DIY: Fork bracelet tutorial

Hi friends! Between Josiah and I, we’ve written 7 posts on Simple Design now, so I feel like we can officially be friends.

Today I have an amazing project – here we go!

How to make a fork bracelet

1. Start with a cheap fork

The Goodwill by us sells them for 29 cents each. TWENTY NINE CENTS! Whew, don’t let these break the bank.

We tested them out by trying to slightly bend them while in the store. If they easily bend, BUY IT! If your fork comes out looking like a square… you used a fork that’s too hard.

2. Bend with the tines

Start beding along with the direction of the fork tines.

3. Keep bending

Don’t stop bending until it’s more circular. We used our hands in the beginning and then moved on to pliers in the end.

4. Use pliers for a finished look

When using pliers, grab one end with the pliers and force the rest to follow the curve. You might even want to use another set of pliers or a wrench to get more “torque” (Josiah’s word… I’m not sure I even know what that means!).

This last step is definitely the hardest – you want to try to make the curve look smooth. But you also need the bracelet to be small enough to look great on your wrist.

Once you have it so the fork will fit nicely on your wrist, you’re DONE!

Bonus: Color!

OR…. you can spray paint them like we did. Yellow and blue! (look! the forks are spooning!)

And like we said before, if yours comes out looking square and jaggy, find a softer fork!

Also, you can find some nice designs on the forks too! Our blue one had a fun line design and the yellow one (hard to see here) had some nice flowers and edging.

So, 29 cents later (and maybe some sore arms), you’ve got a sweet bracelet. Go, do!

Have you ever done a DIY project using forks?

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  1. Fork bracelets?! Those are adorable! What a neat idea! Thanks so much for sharing…

  2. LOVE this idea, thanks for sharing! Was there any prep involved before you spray it or just spray it? I was wondering if the paint would peel easily 🙂

    i can’t wait to try this i have forks that i have saved that were my grandmas, what a kewl idea for those!

  3. Lisa – We just sprayed it… no prep – but we haven’t had any peeling either so I guess it worked! 🙂

    Ooh, vintage grandma forks.. jealous!

  4. sweet…I tried some spoon bangles last year but they were really hard to make it sound so easy

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