find some good friends soon!

  7. Wonderful thoughts, all!

    @Lucie – Amen, sister. Getting to bed at a decent time is the most important one for me! I get a little second wind after the kid are in bed, and I feel like it’s the first time I actually get a chance to complete a sentence with my husband. That adds up to too many late nights. And my 7-month-old isn’t sleeping through the night either… I can’t remember the last time I had a complete night of sleep. I think it was sometime around Thanksgiving last year.

    @Kristen – I hope you find good friendships soon, too!

    Oh, and of course, I’m sharing all these thoughts because I’m needing to hear them, too. Dispose of any thoughts right away that I’ve got all this down pat. 🙂

  8. Neglecting myself is my biggest problem. I definitely get caught up in the vicious cycle of saying that I don’t have time to take care of myself because I am so busy taking care of everyone else. Then again, I never seem to get everything done! I know that if I was better rested and was getting regular exercise, I would feel so, so, so much better. I loved this post…really hit home. Thanks!

    Heather’s last blog post…The Verdict

  9. SM – my son is seven months too! And I swear, some nights he still wants to eat 2 – 3x

    And I also emphasize with Kristen, although I have plenty of girlfriends none of them have really started having babies yet so I very much long for other moms to talk to, ones who don’t think it’s weird that I am preoccupied with breast pumping stress and what my son’s poop is like today. Moms don’t bat an eye at those kinds of conversations!

    Lucie’s last blog post…The Myth of the Perfect Mom

  10. This is just fantastic. I’m looking forward to the rest of the list!

    Nichole’s last blog post…Judah update

  11. Physically inside and out I need work the most…too little sleep being the key. It really ripples into all the other areas and enough is enough. I put my kids to bed at the same time every night so they have a good day, why should it be any different for me? I too get that second wind when the girls are in bed, but if I set a limit I imagine even that time will be more productive and meaningful. Looking forward to starting tonight and reading #5 tomorrow.

    Hannah’s last blog post…Stuffy

  12. What a GREAT post! I was just saying to my husband yesterday that I feel so lousy lately… and thanks to your post, now I know what I need to do! Thanks for the gentle nudge in the right direction!

  13. Great Tips,
    Need to work on getting more sleep for myself as the kids are still waking up numerous times in the night and I have to attend to them as hubby simply ignores and doesn’t help out.

  14. I definitely have no problem making myself a priority.

  15. Stephanie says:

    So many things to thing about.

    I have 2 very close friends and we go out about once every 3 months. One thing I try to do when we do get together is to make time possitive not “misery loves company”. I want to walk away having been an encouragement and having been encouraged.

    What I really need to work on is “out side”. I’m not still in my jammies, but I am wearing a maternity top….. baby is almost 5 months old. 🙂 Can anyone relate to that? It was all I had clean b/c I’m behind on laundry. I do need to try harder.

  16. Stephanie – my son is 7 months and I am still wearing maternity JEANS because my old ones don’t fit and I haven’t bought new ones yet (you are not alone).

    Lucie’s last blog post…The Myth of the Perfect Mom

  17. Stephanie – my son is 7 months and I am still wearing maternity JEANS because my old ones don’t fit and I haven’t bought new ones yet (you are not alone).

  18. Thanks so much!
    I can totally relate to everything here – it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and let yourself slide. Finding balance is the tricky part. Thanks for reminding us to fill up our cups so that we can move forward with energy, vitality, love, patience and pride.

  19. You hit the nail on the head with this one. Many of these are things I inadvertently slacked off on trying to give more of myself to my family and instead felt terrible inside. In large part, not taking care of myself contributed to the demise of my marriage. Now, as a single parent, it’s so easy to fall into these traps again. It is amazing to me though how happy I am to see my daughter (and how effective I am, rather than going through the motions continually) if I’ve taken an hour away to do something for myself.

    Thank you for the ever needed reminder.

    Michelle’s last blog post…Summer Camping

  20. So true… neglecting yourself is a sure route to failure.

  21. Such great reminders. I’ve recently re-incorporated the getting out and excercise; meditation comes in spurts throughout the day – on walks, or, yes, doing the dishes.

    More water today would be a great idea and re-connecting with a couple of friends.

    Loved starting my morning reading this, thanks!

  22. Yes, it’s so important to take care of ourselves. Lately I’ve been getting lazy in this area and I can definitely see it’s effects: disorganization, lack of energy, lower confidence level. Thanks for the post. It’s great to see it all laid out. Late bedtimes are the worst for me. This problem has plagued me for years. I hate going to bed early. My husband goes to work exhausted, too.

    Virginia’s last blog post…blueberry pavlova

  23. I’ll just say “ouch” and try to work on only one of these things at a time so that I don’t feel so overwhelmed 🙂

    Actually – I do get dressed in the morning so I’ve got one of them covered!

    Blessed’s last blog post…We want those little puppies in the window…

  24. Time with my hubby, goodness, he has been on the “back burner” long enough…
    and exercise..ouch to you, but thanks…
    the bike is calling..

  25. These are some of the key ways to fight off depression as well (in conjunction with professional help if necessary).

  26. Thanks for taking the time to put together this super fantastic blog. What I have read so far really makes me smile.
    Thank you for reinforcing the idea that I need to take care of myself in order to take care of my family. It is often easy to get lost in the mix or put on the back burner.
    Today I am going to up the water intake and make an appointment to see a friend this week.
    Thanks again for the reminder/reinforcement.

    Liz’s last blog post…Beautiful Paper Lily

  27. I appreciated this post so much. I am one who can be so busy taking care of everyone else, I don’t even see myself. Seriously, I am that last minute mascara applying in the parking lot of church mom of many. I really like (and agree with) the way you balanced this. It’s true that sometimes focusing on the “me” in mommy can be selfish, if not balanced appropriately. But even Jesus went off to be “alone” …. I’ll be thinking about this more today, I really appreciated your insight.

    Prairie Chick’s last blog post…Winsome Wednesday; Small Town Country Fair

  28. I just recently found your blog. Thank you for writing about this. It is something I really need to hear and be reminded of. I’ll definitely be back tomorrow to read on!

    Mama C’s last blog post…"Let Them Eat Cake!"

  29. Wow! I can tell already how much I’m going to love this series. I think the big one for me is outside physical stuff. I’ve made a goal to wear earrings daily…and it’s made a huge difference. Such a small thing, but I feel better and act happier, because I am.

  30. I’m a pretty new reader. I just have to tell you what an encouragement you are. I don’t know how you do it, but your articles strike just the right note and tone with me. I guess its your humility. Thank you so much!

  31. My relationship with Jesus right now is very home-based. I am really struggling to get to church even once a week with my very active 19-month-old. Do you have any advice for this? Thanks!

  32. Er, that should say “once a MONTH.” Sorry for the typo.

  33. makes me thing of what Parker Palmer wrote in his great book “Let Your Life Speak”

    “Self Care is not Selfish”

    thanks for the remider and encouragement!


    amy’s last blog post…For the Love of Chicken Shawarma

  34. As someone who is sitting here at 11:45 still in my robe, you have inspired me. Time to get off the computer and really start my day.

    Thanks for the reminder. I need to remember to take care of myself so that I can better take care of others!


  35. I’ve just started reading this blog over the last week or so, and have been so encouraged and inspired already. Thank you!

    This is a great post, a much needed reminder for moms and home managers. I have a three year old and am seven months pregnant. Being pregnant has forced me to do things like rest, be intentional with what I eat, cut down on caffeine, eliminate too-stressful commitments, and in general pay close attention to my health and well-being. If I can (and do) do these things for the well-being of my unborn child, why should it be any different for my older daughter and husband? They deserve a healthy, happy environment as well. Thanks for such great food for thought!

    Holly’s last blog post…Easiest Notecards Ever

  36. Neglecting ourselves on the inside. Oh, I resemble that remark. Good info. I am going to try and start to apply some of this. I will try to get in bed before 1am. I hope.

    Just wanted you to know that I referenced a couple of your Blissfully Domestic articles in my post today. I like to give credit, when I can. You rock, the info you post is great.

  37. um…all of them resonate with me?! i was just introduced to your blog like a week ago, and you have no idea how perfect the timing has been! my husband doesn’t believe me when i say i really am going to get this household organized, but i am! and it has to start with MOI!!!

    and i totally feel your pain – i have 7 month old TWINS; thank JESUS one of them sleeps through the night, but the other one still wants to nurse 3-5 times a night. and like you, after i put them to bed around 6:30/7 p.m., and then get my 3-yr old to bed around 8, i feel like, “okay, now i finally have time to get my work done!!” and i’m terrible about staying up way too late – and am so tired that i often end up having little to show for staying up so late!

    thanks for your inspiration and encouragement. i need the gentle nudges! 🙂 and it’s always nice to know we’re not in this craziness alone!

    Jennifer’s last blog post…Lots of good news!!! (and lots of pics)

  38. I’d have to say, I am guilty of the whole “staying in your jammies” bit. I just never see the point of getting dressed just to dirty up an outfit right in my own house. Hence, making even more clothes to wash. I guess that’s silly, but that’s how I rationalize it. I’m also horrible about exercising, but after reading you post about small changes, I plan on getting that in order as well.

    Amiyrah’s last blog post…11.78 Shop Rite trip!

  39. Mama C said:

    “I’ll definitely be back tomorrow to read on!”

    @Mama C, et al – Just a reminder/notice to let you know I typically post articles Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Once in a blue moon I’ll throw a shorter one out on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

    All this to say – you can check back tomorrow for more comments here, but the next article about key #5 will be posted Friday! 🙂

  40. This is really great, thanks for the suggestions, they are simple and practical. I cannot wait to see the other 5 keys!
    Both my husband and I work from home and it is a huge learning curve to manage work time and create space for couple time, and family time. We wanted this life, to be at home parents, but it requires constant tweaking.
    I would say that I am neglecting some romance time and friend time lately. It seems we have been working so hard in the “off” hours and we are in need of some refresh time with each other and our wonderful friends!

  41. This series seems as if its written just for me. I am the worst neglector of myself. It’s so bad that I actually got a massage and a pedicure for Christmas and I haven’t even used them yet. My husband gets on my case about using them and I ask him when in the world am I going to use them – with 18 month old twins and my work schedule just bumping up from 2 to 4 days/week this week. Now because I am not going to be home at all during the day most of the week I need to get really organized (a smidge would be better than what it is now). I think my husband thinks I am crazy because I talk about what a great motivator simplemom is to me but he never sees anything implemented – or at least very little. I have been doing better but I think I need to start with myself and maybe everything else will fall in place!

  42. I agree with everything you’ve said… I would also add “too much caffeine” to the list of sabotaging behavior, cause the caffeine keeps you up/makes you stress more and then you oversleep the next day, giving you a headache for which you need caffeine. LOL

    I don’t get enough meditation time nor girlfriend time. Because of my situation – single, ex not caring for his responsibilities – it’s so hard for me to justify paying a babysitter, and I workworkwork when the kids are away.

    It will get better someday!

    Carrie’s last blog post…Who is Dr. Daisy?

  43. Such great stuff! I know that a couple of days without some good conversation with one of my girlfriends can leave me feeling pretty rundown. I’m going to schedule a dining room table date. I love it! One thing my hubby and I have been doing this summer that has been terrific – on Tuesday evenings, we trade babysitting with another couple. We take all four kids for two hours and then trade houses and they keep them. Whoever had the first shift feeds them, second shift does baths. Then we get a date and don’t have to worry about speeding through the bedtime routine when we get home.

  44. Hummm… Self Care must be in the air.
    A couple of weeks ago I started to go to bed with a movie or a book by about 8 a few times a week..
    My Daughter checks in every so often and often goes to sleep sooner than if I was up and bustling around.
    I end up wkaing up earlier and get a bit more time to do things in the morning. I really like how much I get done first thing in a morning if I am unintterupted.
    So a double whammy in the Self-Care-Satification-Department!
    A Happy Mamma is a Happy Home indeed.
    Be well all of you who have read THIS far down the “comments” list!
    Wowser… way to go on the hot topic!!

  45. Like so many of the comments say, this is so right! I was reading the list and mentally checking off everything from sleep to eating sugar to not exercising and especially not drinking enough water (and I’m breastfeeding). I know I’m a fairly new mom (4 months) but that’s no excuse so I’m going to bed early tonight and having a pitcher of water this evening, at least. Thanks for the post!

    Kathleen’s last blog post…Wordless Wednesday

  46. The one that resonated most with me is eating right. I have type 2 diabetes, and although I was diagnosed almost 9 years ago, I have never really had to pay attention to my diet so much. Now I suppose the disease is progressing, because I have to pay a lot of attention – I’m gaining weight, having to increase meds, and still have higher blood sugar. So. All that to say that I really, really need to change my eating and exercise habits. It’s literally a matter of sickness or health, life or (early) death.

    The morning routine is well-established! I shower and dress to shoes, makeup, and hair every morning. My dh and I both stay home (he is a pastor with his office at home), so if I don’t take care of keeping myself looking nice each day, he will always see my frumpy. Not cool. So we both take the time each morning to shower and dress completely, so that we are presentable to the most important person to us – each other.

    Susan’s last blog post…The Remedy for Real

  47. I go in phases. Sometimes I need complete order in my life to be happy. Other times I am so busy shuffling the kids all over the state that I try to make myself believe that chaos is necessary and fine. I’ve been living a disorganized life all summer. My toilets are so dirty I’m ashamed to let the kids have friends over. Tomorrow I’m going to attack the bathrooms and feel good about needing them to be clean. I’ll then sit with a cup of tea and smile. (all after I drop the kids at day camp.) Thanks for the great post!

    Amy’s last blog post…I know why people go POSTAL

  48. You’ve just inspired me to have (1) a date night at (2) the climbing gym because this mama needs to get moving. I’m “between jobs” right now and need to take better advantage of hiking, walking, and running rather than just web- and channel-surfing.

  49. You know, the reason I love your blog is because you speak what I know and try to get others to know. I hope you touch some souls because what you say is true. We need time to recharge. We need to be in touch w/ our faith and husband. We need to take care of our bodies. All so true!

    blogversary’s last blog post…a good habit to break, for me

  50. What a great site! I just found it today. I love the title of this post.

    The part that hit a cord for me was the religious comment. Something to the effect of “Do we have a relationship with God? How much time are we spending with Him?” That made me think. Thanks!

    To the women earlier who commented about struggling to get to church with a 19 month old, yes it’s tough! Very, very tough!!!! I think when the kids are young and difficult at church, we go to stay in the habit. If we don’t before we know it we haven’t been years. Then we are trying to reason with a 4 year old who has never sat through church. See if there is an older lady that might want to help you. Good luck. 🙂

    shawna’s last blog post…Happy Birthday Little Bro…

  51. Thank you for not making this post sound patronizing, and thank you for not dishing out the guilt in this post either. It is what I’ve needed to do for a while but just haven’t been able to neatly put it into words.

    Allison’s last blog post…4

  52. @Allison – Absolutely! I have no reason or need whatsoever to be patronizing, because I need to hear this just as much as the next person. Writing helps me clarify my stream of consciousness – I just happen to share it with you all. 🙂

  53. After reading this post yesterday, it was my goal to go to bed at 11 instead of 12. I was in bed by 11:30 – not perfect, but better! Even “loving myself” just a teeny bit more yesterday has made me feel better today.

    Lucie’s last blog post…Mom Seeking Mom Advice: Simple Birthday Gifts for a Little Boy

  54. This is such a great article, I can’t wait for further installments. I know that if I do not get out and walk in the morning I am prone to being a total crab and easily annoyed with the kids. It starts a downward spiral of vegging online. But on a day I get out there I want nothing to do with the computer, I want to create with my hands and see the world. peace

  55. Amen and me to! as we say around here. I can vouch for the entire post. Thanks for penning it for us all to meditate on.

    Great idea to post MWFS!

    CarolinaMama’s last blog post…Summertime Rain Storm and Hot Chocolate

  56. Thanks for the reminder. Over the last year I have found that I am more productive throughout the day if I first take the time to clean myself up. If I sit around in my PJ’s all day, I feel unenergized.

    Amy’s last blog post…In the News – What is a Reasonable Cost for Entertainment?

  57. Amen! Many of these things are things my mom taught as she raised us. I’m not good at them now and we’re just expecting our first. Thanks for this “kick in the pants” to develop some other good habits before I get bogged down in the baby raising! 🙂

    stacie@hobbitdoor’s last blog post…Creativity in Marriage

  58. Wow. This is my first time by the blog and I love it! What a great writing style and voice, you have. I am neither a mom nor someone who works from home, but I’ll have to stop by from time to time for the broader application articles.

    Also, I love the design of your site!

    Kate’s last blog post…The Number One Key to Becoming An Accomplished Writer

  59. I really like what Lucie said about connecting with god/higher power through nature. I always feel peaceful and balanced after a walk in the woods with my preschoolers. I naturally slow down and live in the present when I’m in nature.

    Totally agree with you, Simple Mom, about taking care of our outsides. Just this morning I was marveling at what a difference a shower makes to my outlook for the day: I’m more inclined to get out of the house and I’m a little more “sunny.”

    This topic is right in line with a book I’ve really enjoyed (and go back to again and again!), “The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal.” The author, Renee Peterson Trudeau, talks about the importance of moms filling their cup first and by doing so, we’re naturally inclined to be more generous with our families, etc. The whole self-care thing was a foreign concept to me — I think I used to equate motherhood with martyrdom. Great topic Simple Mom! I can’t wait to read the rest of this series!

    Erin’s last blog post…He said what?!

  60. The best way I take care of myself is I lock the door in a spa like experience in my very own bathroom. I take an extra long shower so I have time to shampoo AND condition my hair, shave, and exfoliate. Then when I’m out I take the time to sit in my robe and paint my finger & toe nails. When all that is said and done I clean and moisturize my face and neck. By the time it’s all over I feel refreshed and rejuvenated! It’s not much, but it’s MY time and I need it!!! LOL!

    Heather’s last blog post…Our new Wii room

  61. This is so true. In the past couple weeks I’ve committed to going to bed earlier, and it makes for a much more productive, happy mama.

    What I need to work on: Outside time and exercise. I really appreciate what you said about a relationship with God too. I find it’s easy to have an “all or nothing” attitude–if I’m not doing an hour-long inductive Bible study then it’s not good enough so why bother. That kind of thing. My goal is to be consistent every day, even if it’s just a few minutes.

    Stephanie’s last blog post…Happy Sunday Morning

  62. So well written! I’m guilty of trying to get every last minute of sleep, and not “preparing” myself for the day. Great points also about making time for important relationships–that IS what’s really important.

    Mama Koala’s last blog post…**Teething Bling**

  63. Beautifully said. Hallelujah. Right on. I’m starting with getting enough quality sleep TONIGHT. Flushing out my 6:00pm large mug of caffeinated green tea (double bag) with 2 80z glasses of water as i write this in hopes that i can get to bed by 10:30. Adding a little St. John’s Wort to help!

    EveAllease’s 365 day challenge for a greener, organic home at

  64. sleep- and laundry and a clean house- and proper diet…going outside and remembering to have fun and play. i seem to be chasing my own tail and nothing gets done… i think an idea that triggered is multitasking….. doing it ALL at once in one str aight swoop. if i pick up the laundry 1(i get clean) then bag it and put the kids in the stroller-walk to the laundry mat-2 (getting outside) while laundry is washing there is time for playing with the kids- coloring or book reading or playing g i joe’s whatever- 3(kids are happy and i get to play)- pack a proper healthy lunch during the dryer time and eat 4(diet) then come home and its nap time lol …. laundry at a laundromat can give me everything i need how neat lol ! rather than trying to focus on one thing at a time one swoop wonders lol

  65. Txh, thank you for this article and for your web site! I read your tips and wonder how wise you are.
    Several weeks ago I began do some exercises and drink more water and have a shower bath with cold water every morning and the effect is really great. I’d like to sleap more and go to bed earlier but it isn’t as easy as I expected.

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