11 strategies for a morning routine (when you can NOT wake up before the kids)

I think the most common issue moms share is sleep deprivation. Personally, before having children, I assumed severe lack of sleep was limited to the early infant months. Little did I know just how long the broken sleep goes for while raising kids.

Between middle-of-the-night spooks, bed wetting, bathroom trips and sick days—most mamas are not clocking in anywhere close to the 8-10 recommended sleep hours.

So I began to feel that familiar struggle between what I call “my ideal and my real.” My ideal was to both be well rested and have an intentional morning routine—and if possible, one that begins on my own terms, preferably before the kids wake up.

My real was chronic nights of sub-par and broken sleep and a complete abandonment of attempting any morning routine at all.

This is where I needed a strong dose of my own medicine. I believe that as mothers, we need to kick ideal out the window and come to terms with the life we are living in order to create strategies that actual move us forward… instead of waiting for the perfect conditions to exist.

The old familiar all-or-nothing trap is one I fell into for a long time. Since I was already sleep-deprived, I put off creating a morning routine that would set a cadence for my day in a way that I wanted.

And as it often happens—while I was teaching one of my courses, a light bulb went off in my own life.  While it may not be the most perfect scenario, I could still create a robust and effective morning routine with my kids awake and around me. 
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Healthy Living Collective

Healthy Living Collective

I had an idea this morning, and I wondered if you might brainstorm with me. See, I have stacks of cookbooks, shelves of health and fitness books, piles of fitness DVDs, and bags full of fitness equipment. And most of it is sitting unused at the moment. Sure, I read the books and use the (read more…)

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On pain and steep learning curves

As you start this week, may you learn to appreciate the purpose behind your pain. I know that’s what I’m learning right now. I recently started running again after a year hiatus, when I tore my ACL and needed complete reconstructive surgery (it was a doozy). Most of last spring I was in regular physical (read more…)

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Livin’ on a prayer at the YMCA

The bass is pounding. Beads of sweat are running down my arms, and I screw up my face in a herculean effort as I lift the bar once more. There are only four kilos of weight on each end, but it feels like a million. My legs are trembling and my muscles are screaming in (read more…)

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