When it comes to setting goals – be the tortoise

Photo by Megan Horsburgh “Aim for nothing, and you’ll hit it every time.” -source unknown Have you been thinking about your goals for 2009?  I have. Em made a good comment the other day – in January, the odds are really stacked against you.  You’ve just come down from the holiday high, the weather is (read more…)

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Sleeping girl with Christmas lights

The top of your holiday to-do list: breathe.

How is the holiday season treating you so far?  Already wiped out?  Christmas can easily become such a stressful time of year – too many events and not enough blank boxes on the calendar, too many people on the gift-giving list and not enough in the wallet.  Too many expectations, real or perceived, and not (read more…)

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Productivity & quality down time: they go hand-in-hand

Photo by Vanda Novodomszky While I was waiting for a prescription to be filled at my local pharmacy today, I read this quote on a greeting card: “If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live.” – Lin Yutang I love this. I write a (read more…)

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Shop NOW for the holidays, while there’s plenty of time

Today is officially six weeks until Christmas, if you can believe it. You may notice a whole slew of stores and shops featured on the right-hand side – these are all businesses endorsed by Simple Mom for the holiday season. From now until Christmas, I’ll be highlighting a few of these cottage industries every week. (read more…)

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