Of beignets and brisket and börek

When I’m busy or stressed, I tend to grab whatever food is nearest—not the best culinary habit, I admit. So with the book release this week, I’ve taken to eating some fare that hasn’t exactly settled my stomach. I’ve been craving vegetables for weeks, which is a wee sign that my body longs for health. (read more…)

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Printable travel game

A few weeks ago our family hit the road as we made the big move from Alberta, Canada, to sunny Arizona. Along with packing, cleaning, and the various tasks that come with a move, I knew I’d also need to prepare for the long drive ahead of us. With an ample snack assortment,  a handful (read more…)

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Around the world

So I’ve alluded some here on the blog, a bit on Instagram, and hinted around a bit on Facebook, but I haven’t been too specific about our plans yet, simply because they’re still etched in lightweight pencil with an eraser nearby. But enough of you have asked, and it’s not a secret, so I figured (read more…)

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8 fun fall things to do on Martha’s Vineyard

Last week, Kyle and I celebrated ten years of marriage in the same place where we honeymooned—Martha’s Vineyard. So this week on Babble, I’m sharing a few of our favorite places and activities on the idyllic island. From the post: “As a Texan (me) and a Pacific Northwesterner (him), we didn’t know much about New (read more…)

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The awe factor

Yesterday I was at (in)courage, sharing a few simple thoughts about something huge: the enormity of creation. From the post: “Last month, I Instagrammed the photo above. I was in Australia, and the sun was rising to a new day in the land Down Under. Soon after, my husband Kyle commented: “That must be part of (read more…)

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