I’ve come from a land down under

I can’t remember the last time I craved home so much. In the past six weeks, I’ve been on the road for 23 days, in three countries, on a plane, bus, and boat, and have unpacked three times. I feel beyond blessed for these opportunities, all because of this crazy blog. Hand-shakingly blessed. But there (read more…)

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What to wear when you travel

Next Tuesday, Tate and I are traveling together for ten days. We’re heading over to the Middle East, to gather the rest of our household goods we left there, and to spend time with our friends. If you haven’t yet gathered, I travel a LOT. Not always gleefully, but for the most part, I do (read more…)

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How to travel long distances with little ones (and not go insane)

Several of you have asked me for advice on traveling internationally with small children – not the vacationing, trip-planning stuff, the actual moving from Point A to Point B stuff. I’m surprised I’ve yet to write about the nitty-gritty behind long, international flights, seeing as we deal with this several times a year. So today, (read more…)

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Traveling soon? Download the new, free Family Road Trip Packing List

This Thursday, my family and I head out on a three-week road trip.  We’ve traveled a lot, both cross-country and worldwide, in a variety of cultures and climates.  And I’m amazed that each time, our packing list is more or less the same. I’m a huge believer in packing light and not bringing the house (read more…)

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Creating post-vacation peace for your children

The summer months offer families a time to get away, enjoy a change in scenery, and breathe some fresh air. Whether the days away are filled with sightseeing, hiking, sailing, amusement parks, or lazy days at the beach, the relaxed and refreshed spirit that has been nurtured by a vacation can quickly be quenched by (read more…)

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