DIY teacup candles

Today’s project is super easy – and it’ll make your home smell good!

DIY teacup candle


1: Find a cute cup! We got ours at a thrift store. I’m in love with the cute little flower design.
2. Fill it with beeswax pellets (or soy wax or paraffin wax or whatever!). Then stick your wick in it.
3. You’ll need to find a way to make the wick stand up straight. Some wrap it around a pencil that then balances on the rim. We stapled two pieces of paper together and the wick sits in between them. (see photo below.)
4. Stick ’em in the oven, preheated. Some recipes say 200 degrees, we did 250. Leave them in there until all the wax is melted. This time really depends on how correct your oven temp is, how hot your container will get, and what kind of wax you used. Beeswax needs a lot longer than soy wax to melt.
5. Once they are melted, just turn off the oven and leave them in there to slowly cool off. (this is great to do overnight when you won’t be needing the oven anyways.) If wax cools off too fast, it can crack and leave a not-so-pretty candle. In the morning, you can take out your teacup, trim the wick, and VOILA:
A beautiful teacup candle!
These would be perfect gifts.. or just great on your coffee table.
This method is great because it’s simple and there’s no-mess. You could use a double boiler to melt all the beeswax – but then you gotta clean that!

Do you have any cool teacups lying around that would make lovely candles?

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  1. Ok, I seriously love you right about now! Ever since I saw Martha do teacup candles way back when I am always meaning to make these. I did make some once but the whole melting wax thing put me off so much that I haven’t done it since. I have a whole pile (really, a huge pile) of pretty vessels (teacups, jars, etc.) that I have been keeping to do this with and now I can! Easily! In time for the holidays! (insert angels singing…)

  2. That’s it? I even have all this stuff at home already! I’m ready to pull out the candles again for fall, so thanks for this!

  3. I just adore this!!! And it boggles my mind how you can think this stuff up. I have a half a dozen tea cups around; can’t wait to try this!

    So, er, where can I find beeswax pellets? (I’m in Canada)

  4. So classy and so easy!! Love this method, definitely do-able!

  5. Ah, so glad everyone loves it! Cute teacups are everywhere. You can find beeswax pellets on amazon for sure 🙂

  6. Oh, I love this idea! When I got married almost 30 years ago, my mom insisted that I register for china. I did, very reluctantly, because I knew in my heart of hearts that I just wouldn’t use it. I bet I have only used those dishes maybe 6 times. Yet, I hesitate selling it all on e-bay, etc., for fear of hurting her feelings somehow. Anyway, when I saw this, I immediately knew I could use the teacups in that set. I will use every one of them and give the candles to special ladies at church who have helped to “light” my path through their examples, and I can’t wait to get started. After all this time, I will be putting some of this set to use in a way that will bring me much more joy using it this way, and hopefully it will bring joy to the ones who receive them, too.

  7. Hi there! I found your blog through Pinterest. I love this idea! So much easier than using a double boiler, that’s for sure. I’m wondering if you’ve experimented with adding fragrance to the candles with essential oils? I know the beeswax has a lovely, subtle scent all its own, but I’m wondering if I could use soy wax and add some essential oil blends. Do you think the baking in the oven method would work for this?

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