DIY: Add legs to furniture pieces

What do you call a cow without legs….?
Ground beef!! Haha, never gets old…..

What do you call a piece of furniture without legs?

So! What shall we do about boring pieces of legless furniture? Add legs! It’s so super simple and will look so super awesome. Let me show you.

You will need:

A furniture piece
A drill
4 legs from your local hardware store
Spray paint (optional)


First, pick what furniture piece is definitely needing a leg extension. Here’s ours:

Second: Go buy some furniture leg pieces from a hardware store. We bought skinny ones but they have chunky guys, taller ones, etc. Most of the legs at the store will have a built in threaded bolt at the end of it. You might also notice that there is a piece of hardware called a mounting plate or clinch nut plate. You can use this hardware if you’d like but it does involve more drilling and it might force you to place your legs further away from the edge than you’d like. We ditched the mounting plates. Too complicated. Let’s keep this SIMPLE! The thread will most likely be around 1/4th of an inch so that will be the drill bit we use.

We spray painted the legs a baby blue color – but you could always leave that natural wood color or decide on a paint color later.

Third: Find where you want the legs to go on your furniture piece. Drill four holes.

Fourth: You are ready to install the legs. Screw them in.

There you have it! A fantastic and simple way to make your furniture look so much better.

Do you have some furniture pieces that you could easily spruce up?

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  1. cool

  2. You can also use those big roller steel balls for easy moving.

  3. I really like this idea – it really makes a plain piece of furniture look interesting and new. I’ll have to check out what leg selection my local hardware store has.

  4. the design looks so awesome! Thank you for sharing this!

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