4 cloth diapers worth trying (…to win!)

This giveaway is now closed. Check back soon for the winners!

This year’s Cloth Diapering 101 series is hosted by four sweet diaper makers, and today I’m psyched to show you their diapers in action — along with a chance to win some.

In case you’ve missed them, here are the previous posts on cloth diapering from earlier in the week:

All the brands I’m showing you today pass the bill for superior durability, absorbency, low on the bulky factor, and totally pass the cute-o-meter.

1. Bummis

I’ve been a fan of Bummis diapers from the start of my cloth diapering experience. Their organic cotton prefolds are absorbent and soft, and their covers are lightweight, affordable, and hold everything in.

A few months ago, they sent me their new line of pocket diapers called EasyFit and TiniFit. I love these diapers. They’re usually some of the first I grab.

The best thing about these diapers is that the liner is attached to the main diaper, so you don’t have to fish around for the insert in the clean laundry pile. Simply stuff, and you’re ready to go.

Then the really cool part about this is that you don’t need to remove the liner before washing. Simply remove the dirty diaper and toss it in your wet bag — the liner will pull out in the wash! So there’s almost zero ick factor.

Also, the velcro is some of the best I’ve tried — they stay completely closed in the wash.

Here’s Bummis’ video about the EasyFit:

The TiniFit are exactly the same, except they’re — well, tiny. They were pretty much the only CD that fit Finn as a newborn without an insane amount of bulkiness. They were so adorable on him, and I was sad when he outgrew them at about three months. But they were very handy in those early days, because I knew everything would stay in.  TiniFits were really the only CDs I used on Finn from the get-go — he wore them the day of his birth.

Bummis is giving three EasyFits and three Tinifits to one Simple Mom reader!

2. Go Green

Go Green Pocket Diapers are a sweet-and-simple pocket diapering system, and their brand’s slogan is “cloth diapers for the rest of us,” because they’re practical, durable pocket diapers at half the price.

Yes, Reed’s all Evil-Knievely in his star-studded diaper and superhero cape.

These are your basic pocket diapers, with either a silky polyester knit or fuzzy fleece-like outer layer, lined with a thin, flexible water-proof polyurethane laminate on the inside. The inside is lined with fleece, so it’s super soft on your baby’s skin. Each diaper comes with one super-absorbant insert that is made from 3 layers of microfiber terry-cloth.

There are three layers of snaps on the outside, so that you can make the diapers three different sizes. This means you can use these diapers from birth to potty training.

By far, the best thing about these diapers is the price. $9-10 per diaper, with a flat $5 shipping on all US orders. You seriously can’t beat that with a stick.

Protecting our home from danger as the rest of us head off to bed…

Go Green Pocket Diapers is giving six pocket diapers to one Simple Mom reader!

3. Sustainable Babyish

Sloomb/Sustainable Babyish makes the softest, most absorbent fitted diapers I’ve ever used. Their wool covers are beautiful, too. I mean, seriously — how cute are these?

I was surprised how well wool works as a diaper cover (and honestly still don’t completely get how it works). Because wool has natural lanolin, making sheep waterproof, it also makes a great cover because they hold — and wick — moisture away from the skin.

You only need to wash the wool covers every now and then — you simply air them out between uses.

Sustainable Babyish’s covers are also the softest, most absorbent wool cover I’ve ever used. We use them for naptime with our older; bedtime for the youngest. In fact, after naptime today, Reed was pulling to keep this diaper on when it was time for a diaper change.

These snapless fitteds are thick and absorbent (you can easily use them with Snappis). And you can feel the quality by how soft the bamboo is.  If there is such a thing, Sustainable Babyish diapers are heirloom quality.

Sustainable Babyish is giving one of their Snapless-Multi Starter Kits to a Simple Mom reader! This includes two Snapless-Multi Fitted diapers, one wool cover in the color of your choice, and two doublers.

4. Thirsties

Thirsties is a Colorado-based diaper company that makes every diaper locally, and they have a newer pocket diaper called a Duo Diaper. This diaper is incredibly soft on the skin and really absorbent for how thin it is. This is one of the least bulky diapers I’ve tried.

There are two inserts that snap together; one made of microfiber terry and one made of hemp. This makes the diaper both absorbent and quick-drying.

One of the coolest thing about this diaper is that it’s really more of a “sleeve” than a pocket — both ends have openings, so that you don’t need to remove the wet insert before tossing it in the wetbag. The insert comes out in the wash, so zero ick factor for these diapers, too.

The one thing I’d note is that size one is a bit small for my little guy, who’s four months old. Out of their two sizes, I’d opt for just getting size two from the get-go and snapping it to the smallest size at the beginning. Then again, Finn’s a chunky guy, so it depends on each baby.

Thirsties is giving two Simple Mom readers a bundle of their diapers. Each bundle includes a Duo Diaper, Duo Wrap, Prefold and a package of wipes.

Giveaway Details

There will be five winners for this giveaway! Each winner will receive one of these diaper sets offered by the brands above. The prizes will be assigned randomly to each winner.

How to Win:

1. Comment on this post, answering the following question:  “Besides diapers or wipes, what’s the one thing you make sure to carry in your diaper bag?”

2. If you’d like a second entry, tweet about this giveaway on Twitter, using the #clothdiapers hashtag, the companies’ Twitter handles, @simplemom,  and the URL for this post. Your tweet could be something like:

I’m entering to win #clothdiapers from @simplemom, @bummis, @sloomb, @thirstiesinc, & @GoGreenDiapers: http://bit.ly/cakPPW

Then — this is importantyou need to come back and leave an additional comment here, telling me you tweeted. It won’t count otherwise.

3. If you’d like a third entry, mention this giveaway on Facebook, mentioning @Simple Mom and the URL of this post.

Again, you need to come back and comment again on this post, otherwise it won’t count.

This giveaway is open to all readers worldwide, and ends on Saturday, October 23 at 11:59 p.m. CST. I hope you win!

And thanks to Reed and Finn for their willingness to participate as models.

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Tsh Oxenreider

Tsh is the founder of this blog and just finished traveling around the world with her husband and 3 kids. Her latest book is Notes From a Blue Bike, and believes a passport is one of the world's greatest textbooks.

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  1. I shared on Facebook

  2. Jill Crawford says:

    I always have an extra set of clothes, juice and snacks in my diaperbag.

  3. I posted on my Facebook about the giveaway and tagged my sister who is just starting to use cloth diapers.

  4. Catherine says:

    Great post – I just tried wool soakers ( my sis knitted some for me) and I’m amazed at how well they work!

    Anyhoo, the item I make sure is always in my bag is my dr. pepper lip smacker. And a cell phone. 🙂

  5. Jill Crawford says:

    I shared on facebook!!!

  6. I don’t even have a diaper bag yet! Fortunately we still have a some time before baby arrives, but now I have lots of good ideas for what to put in it.

  7. Posted on facebook – and updated my status!

    There are lots of items that our diaper bag is never without… But – if I’m just mentioning one – Ziploc baggies have come in handy a time or two 🙂

  8. These are some great-looking diapers- we’ve used other brands before, but I’d really like to try these out!

    We *always* have extra snacks with us. We were blessed with three boys, and they are hungry all.the.time.

  9. Catherine says:

    I shared on facebook!

  10. I always make sure to bring along my little guy’s may-may (his flannel blanket). It cures all ails and he’s so sweet when he runs it on his ears to soothe away sleep, hurts and any sad feelings.

  11. First baby comes in January so I haven’t had to carry a diaper bag yet, but I’d have to guess maybe a change of clothes or some munchies. 🙂

  12. I always carry a book or some toys!

  13. Jill Crawford says:

    I shared on twitter

  14. Normally when I’m out I just have a diaper clutch stuffed with one ‘sposie, a few wipes and a tiny plastic bag – all just in case my littlest has a poo when we’re out.

    The diaper bag lives in the car and includes a Potette – invaluable for keeping young toilet trained children dry when no toilet is available!

  15. A hairbow! So that we can slip it on and not have people asking if she is a boy 🙂

  16. Sarah Daniels says:

    I always carry a snack. Diapers, wipes and a snack cover all the basic needs =).

  17. Snacks – always snacks. My two year old can barely wait until I get my seat belt fastened and he is asking for a snack.

  18. I always carry snacks. You never know when one will come in handy. I have three boys and a baby on the way, so we can go through a lot of food:)

  19. Toy cars. I keep finding toy cars everywhere. Apparently it’s something that is worth carrying in the diaper bag, or in my purse I even found one in a jacket pocket once….

  20. I always carry an extra outfit in the diaper bag. With the baby buns in cloth, I’ve hardly ever had to use it, but I’m sure the one time I don’t have an extra set of clothes is the one time I’ll need it!

  21. Sarah Daniels says:

    I also shared this great give-away on facebook.

  22. Mentioned and linked to Simple Mom page on Facebook!

  23. I tweeted. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. always extra bibs. my little guy is a spitter.

  25. Carrie C. in VA says:

    I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer and a burp cloth in the diaper bag at all times!

  26. I try to always carry around some dried fruit snacks, a packet of Plum fruit, and some raisins.

  27. A receiving blanket. It can be a nursing cover, a blanket for extra warmth, a toy to play peek-a-boo with, it can be folded up as a changing pad, or in an emergency I can fold it like a flat diaper and use it.

  28. Elizabeth Jones says:

    I always keep a wet bag (one of those waterproof little zipper bags) on hand. They are great for containing a used cloth diaper, but I’ve found a hundred uses for them and get them as baby gifts for moms who don’t use cloth diapers. Great for anything stinky or wet you have to throw in your diaper bag.

  29. I’m having baby #2 in March and I’m really considering cloth diapers this time around. I’ve been so happy about this cloth diaper series — very informative.

    As for what to keep in a diaper bag —I haven’t had to use one for a while (since my baby just turned 4) but I know that when I’m packing it around again, I’ll always have my new nursing shield in there.

  30. Snacks, snacks, snacks! For me, for my 3 year old, and probably soon for the babe too. We would all melt down without them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. My diaper bag always has a snack for hubby (lol). He has low blood sugar. Other than that, I usually keep A&D ointment for the little one. Thank you for the giveaway!

  32. I don’t have a little one yet, but I’m entering on behalf of my friend and officemate who is due in February. So I don’t know what I would include in my diaper bag, but I’m going to go with a granola bar because I have a feeling that I will be forgetting to eat regularly when I am trying to keep up with a baby!

  33. Earth’s Best organic wheat teething biscuits — my 9 month old chews on those things like it’s her job

  34. I always have snacks for me and my toddler in there, someone is always hungry even if she _just_ ate!

  35. I tweeted! @petitemeg

  36. I always have to have a book with me – Lucy is growing up to be just like her mama. Never leave home without something to read!

  37. I always keep burp cloths as an all around mess catcher in my diaper bag…other than the diapers, of coarse!

  38. When Abi was little it was her Soothie pacifier… Now its snacks!

  39. I facebooked this page as well :o)

  40. I posted about the giveaway on my facebook status (Jill H Johnson).

  41. Pacifier for sure!

  42. AppleTree says:

    A camera. I usually have my SLR along, but in case I don’t I still carry a small point and shoot just in case.

  43. I also commented on FaceBook.

  44. If I’m using cloth diapers on the go I always pack my fuzzibunz diaper bag for dirty diapers.

  45. I always pack an extra set of clothes and a wet bag for dirty diapers. I try to keep it really simple.

  46. I always carry a change of clothes & our favorite teething toy Sophie the giraffe. I would so love to try any of these as I have only used prefolds.

  47. I have been wanting to move to cloth diapering forever — but have not been able to afford the large one time expense of buying the diapers– was hoping to find some second hand at a thrift store but have not found them yet.

    The things I always carry in the diaper bag besides diapers and wipes:
    water bottle
    extra clothes
    bag of almonds and raisins (for me)

  48. I make sure I always have my big nursing blankie with me.

  49. Melissa Moore says:

    Snacks are a must have! With 3 kids, someone is always hungry!

  50. SherLynn Jones says:

    I carry an extra blanket Michigan can get cold, socks , bibs, a sleeper, toy and book. Oh and a teething ring

  51. Melissa Moore says:

    Posted in my status on Facebook! (Melissa Rich Moore)

  52. Okay…. I can’t really answer this question, since I’m currently pregnant with our first! Give me a few months and I’ll be able to tell you, though! Still, a few cloth diapers to start us off would be just amazing. 🙂

  53. Christine says:

    washable changing pad 🙂

  54. I make sure to always have books for the little ones in the diaper bag, changing time is easier if they have something to do with their hands and books stay interesting longer than any toy.

  55. SherLynn Jones says:

    I Facebook shared

  56. Jennifer H says:

    What an awesome giveway! We are wanting to start using cloth diapers now that our little one has her stomach issues worked out.
    As for the diaper bag- must have little diaper trash bags, and extra “bobbi” (pacifier), and something for my 4 year old to play with!

  57. I always carried a “cloth” of some sort – either a cloth diaper or an oversized wash cloth. This was so handy for wiping snotty noses, as a burp cloth, or to clean dirty hands. I still carry one!

  58. Gabrielle Pastenkos says:

    My son’s wooden rattle – if he’s too cranky to play with it, shaking it for him usually distracts him for at least ten minutes!

  59. My must have is Plum organics snacks for the little guy!!

  60. Jennifer H says:

    Posted on FB as well.

  61. Christy Miller says:

    A change of clothes is a must!!!

  62. Kaye Lynn Hataway says:

    It’s been awhile since I carried a diaper bag, but I am expecting my 3rd child in June 2011. With my other children, in addition to diapers and wipes, I always had a couple of changes of clothes. You never know when you will have a spit up/ poopy accident.

    I am very interested in using cloth diapers with my 3rd child since I stay at home now. I would love to win some!!!

  63. Other than diapers and wipes, in my diaper bag would be an additional bag for soiled diapers.

  64. I always carry a change of clothes for me and my little girl. She has a daily (yes, I said daily) blowout when she wears disposables. We are just making the switch to cloth and so far it has been successfu!

  65. Due with my first in Feb. So i’m a bit new to all of this, but it seems like a change of clothes is probably another essential in the diaper bag. Also, I like the idea of a little toy for distraction. Really excited to give cloth diapering a try. Winning this sure would help!

  66. A change of clothes is what I always carry, after one horrible diaper blowout as a newborn that forced my baby to ride home pantless.

  67. I tweeted about the giveaway @KatyK

  68. An extra outfit (or two)! Of course, snacks do also come in handy.

  69. Second to diapers and wipes, hand sanitizer sounds like a pretty good call!

    I can’t wait to get started cloth diapering! Everyone says “oh you’ll start substituting disposables in a few weeks, and then they’ll be so convenient you won’t got back to cloth.” With AWESOME products like these I know I can stasy committed to “saving the environment, one poop at a time.”

  70. at this time (my 6th little bundle is almost 2 weeks old) i can tell you i need to carry a spare tube of lanonin with me AT ALL TIMES, otherwise i will not be a happy camper!
    thanks for the great giveaway!

  71. I always make sure to have a good wet bag for the super poo’s my little guy likes to save for outings 😉 I like the grovia wet bag or one I have from a WAHM called B.C. Fleecy CD.

  72. Katie DuClos says:

    This is my first entry! I can’t wait to win those diapers. I’d love to try them.

  73. Jennifer C. says:

    When my daughter was younger the diaper bag was filled with a change of clothes, a blanket, extra socks, now I just make sure to have snacks. Lots of snacks. With the new baby coming in January, I am going to either need a bigger bag or will be paring down what I carry. 🙂

  74. Just shared about the giveaway on FB, too!

  75. Wow this is an awesome giveaway! For me the thing I HAVE to keep in the diaper bag is a pacifier. All of my kids are paci addicts and they are a lifesaver for those grumpy car rides.

  76. Katie DuClos says:

    This is my second entry. I just tweeted about the diapers.

  77. The other things I always carry are: a hand sanitizer, snack, change of baby clothes, pack of gum, plastic bags, toys…no wonder my bag is so heavy! Thanks for the giveaway.

  78. SNACKS! I don’t go anywhere without them in my bag… it is always the worst feeling to be stuck somewhere with a hungry toddler and no options 🙂 Yay diapers!

  79. Katie DuClos says:

    This is my third entry. I shared on Facebook!

  80. I facebooked!

  81. I always have snacks — whether it is a Plum organics pouch or some organic Mum-Mums!

  82. Besides a flask? (kidding…) Water bottle for this nursing mom/toddler daughter/infant son. I can drink it or pour it into cups.

  83. tweeted it username MyWayEm


  85. Shared on Facebook

  86. I also commented on facebook!

  87. My diaper bag is a pretty random assortment of things, but there are usually some extra toys in there. Never know when you might need those. 🙂

  88. Mentioned it on faceobook too…I love diapers WAY too much!

  89. I always carry my nursing cover. Although, I was just thinking that I should probably take it out because I’m not really using it anymore because my little one always lifts it up now.

  90. I always carry food since we only feed organic real food to my toddler. Once baby is born I will carry my nursing cover.

  91. I always carry some kind of snack. Snacks by far seem to be the best way to occupy my little guy when he gets bored or grumpy.

  92. I always carry an extra set of clothes. If I don’t I know my little guy will pee all over whatever he is wearing!

  93. Snacks for the nursing mom of twins and $20 in emergency cash!