Charity spotlight: Compassion International

One of the things we Simple Living Media editors love to do is highlight one of our favorite charities during Home for the Holidays week. Giving is more than just fun gifts and there are so many great organizations out there making an impact on the world.

Today I want to tell you Compassion International, about an organization that has grown to be near and dear to my family. You may have read about Compassion over on Simple Mom last year when Tsh chronicled her journey to the Philippines. It was powerful to read her first-hand experiences with those being touched by the loving hand of Compassion.

Read on today as I share about my own family’s experiences being involved with Compassion.

Three ways to get involved

There are a variety of ways to make a difference in the life of a child through this organization; here are three simple ways that my family has partnered with Compassion.

Sponsor a child

Child sponsorship is the backbone of Compassion’s work. My family is on our second child as the first child we sponsored for eight years left the program as a teen.

This year we chose a new little girl to sponsor who is one day younger than our daughter Gigi. Once every month or two, Gigi and I write letters together to Elian, who lives in Peru, as part of our homeschool day, and boy does she love getting responses from Elian.

Our plan is to sponsor a child for each of our own children around the time they turn five. The money we send to Compassion ($38) each month provides opportunities for Elian (and every sponsored child) to have

  • Food and clean water
  • Medical care
  • Educational opportunities
  • Important life-skills training
  • Encouragement to develop a lifelong relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Support a Child Survival Program

As a mother, my heart breaks to think of mothers and babies in poverty, lacking essential knowledge, skills and tools for raising babies past infanthood. My family sponsors a Child Survival Program in Fauche, Haiti, and I love receiving updates from the local pastor on how we can pray for them and how the program is helping individual mothers and their babies.

From Compassion, “The Child Survival Program helps save the lives of babies and mothers in poverty utilizing local churches to assist mothers of at-risk infants and toddlers. Mothers can give their children a fighting chance for healthy development with the supplies and training provided by your donations.”

Donations go towards: 

  • Prenatal care
  • Nutritious food and supplements
  • Ongoing health care
  • Infant survival training for mothers
  • Spiritual guidance and education
  • The loving support of a local church

Shop the Gift Catalog

A fun activity to do during the holiday season is shop Compassion’s Gift Catalog.

It’s is full of life-giving gifts that can be bought for others, such as mosquito nets, clean water, livestock, and even fun, simple things we take for granted such as access to a safe playground or skill development through sports.

We plan to establish a tradition where each year our children each get an allotment of Christmas money to spend on others through the gift catalog.

How it works:

  • Select gifts that help children registered in Compassion’s programs
  • Consider giving your gift in honor of a friend or family member.
  • Once you purchase your gifts, choose greeting cards to send.

Partnering with Compassion International is a wonderful way to help release children from poverty.

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Nicole lives near the beach in Southern California with her husband and three young kiddos. She writes a a lifestyle blog about creativity, family life, community, and all sorts of other fun stuff, and also keeps a homeschool journal called The Bennettar Academy. Her most recent (free!) ebook is about why and how to make more time for reading.

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  1. I love that you are featuring Compassion International. I have been a sponsor for 18 years and love this ministry more and more each year. Now that I have a family of my own, it is my desire and passion to include my children in the sponsorship experience. Each of my girls has a “birthday buddy” and that alone adds extra meaning to their involvement. Our Compassion family has grown over the years and we have kids all over the world – this has really opened up our eyes and gives us a global dimension to our home educating experience. I have seen the work of Compassion in Peru – have met sponsored kids, seen CSP in action, met LDP students – it works. Sponsorship and support of these programs MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

    Thanks for this post!

  2. I too appreciate that you highlighted Compassion International– they do really good work and I have supported them & sponsored children for years. I really like the way they partner with local churches– so crucial to do.

  3. Thanks Nicole… I never tire hearing bout the good we can do for others. Compassion International is awesome for the many it reaches.

  4. Great highlight of Compassion! We are now sponsoring 3 children and love knowing that these kids are being told about the hope they can have in Jesus. We pray that each one of them can make a positive difference in their communities! Thank you for shaing about such a great organization!

  5. Nice to be here and see your post!

  6. Yes you’re right with Giving is more than just fun gifts. It is so meaningful to children in need. highlighted Compassion International you did a good job.
    Thanks for posting this.
    link here: the family (tfi)

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