DIY fork handle

Are you tired of people trying to figure out where the utensil drawer is in your kitchen? “It’s the drawer on the left. No, the other one. No, the one closest to the sink.” Instead you could just say “It’s the drawer with the fork drawer pull”.

Also, this is a fantastic way to replace any ugly knobs you might have in an apartment. Instead of going to a hardware store and buying cabinet handles for a couple of dollars each you can go to a thrift store and buy a few forks for thirty cents a pop – plus it adds tons of character to whatever you are adding them to. (Ever since we found out how cheap forks were at the thrift store we’ve been going crazy figuring out what we can do with them. My wife Lauren created this fork bracelet tutorial.)

This is one of those projects that allows for so many creative iterations. But for the sake of the tutorial I am going to show you how to accomplish the functionality of the project. It is your job to get creative with it.



Drill or hammer

Screw or nail


First you are going to want to bend the fork. Bend it enough so that the tines lay flat against a flat surface.

The next step may vary for you depending on what you are using your handle for. If you are just using the fork for a cabinet door a nail will work just fine but if you are going to use the fork on a drawer you might need to drill through the metal of the fork and use your drill to screw the fork on (that way its more sturdy for heavy drawers). We just did ours on a cabinet door so all I needed to do was get a nail, stick it between the two metal tines at the bottom and nail it in. Done! You can see the nail in between the tines in the photo below.

There it is! Get creative with it. Paint your fork, bend the tines into cool designs or maybe even use a spoon!

Have you ever made fun or funky cabinet/drawer handles?

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  1. I love the idea of putting a fork handle on the silverware drawer…

  2. This is a cute idea! Using a spoon would be safer, especially if the fork is at drawer level where you might bump into it. Fork tines can catch on clothes or dig into the skin or a child’s eye. They will also be harder to clean if people touch it with icky hands. That’s just reality at our house!

  3. Sweet! I’m totally going to add a silverware pull to the silverware drawer. Very clever concept. Love the variation of using a spoon as suggested by a previous commenter.

  4. Mindy Glazer says:

    Is only ONE screw REALLY strong enough for a cabinet pull? I am replacing an old white plastic handle on white cabinets. It has 2 holes already placed in the cabinet. The fork or spoon handle would cover the TOP hole, so I’m not worried about that…I’m worried about it being strong enough to actually hold. Thanks!

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