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This Halloween, lower the sugar intake

Halloween is the pinnacle for many kids.  You get to dress up, run around, and when you ask people for candy, they just give it to you – what could be better? Maybe that’s the kids’ perspective, but if you’re like me, you tremble at the thought of that much sugar running through your little (read more…)

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30 simple ways to get your child ready to read

Sara is a literacy junkie who longs to run away with Pigeon to drive buses and stay up late. She also discusses the art of simple living at On Simplicity, where she’s slowly learning how to have less and enjoy more. Getting your little ones ready to read is a huge, complicated undertaking. Or maybe (read more…)

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Nurture your kids’ creativity & independence with an art box

Amanda writes at Kiddio, where she writes about fun projects, ideas to bring the creative spirit into your home, links to neat stuff on the web, and ways to make daily life with your children more enjoyable. I admit it. I have an art supply habit. Pink marker gone missing? I’ll happily pick up a (read more…)

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Kids are people too—loving heart, mindful speech

Danielle LaPorte is the co-creator of Style Statement: Live By Your Design and the co-founder of – a resource for living an inspired life and making a difference in the world. Danielle’s Style Statement is Sacred Dramatic. Her almost five-year-old son keeps her real. “When I approach a child, he inspires in me two (read more…)

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The benefits of raising kids cross-culturally

We leave for the United States in two days. We’ll be there for four months – enough to settle in and establish a few routines, but not long enough to really unpack, mentally and otherwise. My kids are almost 4 and 9 months old. We’ve lived here for almost two years – this means that (read more…)

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