drying cloth diapers

3 compelling reasons to try cloth diapers

I‘m a self-confessed newbie at cloth diapering. I was interested in it from day one of my oldest daughter’s life, but I didn’t know anyone else who did it, and I wasn’t sure where to even begin. About a year later, a friend of mine told me that she was going to cloth diaper her (read more…)

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cloth diapers with baby

7 cloth diapering questions, answered mom-to-mom

We’re switching up my usual food talk today to chat about another subject I am passionate about: cloth diapers! When Tsh asked me to expand my repertoire to write about cloth diapers (CDs), I eagerly jumped at the chance to share my personal experience with you. There are so many debates going on about CDs (read more…)

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4 cloth diapering choices defined

Anyone looking into the world of cloth diapers for the first time can feel very overwhelmed. There are so many different websites with so many different types of diapers available that it’s easy to experience information overload. But cloth diapering is really very simple once you find the system that works for you. There are (read more…)

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Cloth diapering 101: an intro

Photo from Susannah Paul I get quite a few emails from readers asking for my opinion on cloth diapering. From handling the up-front cost to the cleaning to the poop, making the switch cloth diapers can feel overwhelming before you take the plunge. Since this blog focuses on making things simpler at home, it’s an (read more…)

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What do I do when my spouse and I aren’t on the same page?

Photo courtesy of Corbis Before you read any further – the foundation for this post is that marriage is designed as a place to grow up. If you don’t agree with this idea, it’s probably best if you head on to the other blogs in your reader. If you are a regular reader of blogs (read more…)

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