Courage to change (which sometimes means going to rehab)

I grip my boarding pass tightly and stare at the bar-code as if I can somehow decipher the meaning behind the lines, trace the trajectory that led me here—trembling in an airport, waiting to board my plane to a Northern California treatment center. I’m going to rehab because it’s been a decade since I left (read more…)

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preemptive love

Preemptive Love

It was about a year ago at a dinner party when I met Jeremy Courtney. He was visiting to speak at our church, and we were invited to our friends’ house to enjoy a community dinner and get to know this young guy who was in town from Iraq, of all places. We sat by (read more…)

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lotsa blue bikes

Blue Bike: the official pre-ordering & giveaway awesomeness

Alright guys… this is it. It’s officially less than a month until Notes From a Blue Bike is released into the world and available for your bookshelves. And? That makes me giddy and nervous and humbled as all get out. It’s pretty commonplace to see book launches on the Internet these days—it seems like there’s (read more…)

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restless banner


I‘ve been a bit restless since the holidays. Don’t get me wrong—my lights are out when I hit our snowflake flannel sheets, and hard, and I’m a bit eager to start this new year with gusto. But there’s still something stirring in me a bit, and I’m honestly not quite sure what it’s all about. (read more…)

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Always be reading

As you start this week, may you be reading something, anything—even just a page. I just finished my traditional holiday novel that I read between Christmas and New Years, and I was reminded how much I love a good story. I got lost in the world of fictional characters and places. This book stayed with (read more…)

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