DIY party garlands

Making party garlands & buntings is a simple pleasure of mine. Such an easy, crafty project with instant gratification (yay!) and can easily be added to your party kit for years of use. I usually have a dozen different garlands in my party kit made in a variety of colors, sizes and materials. I add a couple new garlands a year and toss the ones they are too used/crinkled.

Thankfully, there are endless great bunting and garland tutorials available! I’ve gathered a handful of my favorites and  organized the DIY’s by material with links below.


Fabric garlands are perhaps the most durable but may take a bit longer to make (and require a sewing machine). Another option is felt, such as the felt “paper chain” garland above that was made using felt & a glue gun.

Colorful Flag Garland
Little Fabric Garland
Vintage Fabric Bunting
Fabric Streamer Garland
Fabric Dahlia Garland

Tissue & Crepe Paper

Tissue and Crepe paper garlands can be made in a snap and when stored properly, last for several years. Oh Happy Day has the most amazing  tutorials for this type of decoration.

Zig Zag Streamers
Tissue Paper Fringe Garland
Giant Fringe Garland
Tissue Paper Dots
Tissue Paper Bunting
Fringe Streamer


Paper & Washi Tape

I’ve created smaller scale garlands out of construction paper (the red one, above) and patterned decorative paper. Other possible materials could include washi tape and cupcake liners. So creative!

Washi Tape Garland
Paper Chain
Cupcake Liner Scallop Garland
Sewn Dot Garland



  • If you want to re-use your garlands do the math so that they fit your space (dining room ceiling length, fireplace mantle) properly. Constructing garlands & buntings in the correct length makes decorating for a party super quick.
  • I store all decorations in zippy bags & take care to put everything away nicely so things can be used year after year. I’ve learned this the hard way… tissue paper crinkles super easily!
  • Be inspired!! Garlands can be made out of the simplest items.. even white office sticky dots.

Do you ever make your own party garland?

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  1. So clever and creative…I think to myself, hey I could do that…but then a second thought pops up…nah, I’ll just hire someone to DIY it for me. Ha!

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