Let’s see who gets Pear Budget free for life…

by Tsh Oxenreider

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The random number generator selected number 90. Out of the 357 entries, that means the winner is:

Rachel! She doesn’t have a blog listed, so I can’t link to her, but her cheap date idea was, “We wait until our son has gone to bed, make popcorn and battle it out on Guitar Hero!”

Thanks to all of you who entered the contest. I truly believe Pear Budget is a great tool for your family budgeting, so I encourage you to try it out. You really can’t go wrong – Charlie and Sarah offer free use for 30 days, and then after that, it’s only $3 a month.

And since it’s a family-run business, using Pear Budget is really personable – if you have problems with the tool, you can just shoot them an email or check their blog.

Your Cheap Date Ideas

Part of my reason for asking for cheap date ideas was to, well, get cheap date ideas. Here are some of my favorites:

Photo by Riccardo Romano

• from Suzanne – “Our cheap date is to get a couple of glasses of wine and relax in our hot tub after the kids go to bed. We get a lot of quality time together and we definitely get a lot of uninterrupted time to discuss things.” Sounds awesome! Now I just need to get us a hot tub.

• from Suzi – “My husband had a great cheap date idea: A backyard “drive in”. Either put your TV on the hood of the car in the driveway and watch from the front seat, or drag a couch outside, plug the tv in and watch under the stars!” Great idea. That would be fun with the whole family, too!

• from Kristi – “Our best cheap date is heading down the road that is at the end of the airports runway and parking there on the side. We sit on the hood and watch the planes take off and land over our heads and watch the stars in between. It’s actually quite beautiful and not as noisy as you may think.” My husband loves airplanes, so he would love me forever if I suggested this!

• from Mary – “We pack a picnic dinner and bicycle to the nearby forest, where we dine on one of the secluded ‘beaches’ by the pond. Then we bike by the town’s ice cream parlor (to split an ice cream) on the way home. Light exercise + yummy food + time to hold hands and chat uninterrupted = bliss.” Sounds straight out of a movie. Love it!

• from Megret – “We have a local park where they perform Shakespearean plays on an outdoor amphitheater; my hubby and I like to get take-out sushi and go enjoy an evening under the stars with great (free) theater for entertainment!” Ooh, I’d love this. It might make my husband fall asleep, but I’d be in heaven.

• from Lisa – “Our favorite cheap date … was to go to the local gourmet grocery store that we LOVED but couldn’t afford to shop at for the “real” day to day stuff. We would wander the aisles and pick out a few fun and exotic ingredients – specialty herbs (you could be as little as a teaspoon and bag them yourself), rice or pasta we’d never had before, etc.—and go home and make a meal with our finds.” Now this is awesome. We will definitely do this when we go back to the States, where we live near the Whole Foods headquarters.

• from Maureen – “On our anniversary, we walk to the drugstore and split up for 10 minutes to find the perfect card. After ten minutes, we swap what we found, kiss each other Happy Anniversary, and put the cards back. We have different memories of the first time we met and the exact time we fell in love, so on the walk back home, we try to convince each other which of us is right. We end up flipping a coin and the loser buys an ice-cream. To split.” Love it! Super cheap, and creative, too. I’m logging this away, too.

Most people suggested some of my favorite dates – movies after the kids are in bed. Lots of you use Redbox or Netflix, and you either pop popcorn, make a dinner your kids wouldn’t enjoy, or get cheap candy. Simple, fun, and right up my alley.

Now that you’ve got a veritable database of cheap date ideas, go sign up for Pear Budget and set aside some funds for inexpensive romantic bliss!

And guess what?  If you didn’t win, you’ve got another chance – go find out over at Mom Advice!

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  1. Congrads Rachael!

    I love all of those ideas, I’ll have to stash a few of them away and use them sometime. :)

  2. @Vanessa – I know, me too. The problem is that we only get a babysitter about every other week. So these ideas could last us years!

  3. Those were all such great ideas!
    I didn’t enter the contest because my darling husband LOVES quicken for biz & personal finances so he wasn’t KEEN on changing all of our files over (even though I said Pear Budget LOOKS so clean, simple and I love the graphics, oh & isn’t it sweet it is a husband & wife team like us!…)

    Jenny :)

    LobotoMEs last blog post..{ simple ME }

  4. i went to pear budget and set up our account. thank you, thank you, thank you- good bye quicken- hello pear budget.

    i haven’t been this excited about our budget in … well, the first time ever!! yahoo!

    karis last blog post..found!!!

  5. Bummer I didn’t win, but congrats to Rachel! I’m thinking about trying Pear out anyway!

    Those are some GREAT cheap date ideas. I can’t wait to try them out, too!

  6. Glad you all like the date ideas! I know I’m thankful to have them.

    @Kari – I’m so glad you’re excited! It makes me excited to know you’re excited. :)

  7. Wow! All the ideas were so fantastic…I’m honored to have made the top eight, simplemom. So glad I found your blog…everyday it brings a little bit of simplicity into a life that can easily become complicated.

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