DIY headboard ideas

Since I spent the better part of the last two weeks either in my bed or one of my kids’ bed thanks to the flu from you-know-where, I’ve become completely obsessed with fashioning new headboards for some of the beds around here (up first: my king bed). When you stare at the wall long enough, you too will want to find something new to gaze upon eventually!

I scoured the web for some of the best DIY headboard ideas out there – some I’m sure you’ve seen in some incarnation or another, others I’m hoping are new to you. Let these inspire you to re-make (or make for the first time!) some awesome headboards in the future.

1. Vintage letter headboard.

This asymmetrical look is striking and fun and totally unique. You can find random numbers and letters like this at thrift and antique stores, and the best part is your collection can be continually added to. {source}


2. Chalkboard wall headboard.

Nothing quite as easy as this, eh? Paint the wall with chalkboard paint and draw your own headboard with chalk. Get as whimsical or modern as you like, change the headboard whenever the urge strikes. {source}


3. Rustic distressed headboard.

This DIY is easy and simple and looks like something straight out of Pottery Barn but for a scintilla of the price. {source}


4. Pallet headboard.

I’ve seen many a pallet headboard but I love this one for the pretty wood stain and the unique paint (from stencil) job. {source}


5. Ribbon headboard.

This headboard is simple and graphic and sounds really easy. Just a sturdy frame, some ribbon and some mad weaving skills and you’ll have a custom headboard in no time. {source}


6. Decal headboard.

I had this actual decal headboard at my old house and absolutely LOVED it. It was unique and took up nearly no space and could be removed if we tired of it. Love all the various options available now. {source}


7. Framed fabric headboard.

Cover foam board in fabric and slip into some cheap poster frames (maybe even paint the frames first, if you’re feeling frisky) and voila, you have a really gorgeous headboard. I can think of plenty of fabric I’d love to see as a headboard, and this idea is in the running in my house for sure. {source}


8. Storage headboard.

Get creative with shelving (or in this case – drawers!) and piece them together, screw them together and screw them to the wall for a functional headboard like no other. I simply adore the whimsy of this, and the use of it draws me in even more. {source}


9. Rustic shelf headboard.

I’m in love with the scale of this headboard. Salvage yards and antique shops will carry reclaimed wood like this, so get creative and hunt for the perfect piece and I’m sure you’ll find it. {source}


10. Painted stencil headboard.

Sometimes we overcomplicate things don’t we? Put a stencil on the wall and paint a headboard yourself. Why not? {source}


11. Metal screen headboard.

I’ve seen these metal screens at adorable stores like Marshall’s or Ross – just put two up on the wall and spray paint the color that matches your room and boom. Done. {source}


12. Old sign headboard.

I love the moxie here – this old sign was rescued, refinished, stained and then hung as a focal point in a master bedroom. So unique, adore the typography, love the whole thing. {source}

Which headboard look is your favorite? Are you going to give any of these a try?


Arianne creates style ideas, writes thoughts on parenting 4 children, plants knowledge in young minds, curates lovely things, and does it all with an eye for the story being woven through her each and every day. As the owner of Mabel + Riv, she strives to bring you inspiration, handmade creations and beauty from voices across the creative-sphere. Find her on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as @ariannesegerman.

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  1. This inspires me to get going on our bedroom. We currently have our mattress (with no box spring) on the floor. I’m looking into cheap ways to remedy this. And then I’ll be all ready to make a headboard.

    • Arianne says:

      We were in that situation for many years (no box spring) due to babies and co-sleeping. I’ve seen various tutorials for building a platform for a mattress – good luck!

  2. Oh, how I love both the storage headboard and the old sign headboard! Very cool 🙂

    We don’t currently have headboards for two of the beds at our house. I may just have to remedy this. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Arianne says:

      I thought screwing drawers together at various angles and having storage at the headboard was particularly genius. I’d love to see what you do!

  3. we have never had a headboard, and have had a mish mash of frames above our bed to hold us over. i love these ideas and want to try them in the next place!

    • Arianne says:

      The only time we had a headboard was when we had an ikea platform bed for a spell and then when we had that decal headboard above. I really like thinking outside the box for headboards and getting creative. Would love to see what you do!

  4. I LOVE the vintage letters and the chalkboard one so very much!! We could totally do either of those because we have the adjustable bed, so no headboard can attach.


    • Arianne says:

      I know, the vintage letters make me swoon. I think all of these are the type that attach to the wall and not the bed – makes for a much wider range of options that way! P.s. I want that adjustable bed! 🙂

  5. Love them all, especially the vintage letters and old sign. Such inspiration!!

  6. I’ve been on the lookout for good ideas for our master bedroom, and I really like the rustic shelf idea! Framing fabric would be super easy too!

    • Arianne says:

      That rustic shelf is SO pretty. It almost looks like a salvage piece of an old mantle. I imagine you could get so creative with that concept depending on what you find scavenging the places in your area. And the fabric idea is almost TOO easy, and would be so pretty!

  7. I love so many of these ideas! I don’t have a headboard right now. Maybe this should be my next project.

  8. Love, love the old sign used as a headboard. What a great idea.

  9. My favourite is the framed bookcase headboard. I just love it so much. unique and very creative

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