DIY birthday banner

I‘m sure you’ve seen the super cool (and very hip!) black lettered celebration banners around Pinterest & such. I am much too last minute to order one (they are customizable, spelling out all sorts of fun things) but had an a-ha! moment a few months ago: I can totally make my own! Simply take a can of black spray paint to an old-school (boring) birthday banner and feel quite smug that you are that cool!


  • A birthday banner from the party store (…or the Dollar Store. $1!)
  • Flat black spray paint (or any other color you want!)
  • Push pins or washi tape to hang up the banner

Step 1

Unfold the birthday banner and lay out flat on a clean surface (I used kraft paper layed out on the driveway) outside. With quick, short strokes spray paint the banner, going over each letter several times, letting it dry in between.

Step 2

After you’ve sprayed all the letters, you’re done! Spray painting is so simple & satisfying. Let the banner dry. Once dry, pivot the letters a bit. You may find spots here & there you may need to touch up on & spray again.

Step 3

Hang on the wall or mantle with push pins or washi tape. So simple with such a big impact.

Add this black lettered birthday banner to your 5 Minute DIY Party Kit and you’ll never have to think about birthday banners again! Phew! The banner folds up & fits into a large zippy bag for storage and is suitable for a multitude of party themes.

I’ve also wondered, using the basic “happy birthday” and “congratulations” banners from the store what other words could be spelled out? The letters come apart & reassemble easily. You could surely get creative with this project!

What easy peasy things like this have you done for parties? Please share in the comments!


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  1. What a great idea! Definitely one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?!” crafts. I happen to have this exact cheap banner in my party supplies and it is going to be transformed into something far more fabulous.

  2. Well, that makes such good sense.

  3. I love how easy you made this! We’ve cut out our own banner letters before. I used them for a birthday and then rearranged the letters for a Father’s Day surprise.

    You can see a photo of our homemade banner in action here:

  4. Thanks for the update. I really appreciate the efforts you have made for this blog.

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