Create, order, buy (or win!) your holiday cards in plenty of time

This giveaway is now closed.

The first giveaway for November comes to you from one great company and from, well, yours truly.  And it also happens to coincide with the next project in the 12 Weeks to Prepare for Christmas series.

Now’s the best time to start working on your holiday card plans.  These days, sending digital newsletters or digital cards is the norm, but I still enjoy sending out the tried-and-true snail mail method (though yes, I detest paper clutter).  For me, it’s all part of the holiday spirit to take a family photo, address and stamp envelopes, and lovingly display the ones I receive in return.

If you plan to include a family photo in your card this year, take your first shot this week while you’ve still got plenty of time, so that you’re not rushed and have time to try again.  And if you’ve collated your address list, you should already know how many cards you need to order.  It’ll save you money to order early with some shops, including mine.

Start addressing envelopes now, just a few at a time, and you’ll be golden by early December, when you can mail all your cards in one fell swoop.  Keep your address list and envelopes in a convenient location, and write out a few at a time here and there.  It’ll be painless.

If you plan on sending out photo cards this year, then I’ve got an chance for you to win some in this giveaway.  One reader will win a customized high-resolution digital photo card file of their choice from Chickpea Designs, my graphic design shop. The file is yours to keep forever – you can make as many prints as you want, when you want. In addition, you will receive 10 5×7 prints of your photo card, free.

(And although I’m referring to holiday cards here, I’ve also got baby announcements, save-the-date cards, and birthday invites – any of those designs are eligible for this contest.)

The second addition to the giveaway is from PictureItPostageYou will win two sheets of personalized US postage stamps – simply upload your photo on their site, edit and align it, and voila – stamps with your children (or dog, or hamster, or neighbors) are headed your way.

PictureItPostage also has a hilarious contest going on right now – until November 19, upload your worst holiday photo, whether it be flat-out embarrassing or simply unflattering.  Starting December 1, people can vote for their favorite photos – and two grand prize winners will win a new Canon Digital SLR camera and five sets of stamps.  Plus, think how entertaining it will be to endlessly peruse horrible photos.  Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s how you can win a personalized photo card design, 10 5×7 photo card prints, and 20 personalized postage stamps:

1. For a single entry, simply comment below, and answer this question – what’s your favorite holiday?

2. For a second entry, email me at simplemomblog (at) gmail (dot) com with the secret code in the email’s subject line (no need to write anything in the email’s body, as it won’t be read).  To find the secret code, make sure you’ve subscribed to Simple Mom’s feed either via RSS or via email, and look in the footer of any post.

3. For a third entry, mention this giveaway on your blog, and make sure I somehow find out about it.

This giveaway will end on Friday, November 7, midnight CST.  I hope you win!

Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. Well here I am fresh out of the oven too! ha!

    Favorite Holiday. ..? Never used to be Christmas…but lately it is? I think we’ve gotten ourselves back into a better holiday place…where it’s not all about the shopping and such, more about the fam, ya know?

    I’ll blog about ya later in the week…I might need a reminder…?
    I love the example photo card! off to see more of them…

    tweet me! @rogbark

    goodncrazy’s last blog post…EARLY! –Happy Candy Freaks

  2. By far my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It is the no pressure holiday of the big holidays. Good food, good friends (family is on another continent), good times.

    Dana’s last blog post…Tutti i Santi

  3. Favorite holiday….My birthday! (i’m feeling a bit egocentric this morning)

  4. Favorite holiday…MY birthday (I’m feeling a bit egocentric this morning)

    PS Wrong web link on the last post…oops!

    Mindy’s last blog post…Happy Halloween

  5. Thanksgiving, because it is celebrated by most major religions–it’s a very inclusive holiday.

    Love your blog!

  6. Fav orite holiday — Thanksgiving. All of the great food and family with a lot less stress over gifts and giving…

  7. Favorite holiday? Christmas, hands down. The joy of the kids on Christmas morning can’t be beat!

    Carolyn Fodel’s last blog post…Compassion Bloggers – Dominican Republic

  8. Christmas….its always been a special holiday for my family growing up. Its the one time of year that my husband and I get to see both sides of our families. We live over 5 hours from each of them, so its nice to get to spend time with all (different weekends though). But most importantly, I love Chirstmas because we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus. So Easter is a tie for the favorite holiday too!

  9. Christmas is my favorite for sure! We love birthdays and what could be better than celebrating our Lord’s birth?

    Laine Chambers’s last blog post…So good to be back!

  10. My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas. Thanksgiving is a close second. I enjoy all of the traditions my family has created for both holidays and I think that is what makes them both so special to me.

  11. The photo stamps are so cool. What a fun idea.

  12. Oh! I love that red card with the branch on it!

    My favorite holiday is Christmas – especially now that I have children. I love all of the history and tradition that are woven into this holiday.

    Christi’s last blog post…ordering & payment information

  13. Christmas!

    Tami’s last blog post…Rock-A-Bye Sweet Baby

  14. thanksgiving

    Denise’s last blog post…outside looking in

  15. 4th of July is my fave. I love parades, picinics, fireworks and lots of family over while the weather is beautiful!

    Leah’s last blog post…Fix it Day and Fall Family Fest (say that 5 times fast)

  16. I think my favorite holiday is whatever holiday is fast approaching – so right now I’d have to say – Thanksgiving!

  17. When we’re in the States it’s July 4th and when we’re abroad it’s Christmas.

    Julie’s last blog post…Just Cast My Vote!

  18. I don’t know that I have a favorite. I enjoy the 4th of July greatly – cook outs!!!!

    Terra Jones’s last blog post…Another Winner!!

  19. My favorite holiday is Christmas. It always has been and as I have gotten older and had a family of my own, I wanted my children to enjoy the Holiday wtih innocence and realization for the reason why we celebrate this Holiday. I also want them to remember that it’s not about what you get, it is about what you give and what you have already been given.

    I added your give-away to the give-away page on my site. (I love give-aways!).

  20. Southern Gal says:

    Christmas! We love to celebrate the birth of the Savior with traditions we’ve made since we’ve been married…28 years worth.

    I’ve sent photo Christmas cards since my oldest two were 4 and 2 years old. They are 19 and 17 now plus we have a 6-year-old. I would love to win this! It gets more and more expensive every year, but I just can’t part with the tradition.


  21. My favorite holiday, probably Christmas. I have a 3 year old and a 6 month old and the magic that comes with that is just awesome!

    Bryssy’s last blog post…Happy Halloween!!!

  22. My favorite, yet most difficult holiday is Christmas. I love everything about it. Well, except the fact that we live no where near any of our family and that is such a big part of the holiday for me that it makes me a little sad every year to be so far away. This year though, my parents are buying us plane tickets to fly home with our daughter for Christmas till new years, which will make it all that much more special.

  23. Christmas!

  24. My favourite holiday is Hallowe’en, guess I still have a lot of kid in me!

  25. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love having fun that holiday is definitely fun!

  26. I do like Christmas, but I am not one who decorates a lot. I like to do something “different” – and if we travel I don’t decorate at all. Last year instead of a regular Christmas tree, we had an orange tree. We’ll plant it in the yard.

    Amy Jones’s last blog post…Not enough in the Land of Plenty

  27. Christmas, of course! 🙂

    Betty Beguiles’s last blog post…Ooey Gooey Goodness

  28. Such a wonderful giveaway! I’ve used photo cards each Christmas for 3 or 4 years now, and they are great time-savers!

    Now, my favorite holiday is probably Valentine’s Day. My husband proposed to me on that day 16 years ago, and that experience will always be a special memory for me. 🙂

    Julie – On the Dot Creations’s last blog post…:: America the Beautiful Week::

  29. Christmas is easily my favorite holiday!

  30. Easter is my favorite holiday. Without Easter, Christmas would be meaningless.

    PS – I subscribe, but I don’t see the secret code in the footer…

  31. Christmas!!!

  32. Christmas!

  33. The most magical time of the year…. Christmas!!! Our Lord’s birth, lights, chill in the air, windows adorned with beautiful things, too much for such a short time. I look forward to it every year!

  34. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. all that gratitude. all that family. all that pie. 🙂

    Eryn’s last blog post…7 Minutes in Starbucks

  35. My favorite holiday is Christmas, for sure! I love the whole feel of the season, the songs, the decorations, the excitement, and celebrating the birth of Jesus!

    Christina’s last blog post…Weekly Round-Up: Happy Halloween!

  36. Love give-aways! My favourite holiday would be Christmas… love the baking.
    I do subscribe to your blog.. but have no idea where to find the secret code 🙁

  37. Easter is my favorite holiday.

    Stephanie’s last blog post…

  38. Christina says:

    I think my favorite holiday is Easter because we really try to make a good Lent and Holy Week in our house and Easter is just so joyous at the end!

  39. Huh, I couldn’t find any secret footer in my Google feed for your blog.

    Christmas is, of course, my fave holiday!

    Angie (from over at

    Half Assed Kitchen’s last blog post…Hot tamale pie

  40. My favorite holiday is actually Christmas. I love the smells, the views, the reason, everything but the hussle and bussle of shopping. I agree, the best way to send out Christmas greetings is through the mail. In an attempt to be the first one to get a Christmas card to me, my sister gave me my first Christmas card on October 30th!

  41. My favorite holiday is Halloween – I’m sad that it’s over.

    I am subscribed on my reader- I’ll have to go there and dig around for the code. Hmmmm…

  42. I would have to say Christmas since it goes on for about a week trying to get in all of the family!

    Amber D.’s last blog post…Cake Lovin’

  43. It’s got to be Christmas. After such a heated election season, I’m looking forward to that feeling of togetherness, generosity, and holiday cheer.

    Sarah S’s last blog post…Halloween ’08

  44. wow. what a great giveaway!
    My favorite holiday–definitely Christmas!

    (hmm…should I be able to see the ‘secret code’ in Google Reader?)

    tara’s last blog post…happy halloween

  45. Oh, it’s definitely Christmas. My husband proposed to me on Christmas morning over homemade pancakes and coffee.

    It’s a family tradition that he proposes again every year, only now there’s the additional sound of the tiny hands of our son clapping in the background and the coffee has been traded in for cocoa so we can all enjoy it. Bliss!

  46. I love Christmas!

  47. My favorite Holiday is Christmas.

  48. My favorite Holiday is a tie between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although any holiday spent with my family or my husband’s family is always fun. We enjoy our time with family.

  49. Christmas is my favorite holiday!!!

  50. Shannon B says:

    My favourite holiday is Christmas. It has nothing to do with gifts – I would love the holidays just as much without them – but I love the traditions. I love the tree, the decorations, the snow, the hymns, and I love to bake our Christmas treats, usually starting around now.

  51. My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas! I just love decorating for this holiday, it’s so much fun! I could spend hundreds of dollars on Christmas decor alone… luckily I don’t though. 🙂

  52. I guess my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because we have some great traditions we share as a family.

  53. Katherine says:

    Christmas… I love seeing all the family.

  54. My favorite holiday is Christmas!

  55. My favorite holiday is Columbus Day…just joking. I LOVE Thanksgiving more than any other holiday. It is the one holiday with no pressure about presents and one with great thankfulness and family time.

    Rean Day’s last blog post…Another Giveaway at Simple Mom

  56. Christmas wins hands down.

  57. My favorite holiday is Christmas – I just love being with family and watching them open the gifts I give to them. I also LOVE decorating for the season and baking cookies and the music and, and……
    Thanks for the opportunity! I already subscribe to your feed, so I twittered about it! (

    CaraM – TheHouseholdHelper’s last blog post…Recommended Gadget: The Plastic Surgeon

  58. My fave is definitely Christmas! I love the giving spirit and watching the excitement and delight of my children.

    Mary’s last blog post…Tell Us About Your Momtourage!

  59. ohh, close call between 4th of July, halloween, and Christmas. But I think christmas because the season lasts so long

  60. Thanksgiving! In fact, I will be focusing on Thanksgiving all month with 5, 3, and 2 year old children. If you are looking for ideas for this much neglected holiday I’ve got my plans posted at

  61. I love Easter because it’s in the springtime and we can celebrate new beginnings. It is much nicer to celebrate a holiday that is less stressful and not heavily commercialized.

  62. My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day oddly enough. Christmas is a close second though.

  63. Thanksgiving!!

  64. I am a huge fan of Thanksgiving… I love the joy of gathering together to share food & fun with our loved ones. I agree with other commenters that it is much less stressful because there are no gifts to purchase! It remains just about being thankful for all our blessings.

  65. Charissa UpChurch says:

    I absolutely love Christmastime. I love the baking and preparations that go into making the holiday special for my family. I love spending time with my family and laughing and making memories. But most importantly, I love the true reason for the season–the birth of our Lord and Savior!

  66. I love Thanksgiving. The end of the summer, and what a time to be thankful for all of God’s goodness to us over the past year!

  67. My favorite holiday is Easter–I love decorating the eggs, and of course the egg hunts. Although, I’m especially looking forward to Christmas this year–as it is my son’s first–I think Christmas through a mother’s eyes will give it even more meaning…

    Mama Koala’s last blog post…Carter’s Warning…Issued by Consumer Products Safety Commission

  68. is it scrooge-y to say 4th of july at this time of year? it helps that my birthday is july 2…so i can pretend that the fireworks are really for me.

    christy’s last blog post…Videos

  69. Your cards are beautiful! I’d love to win some…my favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas, with Christmas taking the lead over Thanksgiving! I just love the decorating, the food, the visits with family,and the feeling of both, though!

    Sherri’s last blog post…It Just Wasn’t My Day

  70. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving… no stress of gift giving, etc but just time to enjoy with family & good food.

    Kristin Solomon’s last blog post…We’re Not Dead…

  71. Christmas, and I love your cards!!

  72. My favorite holiday…Christmas with the Season of Advent. We are doing the Jesse Tree this year, thanks for your helpful post about that.

    I hope I can win this one, I love your photo card designs! I am doing it all to up my chances. Friends and family that read my blog may end up trying for this giveaway as well. Now I need to email you with that secret code.

    Pamela’s last blog post…Christmas Cards

  73. I really don’t know what my favorite holiday is. Each one has it’s own traditions that make it special. The New Year is up there though. There’s something about starting fresh and reflecting on the past year (and when I was young, permission to stay up way past your bedtime)… and I love the fireworks.

  74. Another “Christmas” here! = )

  75. My kids birthdays. These classify as holidays in my house!! And I love each and every special day! : )

    Allison J’s last blog post…10 is the new 11

  76. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. The great food, the company, the beginning of the holidays.

  77. Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving! Love it, love Autumn, love the food, love the family gathering, love focusing on gratefulness, love the crisp air…I could go on. But I will stop and get back to homeschooling my kids.

    Julie Jones’s last blog post…

  78. I’d have to say Christmas. Despite the craziness, I love it!

    Kelli’s last blog post…Other Mondays

  79. My favourite holiday is….Christmas!!

  80. Christmas is definitely my favorite!

    FishMama@LifeasMOM’s last blog post…What’s Cookin’ This Week

  81. Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday – I love making it last! 🙂

  82. My favorite is a combo of Thanksgiving and Christmas, the weather at Thanksgiving, the music of Christmas, the relaxed nature of Thanksgiving, the MEANING of Christmas, but also the meaning behind Thanksgiving. Indecision is the key to flexibility!

    Darcy’s last blog post…Singin’ In the Rain, Revisited

  83. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Focus is on family with no gift giving pressure.

  84. Christmas hands down is my favorite. I love all the decorations, food, festivities…sigh! I can’t wait!

    Mandie’s last blog post…This Year’s Election

  85. I love Christmas!! This will be my last year sans baby (since our daughter is due in January) and my partner & I are so excited to spend a very chill holiday season together ^_^

    Desiree Fawn’s last blog post…click.

  86. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

  87. Melissa Soto says:

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

  88. My favorite holiday is Easter. I love the freshness of spring, the slowness of the day and the rejoicing of celebrating Jesus!

  89. Thanksgiving- it’s very relaxing and reminds of the many, many things I have to be thankful for because of God’s blessings.

    Erin’s last blog post…I don’t have the time/money to do that.

  90. My fave is the 4th of July! I thank God that I have freedom and
    liberties in the USA. I don’t take it for granted, as I am from an
    immigrant family! Cheers.

  91. I love Christmas, the whole season. But Independence Day is pretty cool, I like fireworks.

  92. I’m thinking my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love all of the cooking, relaxing & spending time with family!

  93. My favorite holiday is definetly Christmas. I love the whole entire month leading up to it.

  94. Definitely Christmas. I love all the excitement, decorating and joy that surrounds winter holidays. It doesn’t matter to me whether people are celebrating Solstice, Hanukkah or Christmas, when everyone gets into the winter holiday spirit lifejust seems better.

  95. Lately it’s definitely Christmas. I work outside the home, and we get that week off, so in addition to the fact that I love the celebration of Christmas, the gathering of family, etc, it is also more relaxed than many of the other holidays for me.

    Great giveaway! I have a giveaway going on right now that would make a great Christmas present…

    Steph @ Problem Solvin Mom’s last blog post…Menu Plan Monday

  96. Me, I like Thanksgiving…it’s the least commercial of all of our holidays and I hope it stays that way!

    Mary’s last blog post…Tropical Tree Frog Costume GIVEAWAY!!!!

  97. My favorite holiday has always been Christmas. I just love the winter weather, and being with family – and this year, we are expecting our first baby just before Christmas, so it’s going to be an ESPECIALLY exciting holiday for us! 🙂

  98. My favorite holiday is Halloween since I have 4 little kids. It’s fun to plan out costumes and make them. They get so excited about it and all the decorations. Plus we coordinate their birthday party theme with our costumes so it’s a couple weeks full of fanfare!

    Mindy’s last blog post…Counting Down to Turkey Time

  99. I think the fourth of July oddly – mostly because that is when my family is together the most completely.

  100. Probably Thanksgiving. It’s just so cozy, good food, perfect time of year!