Because we want to know what you think. Really.

So remember when I told you there would be a survey today? Get yourself ready; it’s going to be tons of fun.

Okay, so maybe it’s not the adrenaline rush you’re after, but it should be pretty painless. I’ve tried to keep it as short and to-the-point as possible, so please keep in mind that if a question is asked, it’s intentional and for a specific purpose.

Would you kindly take a moment to fill out this survey? Everything is anonymous—I have no interest in collecting your name or email address. You can also skip any question you don’t feel like answering.

Head here to take the survey.

Friends, I’m so thankful for your help here. Your answers will help me make this online space even better for all of us. You have through January to fill it out, but the sooner you do it, all the more helpful for us.


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One bite at a time together: Give. (project 31)

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Somebody you should know: Emily

Wanna know what’s one of my most frustrating questions? No, it’s not how on earth I earn money as a blogger (though I get asked that frequently). Nope, it’s not how on earth I “do it all,” (which we all know is a hilarious joke, because the correct answer is nowhere near the asker’s assumption). (read more…)

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This week, spend $5 on something that matters

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