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Combining vintage and modern in your home

Vintage is the new modern – so what does that mean for modern styles? It means they are on the same level. Combining old things with news things can create a very interesting look by contrasting different eras of technology and different eras of materials. Here are some ideas to inspire you to embrace the marriage between old and new in terms of furniture/aesthetic.

Combine your furniture

First – check out this old singer sewing machine that is in our living room. A beautiful wooden desk supported by a dark cast iron base. Compare it to the shiny plastic sony TV on top. At first look it seems a little odd but then you realize they compliment each other quite well. Both pieces are very rectangular without any sharp edges. Both are elegant and sleek. The base of the TV fits perfectly on top of the sewing machine desk almost as if it was meant for something to rest on top….

Combine your gadget holders

Another example a successful joining of old and new is this amazingly well built ipad stand via etsy. A rich woodgrain base accompanied by a wonderful Edison bulb perched atop an old school swinging arm lamp.  The craftsmanship of the vintage inspired stand complements the ever sleek and elegant ipad as well as creating interest in the piece as a whole by contrasting old and new styles.

We found this great toolbox on BH&G. It’s a weathered old toolbox converted into a multimedia charging station. The new generation of tools. It’d be easy to make yourself!

Combine your wall art

Another Lowe home example: A chrome rabbit bottle opener tossed in with a collection of vintage paintings. We love the clash of the chrome and classic wood paintings. Fun note: All the owl paintings are made by the same artist “Jean” but were found from three different sources. A random thrift store on our honeymoon and then from two different vintage etsy sellers.

What have you done in your home that combines old and new styles?

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  1. I love the charging station. What a terrific idea.

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