DIY: Paper bag heart wall sculpture

I don’t know exactly where I got the idea to stick a bunch of paper bags on my wall a couple of weeks ago. The cavernous empty space of my stairwell had been bothering me for a decade. Also, I have a resolution to be more craft-happy in 2013. After all, I was an art teacher.

This is the easy-peasyest craft to do. It’s a great project for sharing some Happy Valentine’s Day love. It’s cheap too, you probably already have all the supplies in your home, it’s going to make your loved ones curious and your heart – simply happy.

Paper Bag Heart Wall Sculpture


You will need:

  • Brown or White Paper Lunch Bags
  • Other Ideas: Paper Doilies, Cupcake Liners, Paper Towel Rolls, Cotton Balls, Metal Juice Lids
  • Adhesive Strips (Command Strips or Painter’s Tape)
  • Wall space

The trickiest part of this project was positioning the bags. You need to make deeper angles than you would think to get the right shape. Plan to start and then to re-position the bags as you go.

I used Command strips because after years of experience in attaching art to walls as a teacher, and knowing what does and does not work. I have found Command strips to have the longest staying power to lots of different surfaces and they are easy to remove. (This is not an infomercial, just sayin’.) You could probably use a strong tape, like maybe a painters tape, too.

I started by attaching the strips to the bottom of the brown lunch bag.

Then I eyeballed my wall and started sticking.

I stepped back every once in awhile to check the angels and re-adjust bags.

I loved the feeling I got looking up the stairs. No more blank walls happening here. My kids were curious. What or rather why was I attaching brown bags to the wall, just out of the blue. I love that. While this would be a great project to do with kids, I let my kids just watch in curiosity as I had my own fun. I sometimes like to keep them on their toes like that.

The final project looks like this. The bags have been holding strong on a busy stairwell with family running up and down them constantly. There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t smiled as my eyes go across my now filled up wall space. It was fun to do. It just makes my heart happy!

Wouldn’t this Paper Bag Heart Wall Sculpture be a fun surprise Valentine’s Day morning? How do you celebrate the day?

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