Which is the best springtime cleanse for you?

My husband and I recently began monthly “healthy habit” challenges to establish certain wellness practices that we wanted a more regular part of our lives.  Each month, we decide on a practice, set up a simple daily habit and hold each other accountable to do it every day for a full month. Earlier this month, (read more…)

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How I keep my (natural) beauty routine sane

The most popular post on Simple Mom continues to be one I wrote back in 2009, when I revealed that I don’t wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner. To this day, people continually ask me if it’s true, as though I wrote that post just to come across all “simple living” and green, when (read more…)

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A new leaf turned: my experience (so far) going hard-core Paleo

A few weeks ago, I saw my friend Jessica post this comment on Facebook: “Contemplating doing a Whole 30 once Valentines passes. Thinking that might help me troubleshoot my aches and pains. Encourage me or talk me off the ledge?” It stuck in my brain for days because I’d been thinking of doing one, too, (read more…)

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Space out. It does your brain good.

Taking a shower. Driving a monotonous road, and the kids aren’t asking me questions. Working out. The last few moments before drifting off to sleep. These are all moments when I feel like I have the best ideas. Near epiphanies, sometimes. They sneak up on me like my daughter with an ice cube for the back of my (read more…)

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3 favorite scarf styles

Josiah and I live in Texas. Currently as I type this, it’s 81 degrees outside. But tonight it’s going down to the low 40’s. So we have to be prepared for all types of weather – because Texas has polar opposites within 24 hours! I shall share some ideas of different types of scarves and (read more…)

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