The Daily Docket 2.0: revised, updated, and generally spiffed

If you haven’t heard me talk or post about the Daily Docket, that means you’ve been reading less than three years, because that’s how long it’s been since I brought up this little tool. It’s been available on the downloads page pretty much for the duration of this blog, but there hasn’t really been more to say.

But several of you write me often about this download. It seems like I actually get at least one email weekly regarding the Daily Docket, which at almost three years, means I’ve got a file of almost 150 emails. Not really, but you get my point—you guys talk to me a lot about this download.

I recently decided to dust off the original Daily Docket, make some changes both practically and aesthetically, and share it again with you. Once more, it’s free for you to download, print, and use however you like.

What is a Daily Docket, you ask? Let me remind you.

The Daily Docket 2.0

A Daily Docket is a simple little printable tool that helps you get through your day. It’s a to-do list at its most basic, but I’ve tweaked it a bit to make it as useful as possible for everyday parents who have households to manage.

Here are some changes:

1. More room in the “health” box.

I wanted to write out my day’s game plan for taking care of myself. Heck, I want to give credit for all the little ways I’m good to myself throughout the day, because as a mom and work-from-home gal, it’s easy to forget.

I made it broader, too—it’s not just about keeping a food log and working out, it also includes getting enough sleep, reading for fun, and doing whatever you love that feeds your soul.

2. The to-do list and the schedule are now the same thing.

I decided these two separate lists were taking up valuable space, so I merged them in to one awesome list. Write the time if there’s something time-sensitive on your list; leave it blank otherwise.

There’s still only ten spaces for your to-do list, to curb your temptation to add too much on your agenda. Keep it to ten, and you’re most likely to finish it, which feels amazing. But even if you don’t, it’s no big deal—you can just move unfinished stuff to tomorrow.

3. More space in the work department.

I made both a checklist and empty white space for both your left and right brain. Make a list for your organized side; doodle and brainstorm in the blank spot for your creative side.

4. New spots for tomorrow and this week.

I often added extra lists in the “notes” department for things I needed to do tomorrow or later in the week. So now, it’s official.

5. I also added these spots in the Pocket Docket.

I spiffed up the smaller version of the Daily Docket, too. I combined the list spots into one main to-do list, and I added the “tomorrow” and “this week” spots as well.

Here’s an example of how I use the Daily Docket:


(Well, these aren’t all frequently-asked yet (some of them are), but you know what I mean…)

Q: But I liked the old one. Can I still download it?

Yep! I’ll keep it on the downloads page.

Q: Can you send me the Word file so I can customize it?

I create my downloads in Adobe InDesign, so it’s not really something you can customize in Word. Feel free to make your own, though!

Q: I don’t like printing so much paper. Any ideas?

Well, you could try the Pocket Docket, which uses half as much paper. You can also print on both sides, or frame and hang the Docket, using a dry erase marker on the glass.

I get your dilemma; I do. So here’s the popular follow-up question:

Q: Will you make an app version of the Daily Docket?

I get asked this more than any other question about the Docket. And I LOVE this idea. But… I’m not an app developer, so I’d need to hire someone (which also means this app would cost a little to download). That’s fine for me, when the time is right. But I just haven’t had the time.

But with enough feedback, I might be open to pursuing this idea. I’m a digital girl myself; I depend on my iPhone like little else, so I get the need.

Download the Dockets

Head here to download the Daily Docket 2.0, here for the Pocket Docket 2.0, and you can always go here for these Dockets and everything else.

So here’s where you come in: tell me what you’d like to see in an app version of the Daily Docket. What would you like in a to-do list app? Give me your ideas, because I may seriously use them!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. Raising my hand in support of the iPhone app!!!

  2. I’ve been around since version one! That’s actually how I discovered you–I was looking for help with routines when I started staying home with my girls. I love this new version, especially since I work from home.

  3. I’d love to know what are some of your favorite iphone apps. A Daily Docket app would be cool. Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  4. Love this idea! Here’s to hoping I remember it in the am when I’m at my desk!

  5. If you do plan on making an app, please make it Android compatible too. Not all of us use iphones. I really like the look of the daily docket, so keeping it stylish is what I would like to see. Also, maybe a list of encouraging/motivational quotes to choose from. I am horrible at finding stuff like that on my own.

    • Yes! Would definitely not do anything iPhone-only…

      • Thank YOU! I was going to make the same request.. We, Droid lovers, sometimes get left out:-)

      • Elizabeth says:

        Would be awesome as I don’t have a smart phone….just a dumb one (ha!). But I do have a Kindle Fire that I use for a lot however I have yet to find a schedule, to-do list, etc. app that I am happy with. However, the Daily Docket……….would be awesome!

    • Please, please, please make the Docket available in an Android App. I LOVE this new format! I never use paper, however, and try to keep everything in my phone so it’s with me whenever I need it. And I love Krista’s idea of having motivational/encouraging quotes already pre-loaded. My only other suggestion would be a section (currently I’d use the note section) for daily devotionals, bible readings, spiritual needs to meet/being met, etc. Thank you for all you do, Tsh!!

  6. Just what I need! I recently began my career as a stay at home mom and was feeling overwhelmed and unorganized. This makes me feel like a total failure at the end of the day. Not what I need. This little tool will really help!

  7. Yes, yes! I would love to see the daily docket app!!! I would totally buy it and recommend it to my friends!

  8. love the app. idea!

  9. Oh thank you so much for this tool. I just love the spots for the tomorrow and the later this week…I’m always getting the random, “have to remember this later,” thoughts at the most in-opportune times. My mind works kind of like a sieve at this point in my family life, so writing things down is mandatory for me! Thanks for this!

  10. I have used your daily docket off and on and this looks like a great update. I’m looking forward to printing it out. Thanks for making things so easily accessible.

  11. I would definitely buy an app (I have an Android)!

    No idea if the paper or electronic version would work for me for various reasons. Mostly that other people’s downloads usually don’t, but I would definitely buy the app and give the paperless thing a go.

  12. Robin from Frugal Family Times says:

    Love it! I think I will save it as a .pdf and write on it with this app my husband keeps raving about (blanking on it’s name now sorry! Will try and learn it and share soon!)

  13. I’d love an app!!!! I hope you do an Android version as well as iPhone!

  14. Wanted to add that I would definitely pay for a daily docket app.

  15. Don’t comment often but had to stop and say that I would be very interested in an app version of the daily docket and would definitely pay for it!

  16. Also in favor of the app! Actually, I just went looking for one the other night, hoping that you’d done one already! As far as features, I love the ability to “check off” each thing as I work through it. Maybe a “tab” for each category, so I don’t have to scroll through the rest of the docket to get to one section? LOVE the idea and am cheering you on!

    • Yes! I was thinking the same thing. The app has to have the ability to “roll over” everything from the previous day if you don’t check it off the list.

      Someone else mentioned having it as tabs for each category – love that. Perhaps the interface shows the whole docket and you tap each category to read and add detail.

      I would also LOVE for the app to “autopopulate” each day with an inspirational quote. Even if it just starts with 10-12 of your favorites that pop up at random, that would really add value. (and I know I’m more motivated to see something new, so I’d be more likely to open up the docket to see the “quote of the day” and then get going with my own lists.

      Gosh, I wish I my technical background would easily translate to app development!

  17. This is so cool… where on earth have I been!!! Love a new discovery on a Monday morning!!!

  18. The capability to easily print the docket from the app would be a useful feature for me. I depend on my phone when I’m out and about, but I like the paper version for my kitchen clipboard. I’m weak when it comes to the siren song of the internet and if I’m glancing at a screen to order my day, I cave and end up wasting valuable time and attention.

  19. I LOVE the daily docket. It has revolutionized my thinking and productivity. Can’t wait to test drive the new version!

  20. LOVE this daily docket. I l o v e it.

    Answering the waste/printing dilemma… It would be fantastic to print and laminate so you could just use a dry erase or wet erase marker on it every day! Waste free.

  21. iphone/ipad app PLEASE!!!!!!!! it would complete my digital home management book!! pretty please!

  22. Tsh, just a quick note to say how glad I am you put the health section in (with the water glasses!) As someone who has devoted my time and expertise to helping families and work at home moms take care of themselves, this is an essential.
    BTW, I personally love things that are on paper so I can reduce my screen time. Especially in the evening when I’m planning.

  23. If you make the app, I would like a ‘rollover’ option. For example, if I didn’t get to run to WM today, but it still needs to be done, then tomorrow it would simply pop up on my list. I also think it would be nice to keep a running list of ‘common to-do’s’ that can either be shared publicly, programmed in, or just my own so that I don’t have to re-type them in each time, I can just “schedule” them, so to speak. Thanks – I’ve used your daily docket off and on for years…………and yes, the ‘on’ days run WAY smoother!

  24. I would love an iPhone app and be willing to pay for it. Time is money and if this saved me time it would be worth the money.
    For now I have printed the page off and am going to put it behind glass and use a dry erase marker like you recommended.

  25. Love this! It is so thorough without being bulky. I agree with the need to avoid using a piece of paper each day, but my economic method (cheap, ahem) for doing this is menu planning is to print whatever page layout I like, stick in a page protector and hang it on the fridge. Easy to use a wet erase (better to not lose info when someone opens it!) and clear for the next day. And it’s easy to grab and go if I need to make notes somewhere else. Not fancy, but it works!

  26. Oh, and on the app –
    1) Optional date, optional time
    2) sort options – date, importance, alphabetical
    3) List by date – automatically gathers all to-do’s that have the current date
    4) Easy check completion/delete (avoid having to tap multiple times to close out a task)
    5) Related, easy entry – just click a plus sign, type and done.
    6) Repeat options – weekly/every monday/monthly, etc. (I avoid apps that don’t offer this – I can’t be entering them every time! That’s not easier.)
    I’d go for your app if it’s anything as functional as your docket approach.
    (for reference, I like Apple’s Reminders, but its limitations in sorting and referencing different lists or priorities makes it less than ideal. But its simplicity really works.)

  27. I didn’t read all the comments but I think I’m adding my vote to several others–I would love this in app form!

  28. Rebekah Labell says:

    Thanks so much for the redo – love it and will use it. I really like the idea of the app and would love it if it were easy to roll things over into the next day. Thank you!

  29. Hooray! Thanks for the update and I will be anxiously awaiting the app.

  30. another vote in support of an app! i love the concept of the daily docket, but i am on the go so much that it’s hard for me to keep track of one more piece of paper. i’ve always got my phone, though, so this would be a huge help! thanks for the download either way! 🙂

  31. Thank you so much for the updated Docket! I found it originally when I purchased your book some 2 years ago. It was wonderful then, it’s wonderful now! Thanks again. It’s quite appreciated!

  32. Thanks for the updated docket! You must have read my mind.

    As far as paper waste reduction, I simply printed out and laminated your original docket on thick laminate at Staples for 2$(?) and use wet erase markers. [The dry ones didn’t work.]
    Will be printing out and laminating this new one now!

  33. An idea about not wasting paper would be to print it out and stick it behind the glass in an 8×10 picture frame. Then you can use a dry erase marker and reuse it over and over!
    Thanks Tsh!

  34. Love the app idea, would totally pay for it:

    Love the water glass icons… please keep that in the app 🙂 Maybe even set alarms for water breaks… as a nursing mom, it’s important for me to remember to hydrate but often forget to.

  35. Yay, yay, yay. I have always loved your productivity posts. Thanks a million, Tsh!

  36. Tsh, I love the new graphics; you are a talented designer! I’ve used the “old” dockets for years, but have slacked off lately and am living with lots of disorganization as a result. Your release is perfect timing; I love novelty! Maybe it’s just me, but when I print these new ones many of the graphics fall outside the print margins (that’s with both direct printing and first saving as a .pdf). I also need to put in a vote for an app!

  37. How about something like this?

    I personally haven’t created an app before but I think your docket is great and could help a lot of people. Many of our clients could benefit from this if it were available on an iPhone. Who knows…if you charge a little and get the word out…it could be a great money maker for you!


  38. Yes iPhone app and Droid!

  39. I vote for an app too, especially on the iPad! I would pay for it as well. I would also like a tab to keep a weekly menu. I’ve been looking for a simple app to keep track of my weekly menus and they are all too complicated. They want me to import recipes…yada, yada. Keeping it simple and clean looking like your Daily Docket would work for me. Love your site, thanks for all you do.

  40. tsh,
    thanks, I’ve been using this faithfully for a couple of years and I think it’s brilliant. I do have ONE SUGGESTION. 🙂 As a busy mom of 5 kids, I actually appreciate having a place to put our schedule for the day–the whole family knows to go to my household notebook if they want to know what’s going on. And with organizing soccer and ballet and chorus and gymnastics and parties and carpool…well, I’ve sometimes got things on there timed to 15-minute increments….so in the app, could you include that option, too? The truth be said, though–we need a paper copy handy on the kitchen counter so everyone can keep track of what’s going on, not just the owner of the iphone. Well, and what if you could make it so you can sync your list with someone else? Like my sweet husband? Yikes! Hire someone to figure all that out, and I’ll happily pay for it. 🙂 Thanks again!

  41. Rachel Ambler says:

    This looks great! Some ideas for me to add to the document I call “Rachel’s Ultimate To Do list” which is various To Do list ideas from Pinterest and other websites, customised for me. I use Powerpoint instead of Word to produce this as it’s easier to manipulate text boxes.

  42. Thanks for sharing this, Tsh! I use your original Daily Docket everyday! I <3 this one too!

  43. would definite,ly check out a daily docket app! i ahve to do lists and calendar of course, but nothing to plan my day with. and like others, i am wary to print so much. I also haven’t found the best thinline markers for writing on glass… would love any suggestions! 🙂

  44. I love this new version! My hubby is a developer and has done a few apps as side projects. It’s a nice way to have a supplemental income. I think having an app would be great, and I knowing how much work goes into creating apps, I would be happy to pay for it.

  45. Lifeasmom has pages in her notebook that are laminated and then uses a wet erase (overhead projector type) marker to write on them. I have been using that idea with my daily docket and love it.

  46. Love your Daily Docket. I rarely download stuff from the internet, but this is just what I needed. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  47. I just found this site, I like the style and simplicity of the document! Will download it for sure.

  48. This is so awesome!!! I printed it out already. I want to print 365 and bind it as my year book of to-do’s. I do a lot on my phone, but I’m finding I miss the written word and forming a check mark with my own hands. Thank you for the 2.0 version!

  49. I love the changes! After reading your book, I made my own Daily Docket with a few modifications, since I am a stay at home mom with no outside work, but struggled with a few things and putting them in as requirements for each day to be checked off helped me a ton. I think I will update mine to include a tomorrow and this week section, as that is usually what ends up in my notes. Right now, paper is best for me, as it is FAR less interesting to my 2 year old than the iPad. If you could manage an app before I have to head back to working outside the home (say 5-6 years from now), I would be appreciative!

  50. Adding an AMEN for the app form… 

  51. In an app….it would be great if you also had a weekly option, not only daily. Or at least weekly meals at a glance. Also if the tasks on the to do list that aren’t completed can carry over to the next day automatically.

  52. I would gladly pay for a fully functional app like this. Many great suggestions have already been made. Apps for all the platforms please? My family is a mix of iPhone, Android, and Windows 7, and I would like us all to have it.

  53. Heather B says:

    Great idea and great design. It sure would be fantastic as an App! One that allowed you to share yours with your husbands/other family members so you’d all be on the same page, so to speak. Sharing/assigning tasks, or even just viewing the other persons to know what they had on. Love this idea!

  54. I have a tip for those who don’t like printing out so much paper {ahem, me!}. Laminate the docket and use those wipe clean markers.. It makes it a LOT easier to reuse it and only needs replacing when it gets really smudgy.. Hope this helps!

  55. Awesome! Thanks!!

  56. I’m not a mom, but I would love an app version!

  57. I’ve used your Daily Docket for years now and have loved it but also enjoy your changes. This fall I broke down and bought a premade agenda b/c I was having major surgery and printing pages felt like too much work 🙂 – but really your DD works best. I don’t have an iphone but can certainly see how fun it would be to have the Docket as an app if I did. Even for a fee you’d most likely have many buyers.

  58. After almost forgetting an important meeting tonight, I popped by Simple Mom to download & print your daily docket (I need the help!). I’m so happy to see the new & improved version… I really liked the old version, but I think this one will work so much better for me.

  59. I would love to see an app for this! That would be amazing!

  60. libbywilko says:

    Thanks for the great download, such a great idea.

  61. mel rowlands says:

    Thank-you SO much for this!! I love the updated version (have been using the old one for over a year now) and it works so well for me. In the process of getting 100 copies of v2 printed and bound together into a little booklet – my essential planner book. Thanks again:)

  62. Adding my vote for an app 🙂 Thank you for this great resource!

  63. To avoid the printing dilemma and using an iPad, at times I’ve taken a screenshot of the pocket docket (home button + power button) and then opened it in an app that I can write in (e.g. Goodreader, Noteshelf). Thanks for the update!

  64. Thank you! And waving a hand in support of an iPhone app! (And my husband works with app developers if you need recommendations 🙂 )

  65. I love the Daily docket and have been encouraging my 14 and 12 year old daughters to use it…boys are still too little. I downloaded One Bite at a Time about two months ago and am in love! The DD, and your e-book, revolutionized my mothering. So thankful. I don’t have a smart phone, but if you had a DD app I might think about getting one. Seriously.

  66. Nice article, i just finished bookmarking it for future reference.

  67. I love your daily docket and I used it as a guide to create my own page for my home management binder that works great for us. I didn’t love printing out the pages, using them (or some days, barely using them) and having to recycle them. SO, I printed off 5 copies (one for each weekday) and laminated them. I use an extra-fine point wet erase marker to write on them, and then I just give them all a quick rinse once a week. This also prevents me from not planning because I’m out of pages! Just an idea for those who may want to cut down on paper. LOVE this blog!

  68. Pat Flynn is a (very successful) blogger turned app developer. He has detailed posts about how/what he did with his apps on his site, 😀

    Thanks for the docket!

  69. I would love to use an app version on my Nook, and would find it acceptable to pay for.

  70. Would love an app- I have found that I to have everything in one place to stay organized.

  71. I LOVE your docket, but I find myself “rolling over” so many things from day to day…I’d rather have a weekly docket. I actually made one (not as pretty as yours) so if anyone wants it, I’m happy to send it to them (or you). It’s basically the checklist and a spot to write what’s for dinner–4 days on one page and 3 on the next, with the fourth square for notes.

  72. Robert Martin says:

    I love this concept as most to do lists get over complicated and become overwhelming. Being a software engineer it is not likely I would actually use a printed version though. So I have created my own basic app for Windows Phone and enjoying using it, although it is only half done so far. I have sent Tsh and email about it hopefully we can find a way to distribute it and maybe make Android and iOS versions as well!

  73. I regularly and unsuccessfully visit the App Store looking for an app that I can use for the daily stuff. I have a to-do list for the long and short term planning, but I am still needing to transfer it all to paper to manage the spectrum of daily life. I would love to see to see an app with the areas that you have in your daily docket, something that pares life down to just the dealings of this day. Each day has enough worries of it’s own and it is easier to remember that without the full force of my to-do list bearing down on me.

  74. rachel m. says:

    Just wanted to say thanks! And also throw my vote in for an app someday.

    love this tool!

  75. For those needing an app, which to me says you want to have it on your mobile devices, I have an alternative. I built my Daily Docket using Google Spreadsheets. Now it’s accessible from any browser, anywhere or from my phone/iPad using theGoogle Drive app.

  76. I sized your Daily Docket to fit my plain Moleskine notebook, and printed it out on one piece of paper (landscape) with the Pocket Docket opposite – folded in half I now have a template that shows through the Moleskine paper very well. I then make a quick basic tracing of the main line divisions, 1 minute at the most. Not everyone’s way of doing things, but might work for those like me who like using a blank notebook, and who don’t like printing out reams of paper.

    I would be interested in an app. Would like to see the pages pre-dated, and to have integration with my digital calendar. Reminders, too.

  77. Yup! Would totally love an iphone app and would definitely be willing to pay! Thank you so much for making this for us!

  78. I saw your answer about making an app and I have to tell you I love this design so much I was thinking of an app version. I’m in java coding now but I am moving into android app programming now and if you want I’d be happy to work with you on this. No cost to you, I just want the app for myself!

  79. Thank you so very much and bless you! So many other Mommy Bloggers are more concerned with making money from their blog (which is how they make their living, I get that ) than helping other moms that desperately need help but have no money to spare and nothing more to give. Because they are trying to do basic things to survive, like buy food. wear holey shoes, and figure out how to get from one place to another because their used car that they have been paying on the past 4 yrs just got repo’d a couple of weeks before Christmas. It is just so nice to be able to find a simple, beautifully done list to help me organize my day that is in my price range….Free! So, thank you Tsh. You were a huge blessing and a breath of encouragement to this tired young Mama.

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