DIY pencil earrings

Hi again! It’s Thursday – so Josiah and I will be sharing another cheap and easy project.

This one costs us NOTHING! (well, unless you count a pencil that’s probably from 8th grade and costs 4 cents!) And I love fun quirky earrings that make you stand out. Plus with school just starting… what’s more perfect than pencils??

So here it is!

DIY pencil earrings

Materials and tools:

-A pencil


-Drill with 1/16th drillbit (optional if you decide to make post earrings instead!)

-Earring hoops


1. Grab your pencil and saw. Cut off the eraser part of the pencil according to the length you want. Cut off the tip of the pencil to be the same length as the eraser part. Ours were 2ish inches. You might need to sandpaper the cut edge if they are jagged.

2. Grab your drill and 1/16 drill bit. Drill a hole near the top of the pencil where it has the saw cut.

Skip this drilling step if you want to make post earrings – just glue them on some blank posts instead!

3. Loop the pencil parts onto the earring hoops. And you’re done!

Wasn’t that ridiculously easy? You could have some amazing earrings in 3 minutes. And for free. And now you’re prepared for any math problem with your pencil and eraser handy 🙂

So what do you think? Wanna give this a try?

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  1. You guys come up with the cutest, quirkiest jewelry!

  2. Haha thanks Emily! 🙂

  3. I DO want to give this a try. Super cute, thanks.

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